Two Short Messages from Father
By Father thru Bela
Feb 13, 2011 - 4:03:10 PM

021011 DELAYED NOTICE from Father

Bela: Dear ONE, I had a dream last night that there were odd events taking place within our skies and weather and that there were messages that were stashed away and not communicated. No one seemed to see these as I saw them and pointed them out in the dream. Even I was party to packing away undelivered messages through an old pager/receiver that I packed away in an end table behind its closed doors. Will you help me to be very clear on this meaning?

Father: Indeed there was meaning for you and others as well. Are the skies not filled with unexplained weather, sightings and events? Is not information about those very things being transmitted through words and messages? Are not those messages being squelched by the powers that be? Are not some of our messages being packed away and undelivered? The answered is a resounding YES. Even with yourself and some of the messages thru you that you have censored away or the times when we ring you up and find that you prefer to leave the call unanswered and therefore undelivered. Well – undelivered thru you my dear – but there are many avenues to get these broadly broadcast messages into words for those without a tuned radio station in their consciousness awareness. Nonetheless – you have agreed to serve in this capacity. DO YOUR JOB. You are not editor, you are SCRIBE.

Now we suggest that you include here a message from Father that you held back for several reasons when you were editing this transmission process through you uncertainty of just who was mean by FATHER and the uncomfortableness around delivering the Madrid warning. There are many things going on and requiring managing at a furious pace. Events will not wait patiently in line until you are ready for them my dears.

B: I am inserting here the message from 2/5/11.

020511 NOTICE from Father thru Bela

Now listen up dear ones. The times are upon us and it is time to move! We are pumping the higher energies to and thru your system. Your earth and your bodies are no exception. Ready or not here they are. Many of you have thought yourselves ready. Others have felt somewhat prepared. I tell you that these changes will challenge the best of you. (We will pause while you attend to this interruption…)

Let us continue.
Again you want specifics – and certainties around these changes that cannot be nailed down even by US. Yet we tell you that there is a strong probability for the Madrid to do her thing. We know you have mixed feelings around putting out such a message – but nonetheless we are asking you to do just that. Prepare little ones as you have been asked to do so often in the past. This is now about to occur and will not wait for your further procrastination in being prepared.

“My how the mighty have fallen” will be ringing in the minds of many as they look for those with supposed power, authority and means to look out for the people. THEY WILL BE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND that is in any way truly helpful to you. Mark my words: this will come to pass. Better to plant both feet firmly in your knowing when the waves come crashing in lest you lose your footing and be swept away. When this happens – it will happen quickly like a thief in the night.

Father: Remember also that you made it known to others in the ending of the dream that you had packed that pager (with the active/current message still coming thru) behind the closed door of the cabinet so that they could find it should they choose to. Yes. And now it is so.

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