Stern message from Maitreya
By Maitreya thru Bela
Jun 8, 2011 - 7:02:16 PM


Stern message from Maitreya
thru Bela

B: I feel you knocking. Who has a message to deliver thru me now?

It is I,  Maitreya come to enjoin you to take down this message:

For all of my dear ones – and you know who you are - I call on you to be most vigilant in the next days – for time is more than short – it is at hand. Many are notified of this in one way or another and not nearly as many will respond with knowing nod and engage the work/action they are prompted to do. This will make all the difference, my dears – all the difference in the world. Pay attention to a regular offering of your work in cooperation with Source and Christ Michael’s plan for this world.

You may be called upon to take and relay a message. You may be called on to have targeted discussion or specificaction with another or a group. We are working thru you and are handicapped ifyou do not respond as our hands should respond in this giving. You may be called upon to direct specific energy to specific places for specific ends. Listen and do! When we say boots on the ground – we mean just that.

We accomplish these things thru you. We are with you. We are behind you. You are prompted to put but the pin prick in the board and We add to the river that runs thru it! So, ignore the pebble inyour shoe that stops you from doing what you ought! – or simply pause for a moment, remove the pebble and keep on in this task. There are no observer seats available in this work. Fire up your hearts and get moving in God’s action. Ever so small yet ever so great at the same time.

My news is that you are the news you make every day. Mere claims are empty of result. We are well past giving gentle nudges.

Deliver it.

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