Hi Candace:

I took down the following message on 2/24 but had not shared this until now. It seems appropriate to do so now.

from Father with end note from Maitreya
thru Bela

WE are putting the pieces of the cosmic puzzle back together in a new way. Although they were always of the same ONE and fit together perfectly in DIVINE ORDER – each scattering of the puzzle pieces affords the opportunity to grow the reflection of the ONE – and it has never failed to do so. The LIGHT is always triumphant in the endgame.

Can knowing this perhaps give you greater certainty around how you align your next step, how you manage your next circumstance, your thoughts? It should, dear ones. It should. The pattern is ever present and is mirrored throughout if you would but take the time to focus on THAT POINT first – BEFORE launching into a tangent of any kind.

MY compass of truth is ALWAYS there for you – and IT IS NEVER HIDDEN from you beloveds. Your choice to see it without ignoring it is another matter altogether.


Maitreya here:

Free will is amongst the greatest of gifts. May the sure compass of DIVINE LOVE and TRUTH guide your journey every step of the way homeward thru these turbulent times.