By Papa Source thru Bela
Jul 21, 2011 - 2:41:18 PM



PAPA Source:

I speak now for all to hear . . .wait…pause… and JOIN  ME in this… and then speak no more in your thoughts – but BE with ME. Moments we have spent together will now connect to your ongoing experience of the truer reality wherein all the “soons” and “nevers” and hopes converge to the single point. There I AM. I move towards your awareness, closer with each breath. Can you stand it? The utter beauty, the intense bliss, the truth?… Will you survive your own thoughts by overcoming them with the truth that you can now touch? I is ME that you touch when you dare to do so. This is the opportunity before you.

Bela: Somehow this makes me think immediatelyof the tear/split (shaped like a narrow cat’s eye) that I saw filled with intense light in the Pacific a couple of weeks ago – was this related? Or is it more the other personal experience/glimpses of that almost unbearable bliss/love/light as a peek, as a tearing out from my own consciousness envelope?

PAPA Source: It is more the latter –but the vision for the earth is also valid. Realize that you could not experience this for and with the world unless you experience this within your own consciousness. Within yourself is and always has been the doorway. But at this time it is being stretched from multiple dimensions so that it WILL occur,and present itself to each one who truly desires it. Those who can survive this create anew with it and mourn not the old – for the old was indeed only the dream. Like the glorious peeking in of the intense rising sunlight through a crack in the dark sleep room curtain – I shall shine upon your face and WAKE THEE.

Remember past talks about possibilities and the effect of consciousness on probabilities - this IS how itworks. There must be the appropriate mind stuff moving in the same direction to have a significant impact at any point in time. Your breath upon a feather will have a definite and measurable impact. A luke warm bent on life will continue your existence as baggage for those that do the work. The baggage compartment is about to be unloaded.  Dare to do. PAPA is watching.

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