Several older Messages thru Adam
By Adam and his Celestials
Apr 6, 2010 - 6:49:13 AM

Messages through Adam

26 February 2010.

"All but gone are the days when possessions and schedules and meaningless toil are that for which humans of the Earth are admired and it is all the better for you that you have already jettisoned such attitudes. The skills you employ instead are now and will be far more important and substantial.

Difficult and uncertain days are ahead; this you know, but be ready to help hold up the people around you. They will take their cues from you in large part. Your confidence will inspire confidence in others and all the strength and courage that can be found will be needed as the humans see their social structures dissolve around them. They will be adrift, in need of lighthouses to guide them.

Behind the scenes there is already a measure of panic and even terror. As those who walk in darkness fall away, the average citizen will be terrified and flailing desperately for something to hang their hopes upon. The task of the lighthouses will not be to replace the fallen leaders (in the same old structure), but to inspire the humans to find that new framework within - in their personal connection with the Light and the Source; to "put on their big-boy boots" and stand.

Those who remain must not seek new masters to follow. Those days are over. Each human is a master and must take responsibility for all that is. Those who are incapable will move on to other realms where they can continue their evolution in divine right time.

Teachers are needed and you (lightworkers in general) will have much meaningful work to occupy you. Useless toil for no real reward will be no more. Remember this through the chaotic time and remind others as well.

For now, this is our message. And such a message it is! Of importance you cannot yet appreciate.

Good night."


March 2, 2010

Adam: Do you have anything to discuss with me tonight?

Cs: Indeed, there is always something to be said.

More than a few dark souls are considering the offers from C333, through Vince and from Michael through Candace. Always ones to hedge their bets, though, they will mostly wait until the last minute to act. But regardless of their individual decisions, events move forward.

Some of the people you know will continue with the Earth to watch and experience her increased vibration; but many will not. They have procured other assignments or will go elsewhere to continue their evolution. You need not worry about the details, for all will be exactly and only what it should be.

Adam: I'm sorry, I'm suddenly very tired. Tomorrow?

March 3, 2010

Adam: Is there anything more tonight?

Cs: Good evening! I hope we are not too cheery tonight! Just kidding. (smile)

The Pacific Rim quakes will intensify and soon many will begin to become quite alarmed. As events unfold, all eyes will watch for new developments and so the appearance of your secondary star will likely draw more immediate attention than it might have otherwise.

At present there are no scheduled delays and events proceed apace. In fact, the frequency of the Chile quakes was somewhat underestimated by those offworld whose task it is to monitor and predict this activity; but all plans are ready to go on a moment's notice and so there is no worry.

The emotional trauma that accompanies disaster is a sadly necessary experience that will lead to growth for those who suffer it; take heart that upheaval on this scale will soon cease, not to be repeated. (Adam: I take this to mean that all the geological upheaval is a temporary thing and after some restructuring on Earth, after stasis, the planet will be much calmer.)

Adam: Thank you. Can you comment about the possible terraforming of Venus and Mars? And what about Maldek/Bellona/Pax?

Cs: Yes, a good question.

Do not misunderstand - these planets are not being altered merely for the convenience of Terrestrials! This is an old-energy way of thinking. Rather, understand that these worlds benefit from the presence of conscious life and will be quite willing to share this evolutionary path with conscious humans. The entity that is Mars misses his former inhabitants, in his own way, and is eager to try again. Venus is also willing, though not quite as anxious or anticipatory.

The fifth planet, now a field of asteroids, will be a bigger job since life grids and complex energy fields must be formed anew and not just the stone and elements of the former globe brought back together. There exists a version of this world in other frequency levels and that will make such a thing possible.

The story of how and why this star/planet system became damaged and will be restored is epic; it is covered by published and electronic documents and is for too complex to detail again here. For now, let us simply say that the beauty and purity of these worlds will be restored and Earth shall indeed function again as a seed planet. She will help to spread abundant life far and wide, beginning with her sibling orbs. A glorious destiny awaits Earth and her partners! You will be very glad you chose to participate in this project all those years ago. Such stories you will have to tell!

That's all for now. Good night.

March 4, 2010

Adam: Three nights in a row - unusual for me. Do you have anything to tell me tonight?

Cs: With events accelerating, there will be plenty to tell. Tonight, however mostly just "stay the course". (Adam: this is a sly dig at former President Bush's famous slogan, but I think it's going over my head.)

You have felt some shifting in the ambient energy; this is a narrowing of possibilities. The possible pathways in front of you are fewer and some of the remaining paths re-merge a short distance "downstream". A sort of a bottleneck of potentials, to mix some metaphors. The details aren't very important at the level on which you are conscious, but this will explain some of the subtle perceptions you are experiencing. Unless you have questions, that's all for now.

Adam: No questions right now, thanks.

Cs: Good night.

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