Who Will Lead? Raise Your Christ Shield
By Maitreya and Bela
Apr 13, 2010 - 10:26:10 AM

WHO WILL LEAD - a talk with Maitreya 

Thru Bela

Maitreya: Shall we talk?

Bela: So soon? Yes!

Maitreya: Now where were we? Yes, yes - the brave new world you are planning to build. So how is that going to happen - really? I'll bet you've asked yourself a million questions about that. So let's have it - let's take one of those important questions, like: Who KNOWS that plan and is credible to lead? Good question! What do you think?

Bela: What do I think? Well I think that the planet will be cleansed as Christ Michael has shared through Candace and the Abundant Hope mission, and that announcements and some key leadership will come from that inner team and Monjoronson and his team during and long after a period of stasis.

Maitreya: Good, good. This is a very broad brushstroke of the plan for this very important world project.

Now, let's consider for a moment, more brushstokes that make up the larger picture: the partnership of Christ Michael, Esu, and my other elder brethren, the Rainbow Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. To put it most concisely: they have been working the plan preparing for the age of Light & Love for a long time within this tiny cosmic geography! This is a larger team of masters and initiates that most assuredly work the plan aligned with the will of God. And there are other and specialized groups that carry responsibilities in areas of the GRAND PLAN. This is unending and always evolving. It is a huge canvas that is unknown in part to even vastly senior beings.

As to the second part of the question: Who will credibly lead?

Now for the surprise. The Christ in you will lead.

Yes. To the degree that each takes on the Mantle of Christ - it will be done - and my signature will assist to unify those efforts. Now what does that mean to you? It means just that. Step up! We are counting on you to be the hands on the ground to implement actions you will be guided to by the greater Christ body that you will don one by one and collectively.

How beautiful! It BECOMES you and your outward action because it IS you within as you fan your light to brilliance. You have discovered it! What is within is without. The time has come for Christ to begin to appear on earth and it is through each of you that this will occur bit by bit. Do not tell me that you are too small. That is of the lie.

The raised flaming heart merges more completely with the will of the Father. These marry in you to birth the Christ of ONE body. It is a beautiful responsibility to accept this gift.

Wear it inside out! Like a light house - it is what it is because it is what it is. And it leads many home because it is what it is. You see, that is what is new to this planet. The ability to achieve this in greater numbers within and externalize it without having to vacate a dense body! What a joy. What a joy!

Know that The Christ has touched the earth. A wave of The Christ energy is upon you. Ride the wave; become one with it, let it flow through you, and let us change the world!
Sleep on this.

Bela: Love and thanks to you Maitreya.
Love to you.


Rise Your Christ Shield - a messsage from Maitreya thru Bela

The wave of tremendous sadness you feel is because of your love and compassion for humanity as a whole. This can feel heavy indeed. Remember that you have tools at your disposal to choose balanced centeredness and joy while in the midst of this catastrophic wave of events that you feel approaching.

You will be most useful if you simply acknowledge the source of that sadness and chose to be useful from the Christ point of view. To do otherwise would incapacitate you and this is not the wise choice.

Does that mean that you turn a deaf ear or cast away your glance from the suffering? NO, IT DOES NOT! It means that you choose to ride the elevator of consciousness to a higher locale to lift your center to a place above the mind numbing and paralyzing storm into the clear light of vision, understanding, and your power to act. That's what makes you a warrior of the light. That's what you do!

Raise your Christ shield, do not lower it even for a moment, and get ready to march!

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