David Crayford and the ITC
By WB (David Crayford)
Jan 12, 2012 - 7:02:52 AM

Candace addition.  Fulford has posted a large portion of a document on his blog.  I am not at liberty right now to say much on this.  But that is NOT the Signature of the Queen on it. It is a forgery.


Dear Candace,

Well, that last article of mine certainly rattled a couple of cages again, only to wake the occupants up who immediately started their usual screaming and shouting again, yet providing absolutely no real visible evidence, as usual. Refer the following articles posted on RMN by Keenan and AC/DC:- This link is to email from Neil Keenan and should be read  by those interested in this. -C


The  ongoing discussion  since WB recent  return which I posted recently starts here:


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In Response To: E-mail from WHISTLEBLOWER: "The so-called Law Suit issued by Neil Francis Keenan...." (hobie)

Reader AC/DC: "Here you go again with your Ray Dam highest security classifications nonsense."

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In Response To: E-mail from WHISTLEBLOWER: "The so-called Law Suit issued by Neil Francis Keenan...." (hobie)



David Crayford stated: I won’t bother to respond to all of it, not that I can’t, but I will respond to just a couple of issues stated, otherwise I will just be continuously repeating / reiterating myself.


AC/DC stated ………

Not only do you spin the truth Mr. Crayford, you also outright lie. If you 
have the complete court documents regarding Watanabe and Yamaguchi, then produce them. Publish them for all to see. You, Sir, are a liar. No such document exists. I had my own agents check with Chief Inspector Georgio Divencenzo, the most senior officer of the Guardia Finanza in Italy, he is also the direct Liaison Officer to Interpol, and in their presence he checked the entire records of the Justice Department and there is no such record. There is no such file in the sealed records 
either. I know the truth Mr. Crayford, while you only have spin and 

There follows on RMNS a Press article in Italian with English translations in yellow. This is the English translation:

The men of the mystery, should they decide to come back to Italy, they are headed for a few years stop: in prison. Heavy hand of the judge Valeria Costi on the two Japanese protagonists of the sensational international intrigue that two summers ago brought to the seizure of 134,5 billions of USD in US Bonds. (Akihiko

Yamaguchi and Mistuyoshi Watanabe, 52 and 62 year-old respectively, the two Japanese stopped at the beginning of June 2009 at the international station of Chiasso after getting off a regional train coming from Como San Giovanni and seen lurking in a suspicious way with a briefcase, have been sentenced to three years and a half for trying to "smuggle" fake bonds.

the men of the mystery were not at the court to hear the verdict 
against them.)
(During the pretrial hearing Alessandro Santi, the 73 year-old gentleman implicated in the 134,5 billions USD intrigue, had already negotiated a one year and four months suspended sentence with conditions. He had announced he would talk his own truth in the courtroom but eventually he chose silence, leaving some mystery around this bond seizure which turned into an international intrigue and which also risked creating a certain tension no less than between the Obama administration and the Japanese government.


Around that treasure (most of the bonds goes back to the thirties and seemed clearly forged, instead about ten Kennedy bonds of 1 billion each, issued in 1998, were considered real by some American observers,


contrary to what the US intelligence thought) there were a lot of 
talks, starting from the fact that some of them were actually real and 
that the Japanese government decided to get rid of them because of the 
imminent US crisis.
The inquiry led to suppose that those bonds - were they real or fake - were headed to Geneva.

In the Swiss town, which is a renowned centre full with hundreds of 
international organizations, offices and the European headquarter of 
the UN, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mistuyoshi Watanabe had already fixed a 
meeting in order to monetize their paper.


The US considered those bonds as fake and then eventually the two Japanese, who left Italy at lightning speed, were sentenced to three years and a half's imprisonment.

David Crayford (WB) says: I say this ..…………. Why should a highly respected Press Reporter, who was present throughout the hearing, write an article about such a court hearing and the eventual verdict, which according to AC/DC didn’t happen and is a non-existent court hearing. I prefer to believe what I know to be true and as evidenced by the press report and court documents which we do have, whether you want to believe it or not.

Furthermore, if one 
investigates the criminal records of Italy for Alesso Santi, it will be 
found that on the very same day as the Yamaguchi / Watanabe sentence, Alesso Santi was given a suspended prison sentence for his involvement with Yamaguchi and this fraud, and now at the age of 73 has a criminal record.

As for providing anyone with our copy of the court documents, you must believe we are really naive to consider passing part of our evidence (which is substantial not circumstantial) to anyone.

I produce fact and do not work on fictional issues, fantasies, mirages, gossip, or otherwise. Of course you can not obtain a copy, neither can the Chief Inspector of the Guardia Finanza, because neither of you hold the relevant security level clearance, and probably never will. Level 3-5 is one of the highest security level clearances in the world, restricted to a very small number of persons, and you are not in that arena I'm afraid.


AC/DC stated …………… As I remember, Alexei was not fired. He resigned because he could not, in good conscience, support Putin running for the Presidency for a third term. As for meeting with unauthorized persons, I dare to state that attending an extraordinary meeting of international Finance Ministers where he would be meeting with his international counterparts to learn of certain developments that were sufficiently important to convene such a meeting, is a normal and authorized function of any Finance Minister.

The Press stated …………… Alexei Kudrin leaves Russian government after Medvedev row

Public spat with Dmitry Medvedev ends up with liberal finance minister leaving the Putin government

Medvedev             and Kudrin

Russia's finance minister has left the government following a public row with President Dmitry Medvedev which blew apart the idea that Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency would entail a smooth transition.

Former Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin with President Dmitry Medvedev (left). Kurdin has left the government after a spat with Medvedev Photograph: Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images

A visibly angry Medvedev asked Alexei Kudrin to step down on Monday after the minister said he would refuse to serve once Medvedev swapped the presidency with Putin in May.

Medvedev called the liberal official an "irresponsible chatterbox" and denounced Kudrin's claim that he would consult with Putin before making a decision on whether or not to leave the government.

"You know what, you can consult with whomever you want, but as long as I'm president, I take these decisions myself," Medvedev said.

"I will take all necessary decisions until 7 May next year – I hope everyone understands that."

Kudrin told RIA-Novosti news agency that he handed in his resignation late Monday. Medvedev's spokeswoman, Natalia Timakova, claimed that the president fired Kudrin.

Kudrin is the highest-ranking liberal official in the Russian government, credited with easing the country's ride through the global financial crisis and challenging hardline elements in the regime that hope to buy popularity through increased social spending.

His departure will rile foreign investors, who have relied on his commitment to reforms and fiscal discipline.

Russia's economy has yet to truly recover from the financial crisis and has faced renewed challenges in recent weeks. The rouble fell to a two-year low on Monday.


David Crayford says……………            There is a big difference in leaving the Government voluntarily and on good terms, and leaving the Government by forceful means (being pushed into resignation) and with a boot up your backside.

Governments, no matter which one you look at, will always try to prevent embarrassment and retain dignity for the person leaving and the Government itself, and will always introduce a story with that effect which will never show the real reason for any Ministers departure.


Kudrin had a visible and public disagreement, and it wasn’t solely regarding disagreements over the budget; with President Medvedev following which President Medvedev asked Alexei Kudrin to step down on Monday in front of the whole Cabinet.

Kudrin resigned under pressure, had he not done that he would have been sacked.


Keenan says ………………  I do not feel bad for you seeing that you have assistedSale in destroying many a life and believe me when I say you are not hanging up your Wig yet. You will need it one last time. There will be many people coming forward against Sale and yourself from what I understand and because you have opened your Blabbermouth once again I just might want to hear it in US District Court.

As for the not receiving service yet, personally you are nobody so being a Defendant has been out of the question. As for service I suggest you review the laws and see just how long we have to serve Defendants. Oh, do not worry you might even warrant having one issued to you now. Seems that you attempt to continue to perpetrate the OITC Fraud.


David Crayford Says: ………………. If you wish to introduce me as a Defendant, please do because I am not fearful of you in any way. I have helped put people behind bars before for fraudulent activities, and no doubt I will be assisting again.

I look forward to seeing you “Brought to heel” in court, provided it is the right court under the right jurisdiction, and that certainly will not be in America.


You may well be an American Citizen, living in Bulgaria, but what you claimed, happened in Italy a Sovereign Nation in itself, and it happened between foreign Nationals for which America has no jurisdiction over.


There are a lot more areas that I could respond to with fact, but I won’t waste time on such matters as it is plain to see what the two posters are trying to do with their own suppositions, conjecture, and misinformation.




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