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Telepathic Messages : Bela Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Belief systems
By Maitreya thru Bela
Jan 7, 2011 - 10:10:37 AM

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Hi everyone, Bela started this back on Oct. 26, and then their was other stuff going on, and Maitreya just finished it with her.  You may wish to recheck the previous ones on the teaching around playing the card game.  This is in 3 parts.


BELIEF SYSTEMS: Maitreya thru Bela

Ok, now we are going to begin a little series of simple thought packets offered to assist you in examining your belief structures, be they religious, societal, or governmental. But, we plan to do this in a manner that challenges none over another and unites all. A pretty big task wouldn’t you say? Well we can only do this WITH you by distilling these mental constructs to their simple essence and taking a look at how they truly serve you – or not.

Let us begin:

#1 The Lay of the Land

I am here to tell you that there IS no man-made religion that has ANY truth to it outside of that personal truth and power which you give to it. Be it constructive bits that serve you by improving the quality of your interactions with one another and all of life – or whether it divides, conquers, and destroys the “other”. The power of truth lies in your intent when it comes to the day to day of it all. And those days upon days and repeated, emphasized intent produces ages of evidence to look at, doesn’t it? Do you like how YOUR religions have served you as a world? You collectively chose it – now look at your collective results. Hmmm…

Let us change focus to look at your societal patterns. Look at your precious globe as a whole. In fact, back up and take a distant overview of what you see on your world. Do this with me. Rise up in your body of light with me until we see the world, your home, below us. From this vantage we can see the energy patterns/colors of suppressed areas of human consciousness, other areas of a great deal of fruitless activity, others in chaos, vast areas where human energy has all been put out for lack. Well, how do you like what you see? SEE the result of your collective choices to divide one group over another, be it nation, color, net worth, appearance, or individual choice. Hmmm…

While we are taking a higher view in our body of light – let us alter our focus to the governing bodies all over your home globe. Confusing, aren’t they? They supposedly exist for the good of . . . what? Your nation, your safety, your law and order. How are they serving the human race? Are they bettering the nation in some holistic way? They are protecting whom from what? Do the laws in action help societies function better, or are they being designed to do other things as well? Hmmm…

We have a bit of a bait and switch going on don’t you think? Please do think on these things. Stop your conditioned thought/action pattern long enough to smell the roses – and note the odorous stuff that CAN be used to help the roses grow. Then ask yourself: What can I do?

#2- A Change Event Process

Ah, now we come to it – back to the microcosm that exists in your own perceptions, your very own day to day. We can be tempted to succumb to excusing any responsibility, giving away our individual power, and la lah lah-ing it through day after day when it comes to our actions. You are a piece of the collective direction of humankind. You have a real vote with a real result that impacts the collective direction – whether you believe that or not – I tell you that this is an indisputable fact. The aborigine’s intent counts as a vote, the cinema star’s intent counts, the leader’s vote counts, the scholar’s vote counts, your neighbor’s intent counts, your best friend’s vote counts, your enemy’s vote counts. No voting ballot or booth necessary – you each have a responsibility to the collective results that we have visited here together.

We can most likely agree that some changes are necessary – even vital for healthy survival on every level. An effective change process can be kick-started with a closer look at drivers, strengths, interests and values – your mental/emotional constructs. Dare to explore the foundation of human nature, desires and principles that drive decision-making and collective patterns that you can see right in the mirror. It can be so simple.

We may even agree on the need for the development of an effective strategy in the creation of a vastly improved quality of life across all the earth. Big job – with a simple action assignment that starts with you – so stay tuned.





(Bela: There was hiatus where events were changing Christ Michel’s PLAN and impacted how these messages might be rolled out . . .)


#3 What Can I do? – Cultivating Joyousness in THE WORK

Let us continue using the solitaire card game analogy from our earlier talks, shall we – and get right to it? Simplicity is good. Now I want you to feel (not think) an inner “whoopee!” with each card play. Why, you may well ask, should you consider this silliness or choose to respond that way when indeed there seemed nothing special about that move or even a seeming loss at game’s end? Well, I’ll tell you. It is a way to teach yourself true positive mindedness as a critical element in becoming a conscious creator. Now that was a mouthful!

After all, do you, or do you not subscribe to the understanding that the flap of a butterfly’s wing affects all, changes all? It is time beloveds to live your truths, not just subscribe to them as you do a magazine or favorite website.

So let us examine what is really happening when you cultivate the “whoopee” feeling with each move. Well – it acknowledges that all/everything IS part of the whole and DOES affect the whole. This in itself is a joyous thing! To be aware of that with your every move or thought/action throughout your day IS a beautiful way to cultivate living/manifesting your truth. Now, remember that every move is not a game winning move – but it is a win nonetheless as we discussed in an earlier chat. This awareness in itself will impact your next choice, and your next choice – and so on it goes and interacts with the whole.

So you move what you deem to be a lowly card and see no progress – so you have one of your millions of thoughts of the day – so you witness what appears to be no outward progress or even a step backward in THE plan – and you fail to recognize how the whole has changed/benefitted as a result. It is time to become conscious of how this really works.

Every card in the deck is vital – you are a vital integral piece; every move counts – every thought and action truly does count; every move is a win in experience – and you grow towards paradise consciousness! It is to be celebrated. Cultivate this conscious experience. Even WE are continually growing in this way. And so WE feel joyous in THE creative work.

Think on this – then dare to feel it, experience it. Would you not choose to try to do as WE do without dismissing it as silliness? Whoopee!

And there you have it – a constructive lesson in joyful working for the change you want to manifest in your world. We could have called this segment “ How to consciously flap your butterfly wings and change the world!”

#4 - Dare to Trust God in You

So, here we are again at the threshold of imminent manifest changes. Get used to it! This change process has a long way to go. Enjoy the ride and please kindly direct all complaints to the driver – you! Well you certainly are not the only driver, Christ Michael is the Chief Engineer after all – but you are the one that can do something about managing your direct experience during this roller coaster experience.

Remember that your direct experience makes a b-line right through your belief systems – your mental/emotional constructs, in order for you to try to make sense of what is going on and to be AOK. So none are exempt from this ongoing management task. And none will find exactly the same thing when he compares notes with his neighbor. You have a unique experience thru this dear ones – how lovely, how exciting – yes, and how sobering unknown change can be.

It is challenging and daring to adjust mental/emotional constructs as you go along – BECAUSE YOU ERRINGLY BELIEVE THEM TO BE THE ONLY THING YOU ARE STANDING/RELYING ON. And you carry a strong proven belief that it is not a wise choice to saw off the limb you are standing on. Stepping off into the unknown is only possible if you have the heart knowledge that comes from your BEAUTIFUL ability to TRUST IN GOD without the tangible proof you would prefer to have before taking that step. But take that step you must – and I am going to remind you how to do it.

For some this has been going on for a long time and they know what it takes for them to work it thru. Others may declare that they have arrived at the shores of all knowing and they are astounded at seeing the next mountain appear. So who CAN you trust for a lifeline to truth? GOD thru YOU. God thru you when a new idea/explanation/event pops up or is revisited. God thru you when you feel pressed to the wall. God thru you when what was clear becomes unclear, what was strong becomes full of holes and falls apart. God thru you when you have no idea what to do, what to think – BINGO, there GOD IS – right where you are – and always has been.

These experiences prime the pump for you to rely on God thru you more and more directly and consistently. This is good; this is very good – and this is PRACTICAL dear ones! You will be engaging this more and more now and you will be guiding others to greater willingness to do this for themselves. Here I am – your friend – encouraging you to greater willingness to rely on the truest and most capable friend you will ever have: God in you.

Let me tell you a little story…

There was very old wise man that was well known for his knowledge and wisdom in the sole village of the known world on the tiny planet. Everyone knew him to be correct, and to know what to do when there was a problem. He was never wrong. Villagers who had been in counsel with him passed along these wonderful stories of sage advice to others and so his reputation grew.

One day a villager came to the wise man to ask why he was sick when he was following all of the wise counsel in eating fresh foods and drinking from the purest water source. The wise man looked at him and said “I do not know why you are sick if you are doing these things”. The wise man then became still and silent and finally said. “The problem is in your tangled thoughts, but that you do not know are tangled. You have built up so much upon this tangled mesh that the pressure is building to the breaking point. You are cracking open the eggshell, my dear fellow. Congratulations!”

The fellow went away disgruntled with the sage and told everyone he encountered of the poor counsel he had received. He complained that the old spent sage was no longer reliable and that he’d have to seek the answer himself! When news of this rumor spread throughout the village and circled back to the sage, he cried out – “FINALLY! Thank you GOD!”
























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