Genocide is being committed in all areas of your globe as man capitulates to his warring tendencies. Crimes against humanity and thus God are being inflicted in vain. Let this be your sign that the days of Sodom and Gomorrah be revisited that you may know what to expect. The truth stares at mankind yet the majority remain unmoved by the occurrences before them. Those who have partaken of the vice of war in interest of self shall soon feel the effects upon their very selves. All shall be accounted for.

The rising scale of combat is indicative of the inner disharmony which centres the very earth at this time. What is taking place is merely a mirror of what the earth is feeling. She is rebelling through her movement and so too the suppressed have assumed her energy and rebelling in turn against those who have manacled and controlled them from time immemorial. Discontent weighs heavily in the hearts and minds of men at this every moment and this must be purged, allowed for expression as part of the cleansing in preparation for the ‘coming’. Benign energies will soon replace the malignant scourge that has seized at the very womb of the earth for too long and a great release will follow in the wake of spiritual malfeasance and perfidy by those who are the Judas’ of spirit. Hope wanes for those who continue their mercenary exploitation of the masses.

Applause will rend the air as the merciful hand of the Creator reaches to unlock the prison gates that His children may find their freedom. The gates of”hell” shall part as the breath of God plots its coordinates to sweep away the vicious cycle of destruction.

You live now in the midst of grave terrestrial turmoil; but such is necessary at this time. All that is distinctly inimical to spiritual culture must now abate before the rising occurs. This is the time of the great divide before the interlude occurs.

Man must learn the ways of spirit and cease to condescend it in favour of his mortal reality. What is taking place at your current level is a natural result of mans’ careless treatment of his very being. He must reap the consequences. The lessons face him yet he cannot learn; for he seeks survival at a basic level and cannot honour that which gave him life. He shall learn but his learning shall be in the midst of his suffering which is inevitable. This is not God’s decree; this is mans’ chosen path and he must conquer his demons before he can find his spirit. Divine justice caters for all and each shall pass through the purification in his own way.

The quality of mans’ way of life is lacking in spiritual measure. There is a gradual awakening within many to a higher level of understanding, yet in most cases this is marginal and insufficient to wrought real change without the assistance of your higher Brethren. The road is now narrow again and what appears to be dark will glow shortly in light as the celestial bulbs pave the way to a new age. There will be of certainty a dynamic retreat to the ten´dre of spirit.

In the awakening spirit lies a flowering bud that must be tended with pure love and allowed to unfold the blossom of its light in a supportive and enhancing environment. Mans’ spirit cannot be fostered as it should in the current climate of darkness. This is supremely understood and the reason for the divine intervention at this time. The lowly shall rise in spiritual power and shall be the ones who bear the torch of God and Truth as the time of bondage meets its final hour.

For those who ‘know’ and for those who follow the truth let your inner fortitude during these final days cast out the residues of infiltrated thinking. Let go of any contaminated thoughts unconsciously harboured throughout the ages. In the wake of the great upheaval tend to thy thoughts and mind and seek purification in readiness to absorb the highest energy that you can. Be ready for the great awakening. Let not your minds or hearts be troubled at the insouciance, poor understanding or short-sightedness of your brothers; for they too shall have their awakening in measure of their readiness, albeit a very surprising and in some cases a rude awakening. We of the Angelic hierarchy applaud you ones who have been able to stay your light amidst the darkened forces and counters from the weak ones. Know that we also show to those asleep the compassion worthy to them, for judgement is from self not from another.

Let love and compassion be your compass at this time and do not yield to frustrated intent for this shall mar your mood and plague your thoughts. This you can ill afford at this time as you prepare for the grandeur of the prominent expected event. Soon you shall rest in the bosom of thy Creator and the fires within your heart and soul shall resume its bounty and you shall be home.

Zadkiel come in the Light of the Creator Son and Source. Enter into the fold where Truth abides and Godliness condenses in the flow of perfection.