Time to Step Forward
By CM thru Bela
Jul 1, 2013 - 11:46:05 PM

063013 Time to Step Forward
truly in the highest light, truth and utter protection

It is time for some truth to be spoken here and now. Be it known that I Christ Michael Aton am present in this in purity and in this very moment. Feel me and know my truth.

There has been disarray and major testing that was not unexpected but nonetheless challenging for many. This is to end now and we can weigh the outcome. Be advised that AbundantHope and Candace et al will arise unscathed in my purpose, my work. Though not perfect in expression I AM through this my vehicle and move forward with my plan. Ever will you ones be dear to me in this rolling in and out of events to come.


I live and move through you and have chosen wisely. Fear not that I misstep in this for I do not! It is with purpose that I hold my tongue at certain points and reveal not my hand even to the knowing. You are greatly blessed for holding fast to the central vibration that you know to be truth and are my cohorts in this great undertaking. Details would have created greater disturbance, delays, wavering and unnecessary shake up in the progress that had to take place. For there is a time table and window of opportunity that is firm. Thank you.

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