A Lesson
By Hazel
Feb 11, 2014 - 11:25:48 PM

A Lesson

February 09, 2014

The Father, Mother, God within, said to me this morning as I pondered with my God mind, that you cannot make a blind man see by appealing to his mind. You have to reach into his heart. Only then will insight unfold. When one sees from his heart, he becomes in love with what beholds him. Then he can begin to accept the treasured truths that you so seek to impart to him. 

When one hears messages that do not marry with his beliefs which he has firmly invested in, then he should know without a doubt that his beliefs cannot be tarnished. If however one’s response towards another’s belief is dismissive or motivated by anger, that one negates the pride in what he believes. At once his belief becomes tarnished by his lack of faith, for he who has absolute faith in what he believes will not be moved by the beliefs of others. In fact he will act in wisdom, and embrace the opportunity to explore the other’s belief without chagrin, but with the dignity of one whose life is moved by the value of tolerance and the etiquette of brotherhood.

Those who consider their beliefs sacred and true will honour another’s belief in spite of their attitude towards that belief. Even if they know that another’s belief is premised on the belief of others, and derives its sustenance from garnered information rather than through inspired revelation received through self, which validates the authenticity of the given word, they must allow without interference that one to remain in his /her pattern, for the law of non interference must prevail.

A life without truth is an imperilled life. If you cannot persevere in your seeking of truth and it is your preference to remain anchored to your inherited beliefs, then you will remain bound in your place of experience. Ideals cannot be sacrificed for truth. If you know TRUTH as the highest ideal you will then take measures to reap TRUTH.

If you aspire to the heights of spiritual enlightenment as the very Masters who walked your plane, then you cannot rest in the diligence of Thoughts, Patterns and Paradigms which arrest your growth and unfolding.


The Path to Freedom is Truth

Educate, Emancipate, Enlighten

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