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Telepathic Messages : Adam Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

People are to become stewards of the divine spark that exists in all things.
By S333 thru Adam and Esu thru Adam
Sep 1, 2010 - 8:51:37 AM

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31 August 2010
David S333 through Adam

Adam: Checking in.

David S333: Good evening, Adam. I am here.

I am here to discuss with you tonight a third aspect of this battle in which we are engaged. The geophysical and socio-political-economic aspects have been given much attention because they are more easily quantifiable and immediately evident than the spiritual aspect.

Of course lightworkers are aware of this third aspect, but most only consider it in a cursory way or as a reflection of the other two aspects. Generally, lightworkers are not aware of this tendency and it is very easy to be distracted in this way. The geophysical and political seem much more immediate on an everyday basis.

But the spiritual needs some attention as well. This project isn't all about renewing the surface of the Earth and making sure the bad guys get what's coming to them and riding in ships or going to live in crystal cities. These things are incidental to the spiritual evolution underway.

Terrestrial humanity is being tasked with becoming more than physical shells containing a spark of life. People are to become stewards of the divine spark that exists in all things. People, as beings created with free will, are being handed this stewardship that they may create!

Reality is a gigantic clockworks of a sort - the forces of nature do not have free will. Gravity cannot decide on its own one day to reverse itself. An apple tree cannot decide to bear walnuts. The energies and beings you call angels and fairies and devas have their functions and can be nothing else.

But people - people can create! People can potentially become entire universes unto themselves. A person can decide to be more than what he is - or less. In the hands of people, reality itself can become something greater than every before conceived.

There is no language that you have that can convey even the shadow of this idea adequately; suffice it to say that this transition is all about giving Terrestrial humanity some actual responsibility and stewardship in the grand scheme of things.

And do not imagine that in all the systems in all the galaxies in all of creation that the people of Earth are the only ones involved. Oh no! This project is underway in all places in one way or another. Events on Earth are tied to events everywhere across space and even time on a quantum level. Again, there is no way to adequately explain this; it can only be accepted for what it is. If you contemplate this idea you will come to see truth in it.

The scope and breadth of this project, even the portion of it specific to Earth, is beyond comprehension to people and even daunting to those in higher frequencies. We all have our parts to play and we (yes, even celestials) must trust that the overall plan is being administered as it should be. We can only be concerned with our own area of responsibility. An actor on a stage must focus on his part and trust that the lighting, direction, costuming and other aspects of the play are being attended to, and by the same token we must focus on our own performances as well.

There are many beings incarnate on Earth and not-incarnate "near" Earth who are from many other realms. Not only planets in the Pleiades or Sirius systems, but realms that are completely non-human. There are entities living as humans, believing themselves to be completely human, who are fragments or aspects of the creative forces of all reality. There are people who have been deities and dragons (Adam: this is NOT a reference to giant lizards!) who are here to fulfill roles great and small or here only to observe and experience and ultimately to share those experiences in their realms.

The Mother of Stars and Father of Life itself has aspects and fragments incarnate in human form upon your world!

These entities bring untold riches of knowledge and power into the collective consciousness of Terrestrial humanity. Imagine the sacrifice and the glory of such a thing!

I bring this to you now so that you may see the importance of the project, the scope of the project and see that there is so much more going on than you realize. This project will transform all of existence, in all its aspects and permutations. Duality and physicality as you know it are to evolve and grow into something else, something greater.

You are on the cusp of an important but preliminary step on that path of evolution. Each of you reading this message is an incalculably important part of the whole, indispensible and unique. Though you feel tired and worn, you have not even begun to tap into the depth of your resources. The defeat of the dark, to which most of you look forward as a goal or endpoint, is just a milestone on a long and winding path! So much wonder awaits!

When you find your strength at low ebb and you feel discouraged, remember these words.

Blessed be.

30 August 2010
Esu Through Adam

Adam: Checking in.

Esu: Good evening, Adam!

You have noticed some energies changing and becoming "unstuck" around you. Some long-standing difficulties have suddenly evaporated. It seems as though stillness has given way and some events have broken loose, running forward quickly, as though making up for lost time.

This trend will be noticeable in many ways, seemingly unrelated, and will extend even to gloabal events. Part of this is about tying up loose ends in preparation for moving on to other actions and ways of being. Another part is about releasing ideas and motivations that are suddenly obsolete or unimportant. Part of this energy is about co-creating a less dramatic and complicated system of living. This is the beginning - the leading edge of a different perspective and a different way of being.

Continuing to remain with Earth after stasis and related frequency changes will require such new ways of thinking, being and perceiving.

This change could be considered an early step in the final series of transformations - harbinger of things to come; to come almost immediately, in fact.

Those of the dark and those robotoids or underdeveloped humans who experince this change will find it chaotic, unpleasant and dangerous; those who are ready will ride the wave into the future.

That is all. Good night.

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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