Mocking the Unknown
By CM thru Bela
Feb 12, 2014 - 11:58:46 PM

Mocking the unknown


CM thru Bella

I return with a few words from our perspective. Now rest assured that we cannot reveal all, but a piece that will encourage many IS at your doorstep. Expect it. We cannot say more.

Imagine if you will, a snowy day with the sun shining, a rainbow, hail, watershed and lightning. This is a very good analogy of what is occurring! A real amalgamation of variations of a well known thing such as a weather pattern, but all at once. This is what we see. And it is happening now in ways that will out of necessity change your surface living and your day to day.

We have admonished you to be prepared, for the seeds that have been planted a millennium ago would continue to sprout, bloom and produce their fruit- for good or ill. Harvest is upon your shoulders, and we are assisting to be certain that bad seeds are not replanted to sprout again!

That experiment is done and much has been learned. Rosy days will only dawn after the messy cleanup of the long season of experiment on this, your world. We suggest you pull out the high boots, gloves, and protective gear as we dive in together to get this done.

It is easy to be flippant and to discard the many warnings that have come and it is a simple thing to think about any one piece of chaotic change and to say that you are very equal to it - "bring it on"as you say. But put several challenges together at one time, and you may find yourself reeling from it. In hindsight, you will not mock the many messages warning to be prepared for imminent challenges- for we have been kind to give them!

There are many human reactions to the unknown: wonder, fear, excitement, anxiousness, among others but the most dangerous among these would be dismissiveness! You have been warned. CM

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