Maitreya Checking in with Bela
By Maitreya thru Bela
Apr 10, 2012 - 4:21:14 PM

I had asked Bela if she had heard from Maitreya lately, they are all so busy.  He came with this short note to her, which I though you all might enjoy. -C


Hello, my dear one. We have been very busy preparing our ones to respond to the vibrations that have been seeping in and through. They are inescapable. And those that would hear me, that can hear me, that are attuned to me are under my wing so to speak for this task at hand under the plan of our dear Christ Michael Aton and of course the vast plan of our dear Papa Source as you call in/out to him. 

We wish the response was deeper and more positive, but we care for even one as if we care for billions. The cloak of my compassion and love is therefor lifting and smoothing the edge off this transition process. For there is no exempting oneself from the transition that is upon us. 

Any can call on my vibration to assist through patches whether they be physical, emotional , mental or spiritual wrinkles that need smoothing. The warmth of your attunement with Maitreya will smooth your vibration as tepid steam would smooth silk. There is a way – and the way is ever present but for the asking to be still enough to be shown.


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