Science Fiction and Rapid Change
By Celestials thru Adam
Apr 23, 2010 - 6:52:23 PM

22 April 2010
Science Fiction and Rapid Change
Message through Adam by the Celestials

Adam: I'm ready if there is a message.

Celestials: Yes, we are here.

Know that the terms we use when we speak with you are rough approximations and translations designed to invoke ideas and images that resonate for the most people. We take advantage of words and ideas that have already become a part of your culture, much of it from what you call "science fiction." And too, some of the most enduring of these ideas are not entirely fictional. Some were divinely inspired and some were imparted more directly. Of course the stories around these concepts must interest people or they will not catch on and become part of your collective consciousness, so the conflicts and details of these stories should not be taken too seriously, but some of the underlying themes are worth pondering.

The introduction of these concepts has been greatly accelerated on your world because of the urgent nature of this mission. Ordinarily this would be a centuries-long process rather than a decades-long one. As a result your culture changes so rapidly that you are constantly off-balance and traditions are routinely abandoned in favor of the new and different.

However, this too serves the plans of Heaven. These rapid changes in thinking have helped to prevent the dark ones from taking even more control than they already have. When traditions are followed blindly and new concepts are rare, human imagination is stunted and consciousness slumbers more deeply. It is not coincidental, therefore, that the last century has seen more change and innovation than the previous 10,000 years or more. This is an idea worth pondering, with far-reaching implications. After all, the chaos of the last decades has served the dark, but perhaps it has served the light even more?

The dark ones are clever, but they see things in terms of immediate personal gratification and short-term goals for the most part whereas the light ones look toward the long-term. The plans of the light have depth and breadth the dark can never know or conceive and that is why the dark could never have prevailed in the end.

It seems to you that this message is incomplete, has wandered off topic and meandered down unrelated paths, but it is not so. Give it some thought.

That is all for now. Good night.


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