Store up these days in your memory
By Adam / CM
Dec 8, 2010 - 5:44:30 AM

Store up these days in your memory
Message from CM through Adam
6 December 2010

Adam: Checking in.

CM: Good evening, Adam.

Things are happening, as you know. It will take a little time to finish this task, but not long at all, really. Though it seems there have been delays from your point of view it is not really so. This operation will be important to have accomplished in the short-term and that will be evident after the mini-stasis and at announcement time.

What happens next will be sudden and yet subtle. There will be peace and calm. Worry no more, for the time is short and the path between here and there is smooth, stones and pebbles having been removed or about to be removed.

The power of the darkest ones has been broken, with only remnants remaining, operating on well-worn tracks, powered by habit. Do you feel the absence of oppression, the near-dawning of the Light? Oh yes, there is work yet to be done; a lot of work! But you will not have to fight every step of the way. You will no longer be dodging bullets all the while rolling boulders uphill, for the ground is leveling. In moments you will have momentum working with you instead of inertia bogging you down.

Your patience is very close to being rewarded. Pay close attention in these days and store up this experience in your memory, for you will wish to examine it all later at your leisure and marvel at it!

Your time in bondage is coming to a final end, never to be seen again. Savor these last moments as you watch the Light dawn on the New World.

Good night.

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