By CM thru Bela
Jan 29, 2011 - 11:08:52 AM

We need you to take a short message. . .

This is Christ Michael:
There is a situation that is urgently being addressed that involves the AH effort. Nothing is in jeopardy, however thing are being modified at a furious pace and we cannot tend to your faltering. We ask for your steady support of the AH mission that supports MY MISSION. These times are critical to meet the most positive outcome. WE ARE CLOSE.

Now what does this all mean? We are asking for your DILIGENCE, your EFFORT in strengthening this arm of the HEAVENLY MILITIA. The dark is clever in seeping through the smallest cracks in the foundation –

DO NOT  LEAVE YOUR  POST ! Remaining vigilant in tending to any patching that may be necessary of the holes in YOUR thoughts, in the unified intention of AH, in YOUR donning the necessary armor to keep YOU strong and unshaken by the many arrows coming your way. TO ARMS!

In the light of TRUTH,
This is Christ Michael

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