The capillaries of time are unravelling for the flaccid structures in your earthly world as perturbances tear asunder that which is already bent and breaking under the weight of corruption and greed. The cannibals who are your worldly elite are biting the dust as they quiver now in the knowing of what transpires before them. Full awareness is now being brought to those who must make the final choices as the helm is primed to collapse. The bitter end for many is close at hand now and the raging tempest of their own virulent deeds will parade before them as they descend. For theirs is a descent by choice. Do not allow the eyes of fear to stare at you beloveds for only if you are one of them will you be consumed by the void that awaits.

The call from Source has been given and all hands are moving now behind the curtains of your mortal world in final preparation for the unveiling. O yes beloveds an unveiling is taking place at many different levels now and soon man will come face to face with his Creator. Many of you have the tendency to feel that dynamic changes will not occur in your lifetime. This is indeed not the case; for unless you are close to mortal transition you will experience the global changes that are evolving into a predicament of universal proportions. This is ordained to be and not in the least unexpected. Though your mortal understanding may be poor, the spirits of those ensouled are aware at the essential level. Many will be shocked into their spirit; meaning, that as the events unfold the awe of the effects will actually jar into awakening many souls. Yet the strident nature of the revelations will leave many without their bodies. Yes beloveds a time of great fear is at hand but only for those who have shunned the understanding shared by we your celestial friends for many generations. 

I do not wish you to say that Michael is the bearer of doom and gloom or that this scribe has contrived this information. These revelations have been given before but as the sequence of time unravels and the moments creep to the glory of change, a reminder becomes necessary. FOR AS THE STROKE OF FINALITY breaches the quietude of your accepted existence you must know that your world will never be the same again. Start becoming comfortable with change. Train yourself to adapt and adjust for there will be a period of time within which you will be living in uncertainty as the bowels of the earth cleanses itself and as the stormy structures in place regurgitate that which has choked the very life of balance. I refer to the dark brotherhood and their insidious games. Be prepared to see new faces and to tune your recognition to the lighted beings who will offer their helping hands to pull you ones on earth out of the tempestuous circumstances which currently shroud your world. Be assured that during these times you are not alone. We are keeping check and know each and every one of you for each soul’s imprint is recorded in the book of life.

Open your hearts and minds now for truly this is a time which requires you to exercise your God given intelligence to make choices that will be of benefit to you. For the choices you make will determine how you deal with the onslaught of changes imminently poised on the steps of your world. 

Believe when I say that the changes that are occurring and will occur are necessary to lead you into the land of the living for surely you who are knowing of God must recognise that your world is dying. Man has assigned his very world to death. It is the mercy of the Father which speaks now in the intervention that will lead to the survival of the earth and those in readiness for ascension. Let there be no doubt that what is occurring and what is to occur is caused by the hand of man. The very one you call God is intervening at the call and cry of his children, foremost the earth herself. Call it a divine rescue. Make no mistake however, these changes will manifest as part of the cosmic order which is also eminently occurring on other planets as part of a universal ascension process.

Beloveds a gentler tone will I take that you may know that what is to transpire culls that which has so many of you suffering and ill at ease in this your world. The events are necessary for you ones to see who you have allowed to rule you. After you have come into the shocking awareness you will begin to feel the gentle and loving breath of your Creator manifest in your world. He has always been with you but you have not acknowledged Him. No more. Eternity is calling and you must answer now or once again postpone the claiming of your heritage which will lead inevitably to a long and winding path back home. I ask at this time that you think with your higher mind and relinquish the thoughts of the ego which will seek to keep you sedated in the false belief that all is well and all shall be well. Indeed all shall end well!!

Beloved children the Angelic realm is closer than you think and we are waiting upon many to answer the nudges we give so that we can pull you truly into the light and assist you on your journey.

Know that regardless of your choices we shall continue to shower you with our love BUT we cannot choose your salvation for you. Only you can make that choice.

Michael come in the Light to bid you take care during the tumultuous times ahead and to prepare for the great rising.