Stretching Your Consciousness
By Maitreya and Bela
Apr 15, 2010 - 2:31:38 PM

Stretching Your Consciousness

Maitreya thru Bela April 15, 2010

Let's chat a bit more now.

My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen! I speak of the very, very dark controllers and their fall - as if their stony heads rolled right off their cast shoulders while standing at the podium in front of the world for all to see. This will be laid out perfectly for the world to feast on the essence of this grand lesson. Let your hearts flow with unconditional love to all - for they and their organizations are a part of YOU that has been challenged and overcome. Congratulations.

Now, you will notice that I speak of past, future and present things like a moebius loop rather than in a linear time line - for I speak the truth - and it is the truth that time is not a linear thing. So I teach you of this perspective when I speak of it being accomplished, done, or in your near or far future - all in the same sentence. Beg not this question, for I know. And I share this perspective with you now.

You hear reference to "time will end" or "the end times." Words fail - and larger consciousness grows. LIFE does not end! Your linear concept of time is growing to a corrected version of the perception of the moebius strips of now. It is the now - and space - that is looped and folded and twisted and pinched much like your saying "anywhere, anytime." But this is managed. This you will learn about and learn to do. Your great ones such as Tesla tried gifting you with practical technologies based on this same expanded thinking.

Do not labor over words. Instead hear my energy that I assure you reaches you through the vehicle of these messages. You are being stretched. That is my purpose at this time as I prepare, prepare, prepare the way at the point of the plow to Light and Life. Take your honored place beside me and stretch ahead into the new consciousness of ONE.

(Later on . . .)

Let us nibble on some new ideas, shall we? Let us look at life forms. You have identified, cataloged and analyzed millions of them - and have more than that remaining to be discovered on this tiny planet. Life is a tremendous experimenter. There is SO much more that you have closed your minds to regarding life forms. This will change sooner than later when you meet some of your cosmic brethren.

Just look at the oldest fossils that you have studied. And you need only look at your own human fetal development to see the earlier life forms that carry information from the life collective. This process of fetal development to birth intimately connects you to this wonderful laboratory of your Earth Mother and the light of the Father when the form receives His spark.

What of life forms alien to earth? Be assured that there is a virtual smorgasbord array of life forms. Earth humans think that the current human form is absolutely the pinnacle of forms. I tell you that is ONE of the forms that is evolving to be greater and greater forms for the light. All colors - some that human vision cannot see, and many sizes - for size does not equate to consciousness. So tell me that you differentiate the value amongst people by color, size, nationality, religion, paths, or any other of numerous artificial excuses. Oh, it is way past time to wake up from that one, dears- for your cosmic brethren are at your doorstep.

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