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Telepathic Messages : Adam Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Importance of a Good Harvest
By Esu thru Adam
Jul 7, 2010 - 4:39:58 AM

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Message from Esu through Adam
July 5 and 6, 2010

July 5

Adam: Checking in as ordered.

Esu: I am glad you are getting into the habit of regular contact.

Well, I know what has been going on at Abundant Hope and I see you have questions along those lines, so let's go.

Stasis will begin when it begins and Christ Michael will determine that. So much has happened in the last few years and plans have been altered and tweaked many times, each time with the goal of awakening more people before it is too late. It is not enough that starseeds and non-mortals awaken. If this is to be a viable seed world, its fruit must be of good kind, hearty and with great potential; and it is, but we need the harvest to be as robust as possible. We seem to be rapidly approaching a point of diminishing returns as most people won't awaken significantly no matter what comes at them, but there is still a significant number who can benefit - and we want every possible one of them. Time is limited, yes, though I cannot give you specifics on that, as you know.

As always, we encourage you all to make the most of the time you have remaining at this level. There are lessons to be learnt here that can be found nowhere else and we want to encourage you to take advantage of any remaining opportunities even if your conscious minds want nothing further to do with any of it.

Ponder this for now and we will talk more about this tomorrow.

Good night.

July 6

Adam: Can we continue the topic from last night?

Esu: I am here and yes we can.

We are aware that the limits of faith for many are being well-tested at this point; this is by design. Oh, it is not all of the design or even a large part of the design. Perhaps it is more correct to say it is an effect of the design.

You lightworkers who are ground crew are holding the energy pattern of outrage over the events in the Gulf of Mexico. The population in general might not otherwise be able to maintain their focus on these events; it is the habit of Earth people to grow weary and accustomed to appalling events and situations but that is not happening this time. Oh, how angry and confused the darkest ones are! Their time-tested strategies are failing them and they lack the clarity and flexibility at this time to adapt. This situation is not going to be so easily pushed aside by the usual distractions.

The issue of timing has also been much discussed by the ground crew. We are not insensitive to this, and in fact we weary of all the delays as well. The Creator Son has reasons for every movement and keeps some of these reasons to himself.

However, as I said to you last night He wants to have harvested all he can when the clock has fully run out. The more true individuals formed on and harvested from Earth the better for all of creation. The specific reasons for this are extremely complex from your current point of view, but I think you can conceive that this is a case of "more is better." The quality of your education and especially the education of those who evolve on Earth and then go on to ascend is of absolutely vital importance to His plan and, by extension, to the plans of Creator Source.

He knows that you are all very tired and that is a very significant factor in His plans. But understand that the potential gains from this project are much more than expected even a few years ago. The diversity and intensity of experience that has been available on Earth is unparalleled. Yes, we are aware that much of that experience is quite painful and I will not shovel platitudes about how lucky you are to have this opportunity; you already know that.

We also know that many lightworkers have seemingly snapped under the strain of KNOWING but feeling unable to create meaningful change. We will help those brave ones, make no mistake, for though some may seem to have become dark, it is more that they are confused. The Creator Son does not wish to see any more lightworkers damaged.

The question uppermost on your mind is "when." Understand that we do not hold this against you or find this attitude to be impertinent. I do not know exactly when stasis or other major events will occur. However, I will say that some relief is on its way. Some of the emotional and spiritual pressure will ease and there will be some more clarity as well as clearer contact with the divine. Grit your teeth and hang for just a bit for that.

That's all I have for you right now. Continue daily contact and brace yourself! (Adam: here I have an image of being on a roller coaster and reaching the top of a peak in the track, just before plummeting down the other side.)

Good night.
(wink, smile)

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