By Father thru Bela
Feb 12, 2011 - 7:11:13 AM

CASTING PEARLS – Father thru Bela

Casting pearls before … well you know the rest.

I have given you MANY gifts. Do you recognize them? Do you use them for momentary entertainment and then toss them aside grabbing for your next fix? This has been a big problem for a long, long time on this planet. Attention spans have a shortened capacity and you embrace this – bragging of your boredom and your ability to multi-task. Deeper thinking has been dumbed down – casting aside wisdom for hot topics. Yet, skimming by in forgetfulness is in full swing!

You willingly forget your side of the equation in responsibility, dear ones – the adherence to principles and causes central to your sovereign status and the divine order of ONE. You are at the mercy and sweat of the few who have carried the bulk of you in this most important task. By the grace of GOD have you been carried through this cold dark winter of forgetfulness. Now the carrying is done. Now ends the grace period. Now ends the myriad of excuses.

We ask you to examine this in yourself – for time has run out. My blanket of protection for the ignorant and defiant is withdrawn – for you have been warmed enough and for longer than should have EVER been necessary.

I give this to you in small doses to assist you with the wave of energies coming to your system. Energy packets come to and through you more consistently now. This message holds energy clothed well beyond these simple words. Take your medicine and choose to heal thyself!










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