Let's Get Practical Pt 1-8
By Maitreya thru Bela
Oct 9, 2010 - 11:21:40 AM

Maitreya thru Bela #1-8

Let's Get Practical


Let’s Get Practical #1

So – HABITS BY DESIGN will be our happy little topic for today.

Yes, you could make a habit of “it” –whatever “it” is) and check it right off of your “to do” list by automating it like a computer programmer would automate certain activities behind the scenes.  Wouldn’t you be just thrilled to get those pesky things that you know need to be done, your “should ofs” right out of the way so that you would not trip over them time and time and time again. Perhaps there are 1 or 2 or 3 or??? things that you have DECIDED on – have put your foot down -  and decided that this or that would be good for you – a good thing that would improve this or that? Of course you have – and you, and you too . . . It is the human condition to do so – and the usual one step forward and 2 stumbles backward can  SLOOOWWW things down considerably.

We mean it slows the evolution – the positive change that you really do want. So you go right ahead and throw things down right in front of yourself – or a few steps out that are certain to trip you – yes I said YOU – not that other guy – they are CERTAIN to trip YOU up! Now why, why WHY would you do that? Well, you don’t – not consciously anyway. But it is you that sets up this obstacle course for yourself in many, many ways. So – let’s discuss and consider, a perhaps better way for you to facilitate the evolution, the positive, constructive outcomes that you say you want.

OK - #1. Do you know what you want? If so, name it. And do not get too highbrow with this – something small is good – and often better – and has far reaching results. Remember that.

Now - #2 What would one easy action toward that being “the way it is” be?

For example – let’s say that you like an organized household because the opposite (mess and chaos) is something you recognize as a “trip hazard” – it gets in your way and makes you cranky. Well, you cannot change someone else – so let’s stay focused on you shall we? Ok – so what is one of the 1st simplest things that YOU could do to impact this favorably? Yes – you could say that you DECIDE that you will put things in place as you go, rather than leaving it for later. Ok, let’s take that cup of tea you just made. You could put the tea box and sweetener back in the cabinet before you pour the heated water into the cup. Thereby tying the good result (non-clutter) to the other good result you know you want and WILL satisfy – you want that cup of tea! I’ve given out a little secret here to program yourself most easily to get the obstacles out of your way.

These small changes quickly become automated, habitual – BECAUSE we LIKE to do things that work, and you have tied one good thing to another that you KNEW you liked all wrapped up in an action that facilitates BOTH! AHA! You shouldn’t be so surprised – but it is AOK if you are, because that is the very nature of habitual behavior – it is not really something you think about  - and we are recognizing the habitual behavior that works against you right now throwing all those little trip hazards down in front of you.

Now – do you see how this can apply to almost everything? And remember – it is truly best to start with the simple things. You will be amazed at how this mushrooms through your behaviors once that flame is lit. Why, you’ll make a safe little constructive contained forest fire of those trip hazards and create a nice little path for yourself to more of the good stuff at the same time. A computer programmer creates paths, efficient ones to accomplish certain things – using elegant programming without using an excess of system energy – and are user friendly. It is a useful analogy.

That is what these simple DECISIONS IN ACTION will do for you – yes FOR you, once you repeat them often enough to create some good footprints to follow. So lest I forget, #3 is to DO IT with an inner (or outward) smile - as if this is a little game/joke that is your own little secret experiment. Great ideas are wonderful – taking action on those great ideas is the ticket that get’s you in the door! Yes – habits by design – go ahead and chuckle- laughter is good – and then go ahead and DO IT anyway! Yes, anchor this before you forget.

091010 Let’s Get Practical #2
Cosmic Deck

Let us use the card game of classic solitaire as an analogy. Yes, all the cards are there. So there is an opportunity to have it all come together. And – well, what if all the cards were not all there – if you were missing a few, or even one? The possibility to have it all come together perfectly would be reduced to zero. BUT – we will, for our example, confirm that we are playing with a full deck. This is how the cosmic operates. There is ALWAYS a full deck. Period. So the opportunity to “win” meaning “have a positive outcome” - is ALWAYS present.

Now, the fact that this is not your perfect experience every time in cards and in life tells you something, doesn’t it? Yes. This coming together of all the necessary pieces/cards, depends on a particular order of present moments. Your choice of what card to place where and when given the shuffled order of the deck at the present moment from your moment in time. ORDER – COSMIC ORDER is a principle that you learn to work WITH, learn to CHOOSE, ever more often. And EVENTUALLY – you find that, AHA! this is what works best. And since you tend to like what works –  you are likely to want to repeat this pattern to “win” again. You may not realize that that is what you are doing – BUT, nonetheless that is what you are doing.

And the more you become aware of your CONNECTION to ALL through meditation or whatever experiences enhance that for you, the easier it gets to RECOGNIZE the choice that is aligned with divine will/divine order. It is not complicated – in fact it is so very simple: you intend that it is so, let it go, and take some little action that you feel positively moved to take ( notice we did not say “THINK you SHOULD take”). And then you do it again in the next moment, and then the next moment . . . it is an easy, constructive way to live in the synchronicity that comic order provides.

Now – what really happens when you intend and take action aligned with the cosmic order? I am going to reveal another little secret here for you: YOU ARE CHOOSING TO BE ALIGNED WITH DIVINE WILL. This process is much of what evolution is all about.

SURPRISE! You can choose your moment, you can shuffle the deck, you can pick a particular action at a particular time, etc, etc., etcetera. FREE WILL – you choose.  And you eventually LEARN that the choices aligned with divine order/divine will are the ones that work best – and you move forward  incorporating this into YOUR unique experiential experiment. Everyone and everything “wins” in this process. Yes, it seems SLOOOWWW in linear time – but it is a foolproof method. And you can speed it up if you choose using meditation or whatever means helps you maintain a connection with the ALL.

GOD- ALL THAT IS experiences this myriad of possibilities as you, and you, and you, and that. Amazing how it all works with the divine deck, isn’t it? Relax into it, exercise a sense of humor, and admit that you are part of the cosmic deck. In fact, the cosmic would not be “playing with a full deck” if it were not so!

091310 Let’s Get Practical #3
Another Game of Cards

Let us continue using a solitaire card game for an analogy, shall we? Ok, so you shuffled and played the game – and you got some points by your decisions and actions. Maybe you even won the game. So, what about those times when you took action and won some points, but you did not win. Are these truly losses? In the game of life – are these losses – or are they wins to a different degree? Now in the game of life we are more ON the path to achieving outcomes than we are celebrating complete wins.

This is good. This is where the real learning and growth takes place. Learn to recognize the partial wins knowing that they are steps toward a positive outcome – though you may not even KNOW what that outcome is. You play anyway. You play smartly. You pay attention. But it is inevitable that you will miss certain opportunities. And you may NEVER realize that you missed them. That is the nature of missteps and not paying attention.

You may ask how it is even possible to be fully engaged, pay full attention and be fully discerning in your decisions and actions in every present moment. This would unnerve you a bit to be that vigilant and poised in your every moment! However, you don’t have to deal with every moment – only this moment, right now. And the secret – here we go again revealing secrets – the secret is to BE PRESENT with the ALL as much as possible right now and follow what you are moved to do in this moment. Have Fun with this creative process. Now, we do not mean to throw any caution or responsibility to the wind. Quite the contrary!

Being in the present moment allows you to be in greater conscious connection with your higher self. That connection, when you gently create the habit towards a continuous connection – well then, my dear, you are responding to the promptings of the higher self that KNOWS the agenda, the outcome – and all the little steps from here to there which will be your present soon enough. There are many, many small wins on the way to the bigger wins. So embrace that concept rather than flogging yourself for the lack of what you would define as stellar outcomes.

091310 Let’s Get Practical #4
Being Joyous

Oh, it’s so much fun that we find it hard to understand why you avoid it so. Remember, all you really have is the present moment at hand. That’s it. So why not dive in and experience it. That in itself will bring you into the joy of the creative experiment called your life. All too often you dip your toe in the side of the pool and decide to wait, flit off to do something else, or analyze the temp/conditions. And more often than not –  you find a good reason NOT to do “it”.  This thing-  of being in the present and experiencing the joy of it – your children can teach you this. Or should I say they can REMIND you of what you did beautifully and naturally in your childhood. Be child-like in this regard.

This one simple idea takes you out of the mindset of having the weight of the world on your shoulders (in whatever form that takes for you) and instead, you feel light as a feathered bird that may nest in grasses, walk or swim about, fly above, or rise from the ashes! You open the door to many possibilities when you fuel your present with joy, as joy is absolutely teeming with the creative vibration of love – and it “infects” you. This simple change will greatly improve the quality of your life experiment.

092710 Let’s Get Practical #5
Poised and Ready for Anything

Now let us take this a step further in keeping with our “Let’s Get Practical” theme, shall we?

What if I were to ask you to consider taking a leap forward and to apply this process to a post stasis world? What would your thoughts and actions be when you find yourself on a completely new game board so to speak? Ah, now we are getting to the larger purpose in focusing your energies on a “What Can I Do” process rather than  a “How can I fit in” approach within the established old order.

You will need to be in your element – centered in your capable godness. (Yes, even spell checker recognized your word goodness to be the intended word – but I assure you that GOD-NESS is our true meaning here.)

So how does this process bump up your ability to be ready for anything? I will tell you. This conduit is paved by your intention to make it so and your ACTING as if IT IS SO.

It sounds backwards – But I assure you it is not. Think about it. You design/create the habit of directing the energy from the helm of your godness and BUILD those very connections AT THE SAME TIME. It may not be perfect from the start, but build it will until the conduit is stronger, more dependable and eventually, your new normal.

Now let’s say that there is an event in your immediate community that threatens the water, food and shelter. Certainly these are basic survival needs and will immediately trigger base fears in most persons. If you RE-ACT right along with the bulk of your community, you will greatly add to the chaos – because you conduct much energy.

Would it not be a better choice to know that there is a switch you can flip at anytime and anywhere to gain the BEST guidance possible?  It would be hard to say no to that one. Well we are here to tell you that you have been prepared for a good many years to become more and more acquainted with that switch, to flip it often, and to make it part of your habit by design. The prototype is finished. God incarnate is what you are. It is time to take it off the design table and make it so - put it into production – or shall we say PRO – ACTION.  The testing phase will reveal a few necessary adjustments to your process, but this phase is here – NOW. Boots to the ground! Wings to the sky!  It feels good to be moving again, does it not? You are growing the godness connection – it is online, functional – and quite practical.

Let’s Get Practical #6

There is not one among you who would not want to be polished in a service discipline. By polished we mean bright and shiny – all the bumps smoothed out – and reflecting lots of light. Well, that takes some doing, doesn’t it? You add facets and facets and facets to your diamond service to others, those facets becoming so numerous and tightly packed, until eventually they merge together into a perfect sphere that reflects all to all. Every time you take action of your own free will aligned with divine will you are polishing this ability to reflect GOD so that you come to know more of GOD through you. Elbow grease. Yes, elbow grease. Your ACTION is what makes this happen.

Your active choice, and your manifestation of that choice in action creates the polish. You see your physical reflection most clearly in a smooth mirror, do you not? GOD knows his own nature through your polished reflection. If your facts are not polished, the refection is distorted and the refection is not projected as far – it dies of it’s own malformation.

Look around you at your projections about you in this moment. What would you prefer to see? Ask yourself what you can do to inch towards that outcome and do it. That is how you polish. THAT is how you polish.

If it is a community need - what does that reflection mirror back to you and what can you do to change that reflection? Do nothing, complain about dire circumstances, and you will live what you have bought into. Rise to the occasion and approach the situation from the helm of godness that you are and you will have inspiration to take certain actions. Taking the action completes the circuit – it is the elbow grease that makes it work. This is polishing.

Let’s get Practical #7
Perchance there is a better way.

Have you not done things a certain way in your human experience and found it to make things easier because of it? Some of these ways of doing things have truthfully improved things in one way or another and other ways of doing things has made things easier, but dragged you back and closed off many opportunities that would not have passed if you were not so comfortable?

Are we saying that comfort is a bad thing? No. By no means are we saying that, but you must realize – consciously realize -  what has been sublimated to the automatic for ease purposes has been USURPED by control factions to work so well against you. BE MINDFUL OF THIS. You cannot go to sleep at the switch and expect all patterns of experience in your lives to fall nicely and constructively in those patterns all of the time without paying a severe price. That may have SEEMED to work for a good long time – but no more.

You have taken a wonderful concept and gone too far with it. Even sections of your brains have gone to sleep more and more as you repeat these “slumber through life” patterns. This is no longer acceptable and will change. In fact there is no getting around the fact that his will change with the energies coming to your planet now. You will have sore muscles and feel fatigued and experience pains here and there. Recall the experience of your leg falling asleep and the sensation of waking up. However, we speak of your brains and your minds waking up – and this will impact what your body experiences as well. Do you recall ever being woken abruptly from a sound sleep/dream – and the sensation of confusion and disorientation that you experience? Well you are waking up from a sound sleep by the energies coming to everyone and the earth at this time. There will be turmoil, disorientation, aches and pains – but wake you will – this is too big to sleep through.

Let’s get Practical #8

The Point?

Yes, now let’s take this a step further.

You have the opportunity to access all possibilities from your present point. Yes, this is mind boggling – but true! Think about it. Your perfect healing is right there – where you “are”. Your perfect circumstance is right there – where you are. All knowledge is right there right now where you are. It is simply a matter of choosing it. These are the shoes you grow into through your experiences – your many experiments. You see – IT IS SO – but you do not believe it!

Let me suggest that you concentrate on a point. See it in your mind’s eye and become that point. Remember your simple geometry – an infinite number of lines connect that point to all other points no matter where they are in time or space. Now I am here to tell you that that point can also shift though dimensions. Remember your harmonics. This will give you a clue as to how your consciousness becomes resonant with other layers of consciousness.

Now the way that this happens is through your becoming more of what you already are. Let us explain that a bit further. Stay with me. Becoming is a functioning capability of consciousness. It is creative. You are creative. You are a creator. Now, if you were truly “in charge” of managing all of this in all of creation – would you think it wise to let the “kid in the candy store” unsupervised before he has earned the wisdom to know the value of balanced nutrition? The higher part of you supervises you by not allowing access to certain knowledge – even though it is right there, right now – because the god in you knows that it would be dangerous to do so without the accompanying wisdom and guidance. You would get much more than a belly ache!

I am here to tell you that the veils are thinning between these layers of consciousness. Many are seeing through the candy store curtain doors to other wondrous rooms filled will many kinds of nutrition – we speak of spiritual fruit, knowledge, manna that is very sustaining to coordinated consciousness – your own and your own unknown. It is all you. Think on this.

So - Would you knowingly slam your fingers in a closing door? Of course you would not. But we tell you that there will be a few pinched fingers and bumped heads as these doors open. The fingers that get pinched and the noggins that get knocked may be your own or your brother’s – but nonetheless – they are yours. Have compassion for all parts of yourself – even the part of you that makes ill aligned choices – big ones that have controlled large segments of your population. Have confidence that you WILL root it all out and learn quickly to do more of what works long term. You will find that when one of you pinches his finger, the rest of you feels a bit sore. But you will also discover that the healing salve soothes more than just that one’s finger. And the memory of a better, more careful choice to avoid pinching one’s finger is good and has far reaching results.

You see – all of this has gone on for a very long time – this pattern by which you learn to align with divine cosmic order/divine will- but it will become greatly accelerate now by the experience of yourselves as one. This greatly speeds up the learning. So, instead of a gentle nudge to wake you, you may give yourselves a little slap to come to awaken more quickly. The need you sense from your brethren worldwide will serve to awaken you to more and more of your practical GOD-NESS capability.

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