It is noteworthy the variance between ones’ understanding of concepts and terminologies. Interpretation is mainly subjective as each tends through the influences of his/her conditioning and core values to assign meanings which meet these imperatives.

The mainstream views and projections have largely affected ones’ interpretation and construction of age old terms and concepts. A very large dose of discernment is needed with the additional attempt of man to access his logical mind to exercise reason.

Too often there is the immature tendency to go with the general understanding, viewpoint or collective thought process without independent research or exploration. Man often treats knowledge as an acquisition that must be found in text, books or other external sources. The beginning of knowledge is never himself but always sourced in something or someone outside him.

The cumulative effect often results in mans’ short-sightedness which leads to lack of understanding of the whole. His vision goes no further than that which his outer eyes could see and his brain record, analyse and recall. His god-mind remains dormant for want of use. Have you ever wondered why man in the days when the Master Teacher walked the earth could not comprehend the teachings in the parables without explanation? Yes little ones, apart from a general un readiness on their part, it is because they sought to be told that which was truth rather than think and digest through their god-minds, that the answers they sought may be given. There is still in large a culture of “outer reality” meaning seeking that which is real and true outwardly.

Man needs to expand the horizon of his thinking, his thought patterns and structures. It is through his desire that he will begin to see concepts in a different light as the God light shines on his understanding taking him beyond the limits of accepted mortal abilities and showing him the way to a more erudite form of thinking.

It is the latter that will lead man to the truth and it is the truth that will bear him to his freedom that he may live his life in knowing and not in doubt.

Many espouse good intentions but have been sorely misled and have in seeking to follow the blind, themselves become blind to the truth, necessary to direct the course of their journey with assurance. Misinformation often flows from misinterpretation.

I wish to give you an example that will illustrate the lesson. A very well used term flouted by new agers in your world is that man must “BE” and in so being resist “Doing”. For in the state of “Being” man “IS”. Does it not have a rather poetic sound? Yet the meaning attached to the phrase “To BE” or “Just BE” is a rather cynical juxtaposition of mans’ limited influences, consciousness and knowledge with copious yet varied interpretations.

Meanings have been prescribed to the phrase which bears little resemblance at all to its profound connotation.

To Be is a state which finds its origin in the Christ light, the One consciousness of which all are a part.

To BE simply speaking means that you must Be like God through the reflection of your inner god. BE the God within.

To BE entails being your true self by living your knowing, understanding and truth.

To Be is to allow the spirit within you to champion your thoughts, actions and works

To Be for you ones is to aim for mastery over and of self so that you gain ascended status and move into Christ consciousness. I use the word aim dear ones because how many can say that every moment in their journey they can BE by manifesting God. Being requires a great deal of commitment, mental and spiritual effort on your part. Which part of this explanation suggests that to Be requires inaction, inertia or apathy?

Can you Be without doing? It may appear so. Let us take the example of you in quiet communion with your god self. Through your connectedness you experience divine communion and though it appears that you are just being, you are most times down loading higher rebalancing energies and accessing information from a higher source. When the communion ends you feel rejuvenated, centred and primed. Through that state of communion you were actively being refuelled. Stillness and motion is still not well understood in your world. They are integral to each other.

Certainly you must cultivate the ability to be still so that you can forge inner connections but this stillness must not be confused with “Being”. In order that you may BE you must know how to be still that you may be taught what it means to BE.

Little ones when you can Be the God within, the reflection of serenity will always be your companion thus casting you in a radiant glow that you may be perceived as balanced, pure and connected. You will BE and be perceived as such by others through what you intrinsically reflect. Yet no man will know that through being you are constantly doing, through your efforts.

God is ever creating from a point of stillness. HE IS YET HE DOES. So too must you. You are on an ascending journey and this requires constant doing on your part, for progress will only be achieved through thoughtful action.

When you have attained certain mastery you will find it easier to Be the love essence that God IS. You will understand that love is always in action through doing, be it through a thought, energy projection or positive gesture towards another.

To Be is uplifting and venerating and demands being in and of service to others. When you seek to “Be or you are “Being” you will find yourself propelled to take whatever positive action needs be taken for the greatest good of all.

That which you do must always be within the context of your effort to BE like and manifest the God energy. Action that is not consonant with your desire will take you no further in your “being”.

You must BECOME- BE COME like God to BE Like Him or BE ONE WITH HIM. Become is loaded with active intent and action. Do not be misguided that it is easy to BE, for you must go through the lessons and training to acquire the tools. You must be able to live in a state of connectedness with your Source and ALL, to BE.

Do not allow anyone to marginalise or downgrade the importance and necessity of the effort and discipline it requires to BE. Most cannot comprehend its significance.

Be the word of God instead of interpreters of the word. You shall be able to accomplish this when you know God and His truth. Even so, being the word means living it and there is no insouciance when one lives the word of God.

All thinking should flow from your God mind for only then will you be guided how to BE and what to do in furtherance of Being.

I AM Father Melchizedek and I come to say that the Meaning must always bear the Truth and the Truth need not be interpreted, just known.
Peace to thee.

Dear All
I was not sure where this message was going until he started to speak of Being and Doing. I asked why He chose to address this topic and He said to offer another healthy perspective. He asked that I include a poem that I did about 7 years ago. I did not even have it typed up. I had to look for it. So I share it below.

Love and Light

Be Still
The voice of greatness speaks
Heard only in religious silence of mind’s ear

Be Still
The face of greatness shines
Seen only in the light of searching eyes.

Be still
The hand of greatness moves
In promised fulfilment believers’ hope

Be still
The smile of greatness glows
To warm and feed trusting hearts with faith

Be still
The rod and staff of greatness rests
To cover and to offer comfort’s veil

Be still
The helmet, shield and sword of greatness lent
To shelter good, deliver evil’s hold.

Be still
The ghost of greatness gloriously descends
And fills each knowing soul
The sacred gospel of its blessed peace.