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Telepathic Messages : Adam Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Lull in Activity
By Adam and his 'Cs" and Kibo
Mar 17, 2010 - 1:13:06 AM

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Hi Everyone, first is a channeling by Adam. Good advice, and then following in response, one of Kibo's poetic essays. Enjoy!-C


March 15, 2010


Adam: I have felt a lull in activity in the past couple of days and I am kind of surprised that Jupiter has not been visible (some photos notwithstanding). Can you speak to that and also about where things stand now?


Cs: We can! Good evening.


As we told you, plans were and are still fluid. The Earth will work on her own schedule and her changes can no longer be calmed. In addition, an energy burst from your primary sun is already on its way. The actions of agents of the dark take place out of sight, though there is energetic impact (that some will sense). Some of them have been deciding which side of the fence to jump to and humans have sort of held their collective breath while that has gone on. Largely, their decisions have been made and the quaking will begin again right away. We still assert that time is up and the tipping point is imminent, dominoes will fall quickly on after another and no one will be able to deny truth any longer.


(short pause)


Adam: I have come close to losing faith in the last day or two. The possibility of all of this being a huge joke or trick has seemed more likely. Maybe all of the many stresses on me and mine are making faith more difficult, but I remind myself that there is no proof of any of it beyond vague predictions of increasing quakes and wild weather. Even my own channeling seems surreal when I'm not actually doing it. And then again I feel like I'm letting the whole universe down when my faith falters like that. Hopefully the need to go strictly on faith will pass very soon, bur for now it's a real struggle.


Cs: We understand and we do not take offense; too, you are letting down no one and nothing. Blind followers are not needed. Critical thinkers and skeptical but optimistic individuals are those who will serve best.


There are such mixed attitudes among those who wish to work for change and agents of the dark use those to keep agents of the light off-balance in the same way they use them to control the masses through major religions. It is not useful to expend too much energy worrying about the "right" attitude. Do question, do consider, do checkup. Give up your personal authority to no one. Disagreement is okay, for it can spark dialogue that might lead to greater understanding.


We ask you to continue to connect with us, to continue to support the light and to anticipate change. We do not ask you to act blindly or to simply follow along and shut down your mind. Your world has had more than enough of that.


Know also that you, each of you, has ideas about how things will be and what to expect - and that none of you have it right! It will be so much better! You have lived in limitation and degradation for so long that you can dare to hope only for so much and no more. Now and then you catch a tiny glimpse of what might be, but you shake yourself and admonish against "fantasizing" or "getting carried away" and then replace your noses firmly against your familiar grindstones. We cannot wait to show you what you might be! It is a thrilling thing for us.


To remove such darkness from existence and to see you rise up is without precedent and our joy and anticipation is indescribable. To communicate with even a handful of you in this state of being is a privilege and a joy that we cannot convey! That you worry about faltering faith in these final, pivotal moments is touching and heartening to us; that you do such profound work and yet are barely aware of it, that you go forward simply because you can and that you accept additional suffering in the process is dazzling to us.


You do not let us down. We are in awe of you.


That is all for now. Good night.



Kibo, as "channeled" by himself


and thanks, guys!
i dunno
i feel like you do
that's the thing that gets you
works havoc on the mind
when they tell you
how they're going to torture you
until you talk....
makes the whole month of December
seem like a whole year
when you're a kid
waiting for Christmas...
it always kills me when they tell us how great we think we are
like the guys in the trenches
praising the guys in the foxholes
while the rockets red glare
and bombs bursting in air
around all of us
we wouldn't be this far along
without support from
central command
so i take a potshot
every now and then
big deal
and forgive me
according to my ammo box
by the time the final assault comes through our way
i could be tossing rocks
but that's okay
i know we're going to win
but every second in linear time
seems like an eternity
and i can't help but count the seconds....
war does that to you.
every moment stands alone
until i realize another moment has taken its place...
especially between battles
i lay here in my foxhole
looking at the inches in front of me
with a thousand mile stare.....
so here i am
behind enemy lines
in occupied territory
listening to
Radio Free Earth
to the voice that tells us
that victory is here
while the voice in my comm
is telling me to hold on
hold my ground
the entire force is headed my way
and i should notice
any moment now....
and it might be just a few seconds in real time
fluid time
but it feels like forever to me
so i press my heart against the dirt
keep my eyes open
take a shot at anything that moves
across the line
keep my head down
and wait.......
reminding myself that i volunteered for this
looking for that big flare
and our ships in the sky
that will tell me
our guys have arrived
and it's on
We're gonna get it done for good.....
enough for now
love and light to all
this one
kibo[oh!it's a dawn attack!right!]Dabi



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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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