Hear ye, hear ye the drum roll begins, an usher to the rolling waves catapulting towards your obsequious shores. The light has now taken control of the podium and the restlessness of the dark ones is being caged. Their era of reign is ending absolutely. The promise is now being actively fulfilled as the scene begins to change for the next part of this play. The dramatics are over and the reality of the dark’s dominion shall be paraded for all to see. Their energy is waning dramatically as their purpose comes to an end. Death’s door is opened now.

There is a notion that man cannot contradict as the light wave rescinds all that is contrary to itself. For this shall be seen even if not understood. Its purpose being to breathe an energetic display of Fatherly love into receivers. There remains a shortage of patrons prepared for this uptake .

The gong has now sounded in the celestial realms, an accompaniment to the drum roll. Know that it has begun. Let the weight of your earthly living be redeemed for salvation’s hold. Time is short and the light is now set to remove the wariness of the dark shadows on display.

Tune in and listen to news being told by your soul- what do you hear? Yes indeed - the page is turned and now a new story is to be told. This new story is no tale but truth. Get excited; turn up the volume lest you miss the news. Aton has begun His descent. Cherish the moments now for creation is about to be overwhelmed.

The bugle has just sounded -Aho.

Uriel here in the Light of Aton, I say hold on and keep those seat belts strapped for the ride may be bumpy.