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The Ten Commandments of the American Indians
By Several you tube folks.
Sep 17, 2010 - 7:17:04 AM

Hi everyone, recently on RMN's I saw a posting of the first link below.  If the people of this world, would adopt these, the other 10 to 18 commandments would not be necessary and this world would seek balance and piece. This first link is supposedly from Chief Seattle.

I decided to click on some other you tube links in the same area, and found some nice other collections.  Personally I like my first link and the last link the best.  Put on your headphones and listen to all of these in order, and have a nice quiet relaxation/meditation period. The music is all a mix of native american with new age and it's lovely. I wish I had some of this type of music on a CD for relaxation at home.  Well I think the music is lovely, fits my tastes, may not fit others but the messages are very good and the imagery very nice in most of them.  I had a pleasant hour or so collecting these.

The Ten Commandments of the American Indians


Native American Words of Wisdom


Native American Ten Commandments


The Native American Ten Commandments

Great Spirit Prayer

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