Stay Calm in these events
By Christ Michael thru Bela
Jan 29, 2011 - 7:11:03 AM

012910 Christ Michael: Please – take this down:


We are approaching the final measures. This will likely trigger some final measures from the dark and we need you to be prepared. You may notice what appear to be reactive and helpful gestures and actions from your controllers. Know that they are ANYTHING BUT THAT dear ones. STAY PEACEFUL AT YOUR CORE. Do not be caught up in any of this or react strongly to it. That is the very reaction they are looking to provoke and then they will use this to slam shut the cage door and padlock it to boot! STAY CALM. WE are watching this closely and have many players in key positions on the game board to ensure a CHECKMATE.

We thank you for recording this Bela.

Christ Michael


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