By CM and Maitreya thru Bela
Jan 31, 2011 - 7:41:05 AM

Message from Christ Michael & Maitreya thru Bela


Well dear ones - discrimination in what and how you resist is a long overdue knowledge/skill that you ones should have risen to long ago!

You are learning to coordinate cooperation with the ONE SOURCE DIVINE ORDER flowing within yourself and collectively. If you really understood that you would not resist divine order so. Remember – you are part of ALL and you are fighting yourself when you do this. You will recognize the mal-resistance within your body by it’s ill health; you will recognize mal-resistance in your emotions by your poisoned energy pockets with darkened tendrils; you will recognize mal-resistance in your thought patterns because THEY LEAD YOU DOWN DEAD END ALLEYS. ENOUGH!

Say to yourself – enough! It is time that you demonstrate within yourself the higher value of discriminating resistance and exactly how that works. Why? Because, dear ones – with mal-resistance you open the door wide to manipulation of your energies, your thoughts, emotions, and actions that lead to the dead end alley of putrid conditions that you will define as your new day to day. You invite this in when you get off-track through mal-resistance.

Consider for a moment how electricity works and utilizes resistance as a positive means to result in the energy that can be redirected to the purpose at hand. Be cognizant of how much and what type of effort you delegate to the ohms and to what end it is directed! Yes, even your electricity generation and direction stands to be completely remodeled in the times to come. This will not work the same way as it once did. Your individual energies do not work the same way they once did. They are being remodeled, and this requires knowledge of discriminating resistance. An opponent’s thrust of aggressive energy can be the very energy used against that individual. You need only to look to some of your martial arts to see this in action. Your world events require the application of this new level of discrimination.

So, WE will be assisting to redirect this “down the blind dead end alley” energy flow in a more positive direction. We need you to WATCH AND LEARN how this is done dear ones. Observe and learn. Reserve your energies to your clear still place using the eyes and ears of GOD working thru you. THIS is the action we are requiring of you now.

Christ Michael & Maitreya

Candace:  those with a little time on your hands could be posting to various internet forums like GLP right now,  into the many threads coming up around Eygpt, Christians hating Muslims,  non christians hating muslims etc, UFOS being seen and the like. Go shed some light, don't leave it all to me!  I would not be necessarily putting up AH articles, others are doing that, but get INTO some work.  Encourage people to see something other than their programming!   There are some pretty good commentary there too, it is stimulating thinking. Ignore the thugs and don't be put off by them, stand up!

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