Making Your Daily Bread of Life
By Maitreya thru Bela
Jan 22, 2011 - 2:34:02 PM


Making Your Daily Bread of Life

Yes – you are of our root placed on earth now. So reaching up as well as grounding yourself with the center of the earth is a wise way to experience the greater fullness of your being. It is very conductive/conducive to the necessary energy flow – the safe energy flow.


Bela: I was given the thought: “May all the world be happy and blessed – perfectly aligned with Source - and ever growing in service to others!” and saw energy shaped like a funnel; a y-shaped energy with the stem as root.

Ok, now let me give you a peak behind the veil of what is really going on here. You have correctly received a useful tool here fullest of love and light and divine order! You have received the visualization of a brilliant conduit to request, align, receive, and give the blessings of DIVINE ORDER! Now allow me to lay out this conscious creator’s tool a bit more:


May all the world

be happy and blessed,

(Picture: funnel going up from a point of desire in your high heart up to SOURCE)

perfectly aligned with the ONE SOURCE

(then picture it going down from Source through your heart to and through the center of earth /humanity to all in your universe and back to SOURCE)

anchored in SERVICE

manifesting in my every thought, word, action

and creation in DIVINE ORDER!

And SO IT IS with me.



Cycling through in this way, from and back to SOURCE IS DIVINE ORDER and you tap into it with your intent/request. WE have just mapped out a simply defined truly unlimited creative energy source. It is self sustaining through alignment and desire in motion. It is service to others, and includes the self, it is SERVICE in the DIVINE ORDER of Light and Life. Cycling and breathing in SOURCE with each of your breaths as you would see the field of a magnet, more correctly, as you would visualize a donut or breathing torus-shaped energy field.


With each expansion/contraction/expression of this form it is as if you are well kneading the energy to incorporate a bit more flour into the ball of dough – your all – to become it, to know it, and to create from it.


No doubt you have heard: “It truly does not matter if you win or lose - it is HOW you play the game.” The how IS the win. You have to DO IT to KNOW IT. You no longer care about “winning” – you are MOVED BY THE DESIRE TO KNOW GOD THRU YOU. You have just defined this in a visual way that the human mind can grasp and use. This is good. This is very good. This takes all the pressure off of figuring it all out alone, doesn’t it? Your lower mind would not have the answer anyway, dear ones. This is what is truly meant by “being” - it is an active process of becoming what you already are. The point - The Father Fragment - becomes (through conscious connection with Source and desire in action) your multidimensional sphere of your evolving world/universe of experience. Source through you always has the answer. To try to muscle it any other way will hit the wall in the end.


Yes, this fills you with overwhelming love and light and joy – you feel it coarse through you. Blessed? I would say so. I would certainly say so. The “happy” part is conditional to your being and knowing this as your reality. Expect the awareness of this to come in waves of greater and lesser degrees of clarity, just like your breathing. And you prime the pump so to speak each time you initiate the desire into action with “May all the world be happy and blessed” and you consummate it with “I AM THAT I AM” evolving in every moment.


Know also that increased waves of energy from the ONE SOURCE become available for tremendous expansion in experience to the torus shaped breathing space you call your experience of all that is. This is the energy signature of becoming I AM THAT I AM and manifestation as a conscious creator. You are evolving. For, thru the God in you, you are the point and every point in that universe as it becomes a mirror of God to himself.


Now go create some daily bread with this energy. No matter what you think, take action on, or manifest – it will be of this divine order energy. Let it flow dear ones, let it flow.
































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