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Telepathic Messages : Adam Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Getting Serious
By Celestials thru Adam
May 3, 2010 - 4:15:47 AM

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Getting Serious
Message by the Celestials through Adam
2 May 2010

Adam: Is there a message tonight?

Celestials: Yes. We are here.

Some of you are wondering why "nothing" has happened yet. You have begun to become acclimated to a world in turmoil - volcanoes, quakes, oil spills, war unstable weather, corruption, torture and all manner of human evil. Truly it is amazing what Terrestrials can endure. But the other side of that coin is apathy. We say to you to stand back and look at the big picture. Much is happening - and there is more every day.

Remember that your own suffering is not the only suffering; find your way out of the state of apathy that lets you ignore the rest of the world. The distance from each other born of this apathy is one of the most important things that must change on your world as you evolve.

We understand that you are impatient to move forward and that you are chafing under your restraints, but remain in gratitude for the blessings in your lives and remember your compassion for those in the quake zones, in the path of oil spills and life-threatening weather, those who are direct targets of the dark ones; even programmed clones and unaware robotics are worthy of your compassion. Even the dark ones themselves deserve your compassion and even your pity.

Do not let your eagerness to reach a critical point of change lead you to forget that you are lightworkers. Do not revel in the possibility of great destruction, seeing only that it will lead to change. Do not ignore the fear and upset of those who are not awake. Remember the tasks before you and be in the moment.

So many forces have been set in motion! If you could be consciously aware of it all you would be stunned into stuporous silence at the spectacle. But the course of these forces is for others to monitor or maintain. Tend to your own tasks and trust others to tend to theirs. You have been taught by experience that you can seldom trust others to follow through, but you must now let that go and trust in us.

The tone of this message is more serious and even "harsh" than those before. This will be the norm henceforth. You lightworkers will be stepping up in earnest very soon and it's time to be serious. There will not be much more teaching along these lines because it is now time to act.

That is all for now. Good night.

Candace: Don't forget the weather changes that are becoming increasingly common. Today for example as I watch the morning news, most of the easter coast of the United States is under flood watch today.  Areas around Nashville Tennessee are deeply flooded with huge water problems. Yesterday a hospital basement floor began cracking and a lot of water was being forced up through the cracks.  Nashville is in great danger because there is a weak leaking dam above it and if that dam goes, Nashville will be under 20 feet of water.

California faces a horrid problem if even a quake somehwere in the San Fransciso area, takes down some levies, which are weak and leaking. Millions will suddenly be out of fresh water. I saw this on a program on TV.  Most places in this country have really old drainage and sewer systems. there will be increased failure of these.  Boston has just suffered a rupture of the 10 FOOT water main.

Then we have our stupid thugs dreaming up more false flags, like that "car bomb" that wasn't, set up in New York.  This story just RANG of false flag. The thugs didn't intend to blow it up, that is why they made it "smoke" so it would be discovered unfinished and thus produce a huge fear story of attacks within.

I posted a list yesterday somebody on GLP compiled of events since the beginning of December and there were stuff not on it of important. We are undergoing much change in all arena's right now.

There was another oil rig toppled along the coast of Louisiana too.  This oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico is being blamed on BP. Well I am sure some of it is, they drilled too deep into HIGH PRESSURE Oil, so of course there is equipment failure.  There was sea bed movement that occurred also causing some of these leaks and which damaged their pipes along the sea floor. These drilling rigs often have many miles of pipe going between mutitple wells. there are likely to be increasing breaks in these from sea bed movement.

Don't forget sea bed movement is increasing all over the planet and will likely disrupt more oil and gas wells.  There was a major similar circumstance off Thailand or thereabouts a year or more ago. I didn't take notes on that from where I read it. It would be good for all of you to keep reading at (GLP)  because all sorts of stuff of this nature gets posted there.  People on GLP just love their "doom."

Much shows up there that does not show up on my US of A TV.  I don't know what the rest of the world sees, but since GLP has readers all over the world, they post this stuff. Somebody there even runs a thread on bad weather around the world.

This website carries all sorts of natural disasters around the world.

Remember as above, ALL the people who are and will suffer in this world. Remember the animals and plants that will be affected.   This has been my "habit" for which I get blasted regularly, since I was a little girl first able to look at the National Geographics at my grandmother's house. She had the complete collection at that time, back to the first edition. It was a much better magazine when I was little than now.

I was often bashed all my growing years and I still am, for my concern about the whole world.  I was bashed hugely in high school and college about my worry of how our cars are fueled and the resultant pollution. I graduated high school in 1965.  Stand your ground and get bashed, sometimes people learn. If not learning NOW, they will remember your stand when the time comes. You don't have to be nasty and in their faces, just stand your ground and make your statements when opportunity presents and ignore the rolling eyeballs.  Also demonstrate your convictions by your actions. Walk your talk. In the end, you will be vindicated and some are going to come around and help.


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