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God's Free Energy
By S333 & Vince
Feb 12, 2010 - 1:24:30 PM

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Message from S333 - God's Free Energy - Channeled by Vince - 11th February 2010

Vince - David, you wanted to speak of Electricity.

S333 - Yes, for without getting into the technical aspects of it, it is a fascinating energy.

Nicolas Tesla showed how very different and advanced, electricity could be, by the standards of your 3rd Dimensional world. He was a man driven, not by money, but by the nature of electricity and its potential uses for the benefit of humanity. Unfortunately, money was needed for his research and development activities and he had to go ‘cap in hand' to the bankers, and that was the downfall of him, his activities, and one major source of free energy technology.

In the 3rd Dimension, electric and magnetic energies of various kinds have certain properties and certain frequencies; as they do in higher dimensions. But, at the higher levels, the atomic structure is more fine and open, and therefore the frequencies are in higher ranges.

At some point between leaving the 3rd Dimension behind, and evolving to become 5th Dimensional beings, the kinds of electricity you use will change, and the old frequencies will no longer suffice. You really don't even need to concern yourselves with the how's; what's & why's; for it will be changed for you, and there will be new devices and appliances provided and available.

Elec5, if I may term it thus, for brevity; is much cleverer than the old stuff, and contains a built in intelligence. Whereas you would need a complicated circuit board, with chips and transponders (That's as technical as I'm going to get), we can achieve levels of control which your scientists could only dream of. And more than that, if you were to view dimensions above the 5th, you would be completely bewildered by the technology.

You see, the powers of thought and intent are used to construct things in the more spiritually elevated realities, in a way largely unknown to you. Beings can materialise an object in front of themselves, which they have just created by thought, and they can further develop the said object with thought in the same manner. That means Creation by Thought, and it is a very concrete thing to do; whereas normal 3rd Dimensional thought cannot materialise objects; although there have been experiments and developments by advanced 3D people, which have been in this field and with some success; but in your current civilization it isn't an easy thing to do, nor does it normally come naturally.

It was an ability which Jesus of Nazareth had during His life some 2,000 years ago, and which he was able to bring with him, so it was no party trick. There was no Top Hat and Magic Wand involved, just Jeshua's natural Creational Thought Processes, brought from higher dimensions into the 3rd Dimension.

I am discussing this with you, in the knowledge that the Dark Ones on your planet have and continue to dabble in this subject, with a limited degree of success; but because they are not currently of the Light, they cannot get beyond a certain point, thankfully!!

Nicolas Tesla fired electricity through the air with great Lightening like flashes, and there are groups of people in your world still doing this. His developments would have eventually given you all true cordless technology, without an on-board storage battery, as you know them, of any kind. It would have been free power at the point of use, and it was to have been your God given right; but the Bankers and the great Dark Controllers of your world decided that they wanted to strip the global population of its' wealth, so all electricity and other power is sold to you, whether you can afford it or not.

It is a ship run by fools, and every member of the so called Illuminati is a fool; their helpers and hangers on are frightened fools. Having said that, we should not berate them, for they know no better, and like you they have the God spark within them, but it still lays buried deep within them.

Soon My Dears; very soon, you are going to be rid of these festering sores on the body of your lives. Then you will have what God decreed you were entitled to, and one of those things is free electricity at the point of use. It is green, safe and will replace the unsustainable and dangerous energies of your present times. There is a whole variety of ways of producing free Elec5 energy, for it is such an easy thing to do, but I'm not intending to reveal what these are, for the Dark Ones are about. Soon enough you will see the fruit of God's Free Energy.

And so it is...........

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