YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED by Maitreya thru Bela

Bela: What can be said of those things that need to be done now that I can do?

YOU HAVE WHAT YOU NEED. I could give you the answer in this one statement and be done with it. Yet the complexity that you crave blinds you with facts that you call proof to the contrary. You will get over your craving when you gain greater clarity as to how this complexity often seems to be working quite nicely – and then turns around and strikes you with its venom. You recover time and again from these venomous stings and yet you cannot seem to resist going ahead with the same patterns time and time again.

However, now your awareness is being stretched so that you see the circumstance of the fangs approaching as if events were slowed enough giving you time to see this perilous development – and you can plainly see that you have time to redirect, change, and avoid the bite altogether. Yet I tell you that it is quite the opposite – you have sped up your vibration so that it seems that this fore-vision, this window of opportunity, just opens up – when indeed it was already there, laid out plainly before you to view, choose, and use.

More and more will you see those Divine Order options/steps before you – even while the external events tempt you to slip into forgetfulness and join the chaos around you. Do not fall into old patterns of pretending that you do not have this capability – the fangs will not wait for you to make up your mind. By choosing this you drop your vibration – and the fangs will move faster than you can react. Momentous challenges are upon you. Out of necessity you will dive into this knowing. This is how it works – you LEARN. I have learned as you are learning. I have grown my choice to be aligned with divine will and therefore see, hear and know as even you have the potential to see, hear, know in any moment.

It is unfortunate that you so appreciate the savvy problem-solver in your world of business and your day to day. And it is the material problem-solving that is most often commended by your brethren. However, WE are growing universal problem-solvers of you so that you can participateresponsibly in the universe at large. Your seamless connection to the “home office” is mandatory to succeed in this. You have access to what you need in this and the rest “will be added unto you”.

I invite you to sit with me a moment and consider this: Imagine that you are to make a decision that will affect your whole sector of the universe. What would it take for you to be equal to that? Those are the shoes that you are growing into even now.

You rely so heavily on the associations you make in your thinking; in your experiences; all of the analogies that help you make sense of life. But I tell you that you are often only accessing a minute piece of what is available – it is of little wonder that things go amiss when based solely on those parallels. There are tangents and dimensions that need to be considered, are there not? Yes there are! – many of them going on at the same time in the same space. Oh there you go, you say –taking me into complexity where you warned of the venomous bite! Yet I direct you to where the solution lies – it is in the simple unwavering connection to SOURCE that cuts as a cosmic laser through the most complex of scenarios to see the clear possible choices and possible consequences – and yet CHOICE remains.

I leave you to finish your tea while you immerse yourself in thought around these possibilities . . .