By Maitreya and CM thru Bela
Jan 22, 2011 - 2:31:43 PM

Bela: I have clearly heard the graduation music telepathically several times over the last couple of days – does this have meaning?

Christ Michael & Maitreya: Yes, indeed it has meaning. Now please take this brief message down.


The time has come upon you ones to graduate. Now what is meant by this? The word itself is not the achievement of endgame – but represents a very important step forward in earned opportunity,  potentiality,  and growth.  This will not be the same from one to another, it will vary greatly, and know that all will not graduate with their respective class – but move they will!

There is a new teacher in town – and know that many of you will be the teacher through your own lunging forward into this new reality and the gift of fuller consciousness earned and gifted to and through you. Much will come upon you quickly – challenging both in the wielding of new gifts as well as the managing of actually physical, mental and emotional challenges in your and other’s day to day. Time to step up and open your hand to receive the diploma that entrusts you with the knowledge of this open door and the power to walk through it. You have a job to do.

Information/knowing packets will be arriving at your doorstep with much greater frequency now. This will not be new information/knowing – but rather keys into areas of knowing that you already have – but locked away for one reason or another.

We look forward to our gathering at the celebration when we can meet with all of you for more related to this.

Our Love & Blessings to you,

Christ Michael and Maitreya

















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