Conflict - What is Within is Without
By Maitreya thru Bela
Apr 9, 2010 - 10:41:23 AM

Conflict - What is Within is Without

a talk with Maitreya
thru Bela

Maitreya: The stirring of man's will can create quite a storm, can't it? Oh, and get your emotional energy revved up and we've got a cyclone going! These storms have provided much opportunity for growth.

So let's see - how we've done so far? I'll bet you can't remember a time when there was not war upon the globe you call home. Your own home! You brought this into your own home when the home should be a sacred place and center/hub of your activity. The same warring is experienced between religions, between families, within families - the heart! The same warring exists within the mind and emotions of each individual. And you wonder why peace eluded you?

We can always point the finger of blame outside ourselves - however that does not fix the problem. We can tidy up and change this world if we make peace within ourselves first, in the moment.

You've heard that the fluttering of a single butterfly wing WILL affect change in the world! TRUE. So, I use the butterfly as an example of the transmutation you are each called upon to choose in your every moment of conflict.

You are all co-creators! Take any instant of unrest within you (and there will be many) and utter "I CHOOSE PEACE" with a firm hand in your mind. It serves as glue to marry the will and the heart within you. This radiates outward to others, modifies your actions, and impacts their thoughts toward cooperation as well. There! You've done it! One moment at a time. You put your heart-will in play to start those beautiful butterfly wings moving - and you change the world. Notice that it is not pacifity I suggest, but a real co-creative ACTION. This, you can do.

WHAT IS WITHIN IS WITHOUT. What a beautiful design that this is so - a perfect technology, if you would but recognize it!

We move ahead TOGETHER in the new world. We co-create TOGETHER, we resolve our problems TOGETHER using this technology. We do not run from conflict or worse - war with will and repeat the horrific lessons of the past. We celebrate differences while we act on commonalities. This is of GOD. This is the technology that will build this new world! Not the storm of religious differences, not political agendas, not my ideas - but OUR cooperation for sustainable LIFE one moment at a time. Now that's LOVE. What religion or school of thought would not honor LOVE?

Rest assured, you will be gifted with outer technologies to externalize the true cooperation that you build as you choose it more and more. What is within is without, and what is without is within.

Well, more than a bit of remodeling is underway - for the earth is excited about this plan working out. Ah, how exciting to have turned a corner. You are drawn by the light to participate in a more sustainable life model where conflict is transmuted at its core and produces a sweet fruit indeed.

You are invited to come to the table and eat of that which you have grown.

This is all for now, until our next talk over a cup of sweet tea.

Bela: Love and thanks to you Maitreya.

Maitreya: Love to you.


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