Getting to know Maitreya
By Matreya thru Bela
Jun 15, 2011 - 5:40:21 PM

061211 Getting to know Maitreya

from Maitreya thru Bela

Bela: What would you say this morning to those whowish to know you better, Maitreya?

Firstly, I would convey that indeed, I am but a servant of the ONE SOURCE. The stage has been set here and Christ Michael has center stage with all eyes upon his baton. I am shoulder to shoulder amongst his orchestra at this time and am honored to be so.

Secondly, I am one who has traveled on the path of service a bit further than some, yet enough to extend a guiding hand as part of my role. It has not yet been the time for my externalization, yet I assure you, I AM intimately involved with the spiritual growth of man -in a light body that serves as needed. I have gone before and have seen through man’s eyes and suffered as man has suffered. Many names have I. Some refer to me as Buddha even now – yet you can surely call me “Friend” no matter the spiritual practice or walk of life. Be assured that you call forward my attention with each burst of heart energy – for that energy/intent/callingresonates very closely with the signature of my energy.

My specific role will be defined and externalized once things have progressed a bit more. In general, I will be working to acclimate man to learn to LIVE day to day in LIFE and LIGHT as he builds anew. My friend and scribe has correctly perceived and described my energy as part of a vast moving river of living fire laced throughout with thousands upon thousands of OM symbol-like lotuses as if they were tatted together – each one unique to meet any possibility, any need. And yet there is a profound peace, centeredness, oneness at the same time this roaring fiery river flows. Yes, this river – man will learn to embody in a very practical way in the era of LIGHT AND LIFE to come. We will walk together to those ends.

Recognize me then as I offer deep compassion amidst this powerful vibration of the FIERY LIVING RIVER OF LOVE so that your heart does remain steady, and your shoulders capable of bearing theweight of what you have been asked to do during these transitional times - one momentat a time in the great ONENESS. We can then collect the stones to lay a walkwaytogether as we go forward.

You can be as comfortable with me as if we were sitting together and chatting while sipping a cup of tea from the same pot – for I know many of you – and you will come to realize that you knew me already.

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