Boundaries- Dynamics
By Hazel's Higher Self
Oct 8, 2010 - 8:18:08 PM

Boundaries- Dynamics-

Hazel's Higher self teaching

The boundaries which we speak of are:

· Spiritual boundaries being imposed goals;
· Boundaries of behaviour/conduct in the achievement spiritual goals;
· Boundaries of Spirit; and
· God’s Love

The attainment of one’s goals is mechanised through the discipline of one’s acquired knowledge. As you come into greater knowing your spiritual ambitions will expand. Those ambitions will materialise through the imposition of boundaries being specific goals which the spirit has ordained for itself and which you must come into the knowing off through communion.

In each life time your purpose will become apparent and as knowing dawns your function will be to direct your purpose to feed the goal. You must therefore create goals towards which your purpose must function. Your goal becomes your boundary which you must gravitate towards through effort.

The boundary is the envisioned realisation towards which the outworking of your purpose can begin. The boundary you create is a fleeting reminder to you of where you must be at the end of your journey. The boundary is intangible and impermanent in that it will fall away upon achievement and a new one set in furtherance of your purpose, be it of a similar nature or novel.

What makes a boundary achievable? Your will and aspiration to reach it that you may partake in the glorious fulfilment of your purpose. You have served your purpose when your goal vibrates with life. You will know that whatever your purpose is or was “service” would always be its function. In fact whatever the goal, the purpose must always involve a function of service for service intones “giving” and “giving” is of God. When you reach the boundary you can say that “my purpose which honours the will of the Father is done”. 

The achievement of your imposed spiritual boundary involves the application of boundaries of behaviour and conduct which are delimited by Creational Laws and natural instincts derived from spirit influence. A conscious application of divine ethics and cosmic ethos must be applied in your effort so that you may gain entry into the boundary of fulfilled desire. Anything less than perfect application will impede your ability to experience the goal.

When you are committed in your desire, always shall you be guided by your spirit and you will know when the boundary is met as the infinite spirit within shall applaud. Know that, the rewards of reaching the boundary, is the instillation of further light to illumine your immortal path.

The life of spirit is boundless for spirit is immortalised within the framework of its Source and therefore the achievement of spirit is demarked by nothing and empowered by everything being ONE with ALL through its omnipotence, to create by its inherent light.

Man must be taught that notwithstanding the finite life of mortal flesh, the spiritual boundaries he sets for himself to achieve in his incarnation shall contribute to his advancement in spirit and his eventual return to Source. If man could be persuaded by his inner light to know the ultimate goal being his return to Source, he will cultivate his boundaries in accordance with his destined and chosen purpose to procure and secure advancement thereto.

Perfection is God’s way. When you can achieve perfection you have arrived at your final and ultimate boundary, being your destination. Every aspired goal must be brushed with the light of God’s perfection that man might clearly see the goal and every act of performance in furtherance of achieving the goal must be touched by the intent of purity that man may remain in his natural flow towards culmination.

God‘s “love” is every man’s love for the love of God is the love within man and whatever God’s love is capable of so too is man’s love. God’s love creates no boundaries and knows no boundaries. Its omnipresence and unconditional reverence is emblematic of man’s primal nature. When man achieves Oneness with God there will be no need for boundaries but until then man must appreciate that boundaries are his stepping stone towards his completion.



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