Dear All

In communion tonight I connected with AA Uriel and he asked that I bring this message. I took it as it came and cannot explain words such as 'soon' 'hour' etc.  (Candace: these are figures of speech, not literal.)


Join hands oh ye of Aton at this the hour of happening for the bells in heaven toll to welcome the new day. We prepare now to enter so hearken our words and know that finality is upon you. Do not fear as the final chapter in your planet’s life comes to a heroic end. The shallowness in thy world shall soon be drained and the cleansing start with earnest in preparation for the new foundation.

The knots that have hindered your growth shall be combed away so bid farewell now. This is the time for your goodbyes to all that is no longer worthy of the new. Find closure in all that must be left behind and make thy peace with all and thyself as the promise of tomorrow demands that you clean up yourselves in a way which will mirror the cleansing promised to the planet. In these moments before you start your ascent into a vibratory pattern removed from current dimension, Clean Up. For this is the time of cleansing, not only of the planet’s surface and the darkness thereon but of each who will remain thereafter.

Go within and seek that guidance as to all that must be cleared, that you may fill the lungs of your soul with the breath of fresh air uncontaminated by residues of that which might have hindered your individual progress. I speak not of that which the dark has bestowed on thee but of that which you have created in your own lives. Let go and feel within thyself the bounty of freedom that will enable you to grasp the lifeline that will be offered that you may start your climb to new horizons. Do not wait to make your peace with thee and others for these final moments should be seen as a gentle reprieve to enable thee to brush away the old, clear all that is spent, part with old habits that have no place in your new tomorrow, loosen the reigns of hatred and anger, lighten the load of guilt, remove the tight belts which causes discomfort, purge yourselves of all waste that is toxic to thy being. Consciously clean thyself in readiness. For the planet now stands poised to ejaculate all that is spent for she too is being prepared for her ascent.

There is great joy awaiting thee beloveds. The travails that you have endured would have been to your benefit for you are the creators of tomorrow and you have been on this plane in preparation for your new roles. You will know if you have been properly schooled and how you fared for you shall assess yourselves in due time. We the host ask that in these moments of your final sojourn on the planet that you assume the reigns of control for you and prepare yourself as one who is about to ascend higher altitudes. You will need to be light for your climb so unload that which you must and keep only that which is necessary to make the journey easy and sure.

Say good bye dear ones and with gratitude give thanks to all you have experienced and all that you have learnt for your time in this schoolroom is about to expire and you must bravely graduate to a new season in your life and assume the mantle of new roles in service. You who are staying with the planet are receiving special commendation for you have passed the test to gain you entry into a new dimension where the opportunity to serve the planet and each other will present itself that all may ascend to higher levels of consciousness in due time.

I am Uriel , come merely to enlighten you that you may know the stepping stone has been placed before you and you must listen now, for the call will soon come and you must be ready to step up. Blessings upon thee