from Father (PAPA Source)
thru Bela

I give these words to you: It is time for this creation to rise up. LET THE GOD WITHIN YOU STAND so that you can bear the weight of what is to come and reach the heights to which you are capable. This is a calling like you have never experienced. Rise and be present or fall where you may – but notice I will take of you nonetheless – none can hide.

EVA LU ! EVA LU ! EVA LU ! sounds through creation now as a mighty call that ALL MUST HEAR AND RESPOND. Decide to HEAR, RISE and TURN TO FACE evermore the palpable light – EVA LU ! As a new sprout yearns toward the light so shall you now reach if you are to produce a blossom, bear fruit for LIFE ETERNAL and partner in the production of “heavenly honey” to feed the creation.

I am tallying up the fruit of this creation. May it be sweet and plentiful though it may be from but precious few. Therefore I put before you: Receive and vibrate withEVA LU” to the core of your being and your world as I KISS YOUR CROWN. As the bee pollinates the blossom, I come close to touch you. Will you choose to receive MY gift or will you choose to perceive this as a sting?

Changed will you and your world be by this encounter, exchange, ONENESS – for I gift you with this closer touch that we may know one another more intimately with a new revealing of undeniable unity.EVA LU ! MY dear ones – EVA LU !