Clarification of Energy process.
By CM thru Adam
Oct 7, 2012 - 12:03:30 PM

Adam: Is there a message?

CM Aton: Yes. Good evening, Adam.

Light workers are clamoring for an “update.” I am here to tell you that the new phase of The Project, as you think of it, is already underway. There is a lack of understanding about what is happening and that is regrettable.

The energy bombarding your world has changed permanently and that is an important step. This energy will clear the way for important and dramatic changes that must occur. There will soon be a tipping point that will allow physical manifestations that will be recognizable and unmistakable.

This process has begun. We are not waiting for concessions or any sort of actions from the dark ones. We are moving over them. They have ceased to matter.

Let it be known that we are in the beginning of The Harvest phase right now. The true natures of all people will be revealed to themselves and to Us and The Sorting will begin. Each will know instinctively his or her place and path and will move in that direction without fail. It cannot be otherwise.

Some of you have begun to notice the beginnings of this. Continue to watch and clarity will follow.

That is all for now.


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