The journey’s end nears and the purpose of your visit on this planet will soon become apparent as you don new attire in service to the One, in remembrance of the great cause, through the precipitous Wave upon thee. Humanity will awaken to the joy and splendour of He who birthed their very soul. Yet the margin of those who will not, for lack of inner fortitude remain great and it is these ones who shall shudder and tremble in the wake of their own fear born of earthly contrivance. The peril to these ones remains in the disbelief which accosts them and renders their understanding poor. Yet even those lowly in spirit will not avert the resplendence of what is to transpire in their universe of timely comprehension. For fears will be faced and dissolved whilst for others there shall be new resolve, new direction and limitless freedom. This is the fundamental shift which will occur in all souls to render a new awakening to immortality and timelessness. Those unfortunate in the awakening shall have to await another experience of this kind in a place and time not yet rendered.

The sequence is in fact non sequential for it shall be upon you like a heaving storm and the winds of change can be either destructive through perception, as those unprepared take new abode out of flesh; or constructive as those prepared and spiritually ready reap the signature of the Christed One penned on their very soul, as a brand new reality dawns upon their being of who they truly are. The grandeur of the occasion will surpass only itself as the mood of man changes in choice. This is the point when he shall knowingly and willingly choose to ring the bell of God throughout creation and reach within to keep the light of awareness at its highest frequency. The call is out now beloved ones, heed well for I am Metatron and I come through my sister to render this most important decree that the Wave is indeed upon you. Little did she know that this would be the content of this message. Let this be another reminder lest you forget through your ample waiting.

And Lo I say to you than not far yonder is this electricity that will sweep in heaving breaths to depolarise and join in unity the hearts that belong to God the Father that creation may be embraced and feel the persona of divinity clutch at their very being. This experience shall surmount all that you have so far partaken of. The gratitude which you shall experience in your hearts at the time of joining will culminate in an experience of pure love that will forever thereafter be imprinted in the hearts and souls of those who have bequeathed unto the Father that which He has give to them- their very lives in Service. The resonance of His Mighty Presence shall assure hope for humanity. This is the FINAL PHASE . Go to prepare your hearts to receive the white light which will birth you into a new experience, a paradigmatic shift and purposeful accord. This is the time. Heed my words.

I AM Metatron