Understanding the Dark
By Celestials thru Adam
May 16, 2010 - 4:17:47 AM

Message by the Celestials through Adam
Understanding the Dark
15 May 2010

Adam: I am ready if there is a message.

Celestials: Finally!

We are here, too.

An eventful day it has been! Much has been unleashed upon the dark ones, with more to come.

This idea of "dark ones" is not fully understood. It is true that most souls who incarnate on Earth experience lifetimes of wickedness and selfishness; sometimes much worse than that. But this is part of evolution of the soul in duality. You yourself were once a brutal and merciless warrior in Asia and much feared. Your experiences during that lifetime taught you a great deal about compassion and the pain and loneliness of serving the dark; you learned to turn away from it and why you should turn away from it. Many lightworkers have learned similarly.

But these dark ones who have had your world in a stranglehold have not learned. They have returned over and over, sinking more and more deeply into the abyss. What do you think happens to someone who makes that choice time after time? The word "insane" is quite inadequate. The corruption and rot are indescribable. Were you to see inside the mind of one of these you would be profoundly damaged.

When it was decided that the experiment in duality would come to a close these dark ones balked at the idea of giving up their power. They had become so attached to the meager rewards of cruelty and petty power that they did not even remember how to be any other way. Fear and pain were what had come to sustain them. They ceased even the pretense that they might evolve.

These warnings to stand down have not been given only on the physical level, but on the soul-level; their core selves have been directly warned as well. But they are either unwilling or unable to hear. Or perhaps they have so completely given themselves to evil that they do not care.

This is why you have been urged to regard them with compassion. These beings are so profoundly damaged and diseased that there are literally no words to convey it. Their removal and incarceration are less about punishment than about rehabilitation. After a very long time and a great deal of work some of them may be able to return to the path of evolution. Some will have to be uncreated. And some are so broken that they may be beyond help. They may simply wither and unravel; dispersing into nothingness.

We tell you this so that you may understand that, although your liberation will be joyful and the removal of these ones is right and good, to hate them and long for their punishment and humiliation is to become like them, if only a little bit.

How can any punishment be worse than what they have already done to themselves?
That's all for now. Good night.


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