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WB's Response to "Wheel" on RMNs
By WhistleBlower
Aug 24, 2010 - 8:27:32 AM

The first part of this post, is material posted by "Wheel" from RMNs recently. Then WB's reply is next.  WB asked me to be careful about posting this and I thus read it to my own Superior before doing so and it has his approval and in fact encouragement to post it.  WB's response was not given to RMN's to post. I did remove a tiny part of WB note to me, on advice of my superior.

Dear Candace,

Below is an article, one of several I add, posted by someone called Wheel on RMN. I am not going to respond to such articles because I am of the strong belief that this originates from a person that is, or was, actively involved with the group headed by Yamaguchi and Watanabe.  From the way this is written I do know who the person is, whereby such an attack would be normal practice. He's done it before and he will do it again, and again, and again, until he has satisfied his destructive desires.

Here is the article, posted by " Wheel" followed by my comments on the person:

Dear Hobie,
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive". Words of the day for OITC and David Sale.
Akihiko Yamaguchi's .....
SECRET PIN CODE: (omitted for RMN posting)
That says it all. Hobie if you or anyone would like to know about Yamaguchi all you have to do is get into the above.

David Sale/Keith Scott = the Whistleblower. They fight so hard for OITC because they are OITC. Scott was tossed out on his backside after 17 years of hard work and Sale took his place. Scott's reward for being so loyal is he now responds with Sale to internet attacks. Nice life eh responding to people who deny the OITC's authenticity. I have not heard one word from the Dragon Family yet has anyone else? They are real this you can count on and they do not care what OITC or anyone thinks they just mosey along doing their business. And Sale you did not speak with the General. This has been confirmed nor will you ever speak with him.

This is for the readers seeing Sale/Whistleblower deliberately lied to the public yesterday when he mentioned that Yamaguchi and Watanabee and an Italian Gentleman would be going to Italian Trial soon and facing 5 years and hopes they get it. Let me please bring the readers up to date on this: It is not going to happen. the Italian Government is too exposed. The confiscation of Yamaguchi's bonds was and is a theft nothing more. Yamaguchi and Watanabee were detained nothing more. Not arrested!!!! Not like Sale said. The Italian Government will be in for a surprise should they ever attempt at pursuing this seeing they tried to sell what they initially thought was phoney bonds back to the Chinese/Dragon Family for 40% of face value. The Dragon Family would not buy their bonds back but if they did they would then request the Italian Government to repay their debt to them. This would leave the Italian Government Bankrupt. They made further attempts through this Daniele Dal Bosco who asked Neil Keenan if he could get 10% from the Dragon Family of the face value of the bonds for Berlusconi. Because of Mr. Keenan's respect for Berlusconi he asked for the 10% to no avail.

Where are the charges in this? The US Treasury said they were phoney bonds inspecting them over the internet and then the Italian Government had them inspected and as Dal Bosco clearly stated "the Italian Financial Police know the bonds are real". The Italians initially said the bonds were phoney paper too but quickly changed their minds. So how are they to pursue this from here, counterfeit or not counterfeit? How are they going to justify their attempts at cashing them in if they process it as they filed it.

Furthermore, those bonds have no value unless verified by the Federal Reserve Bank therefore how could they be fraudulent bonds or real bonds if they held no value.

Facts have to be straight before you can talk Mr. Sale but this never seems to matter to you. A little knowledge is very dangerous indeed. Yes, the bonds had to be verified and signed by either General Haan or Yamaguchi. Until then you had just paper. Paper that can be cancelled out and then reissued so this is something everyone must take into consideration because soon they will be holding air and nothing more. Cannot imagine the Family allowing this fiasco to continue much more. And the DF will have them reissued. Even now there is nothing you can do with those bonds. They are blocked and being watched from every corner of the world. In actuality the italians are the custodians for the DF right now. Better than having Mr. Dal Bosco as custodian right? Most assuredly better than having the OITC watching them. Did you know that the OITC lost their status years ago when they were caught in the middle of a FRAUD.
Yes, this is right ask Caspar he is aware of this and telling you people the truth.

As for the bonds being hid in the bottom of the suitcase? Mr. Sale says if they were legal why would you hide them? Is this man silly or what. He wants everyone to take him serious but then again he suggests that the DF walk around with their bonds more or less exposed. .... Mr. Yamaguchi tries his best to be discreet and to keep things out of sight. He does not want people to know his business. And hiding things of value is what we the people do best this is why we have hiding places, vaults etc. Do you walk around with Diamonds in your pocket? Do you place the Picasso on your wall or in a vault and place the copy on the Wall. Do you hide them or do you courier them. Whatever you do you do not make them visible. Neither did Yamaguchi. You would soon be dead if you did.

This case is a farce and a blatant attempt to simply steal DF bonds. Nothing more. As for that wonderful man in Italy who has been caught up in this I can tell you nothing is going to happen to him. Nothing. Neither Sale nor Dal Bosco know him although Dal Bosco has met him once with Mr. Keenan. Sale don't talk about things or people you do not know. In other words just be quiet seeing you know literally nothing. Soon the world will know much more about you Sale. You are dying for a Platform, for someone to listen to you and you just might get what you wish.
Dragon Family 9
OITC/Sale 0
top of the morning to you all. Am dying for that coffee ciao now.


My Response:-

Such articles are not deserving of a logical and sensible response. This person (Wheel) in my opinion is devoid of any respect for anyone and has very strong Psychotic tendencies.

First (in previous articles written by him) he attacks Mr. Dal Bosco, a Financial Consultant in Switzerland, who, having been passed these certificates by Neil Keenan without any agreements whatsoever, was highly suspicious of Neil Keenan and the Certificates held by Neil Keenan.

The reason why Neil Keenan passed these certificates to Mr. Dal Bosco was the fact that he had been informed that his associates Yamaguchi and Watanabe have been arrested on the Italian / Swiss border. Neil Keenan was very scared also of being arrested if he attempted the same thing, hence passing them to Mr. Dal Bosco with a verbal arrangement of "Safe Keeping".

Mr. Dal Bosco was also nervous, because he was well aware of the Italian person (a Man in his late 60's) arrested by the Police following a full documented search of his premises. Mr. Dal Bosco held these certificates in a safe and secure place. Mr. Dal Bosco spoke to a person about this that he had known for a considerable time and trusted because they had previously had several conversations regarding "Historical Assets".

Mr. Dal Bosco was advised to seek out the OITC, which he did, some months later I add, whereby we gave him an awful lot of information. He eventually decided to reveal the information about these certificates he was holding and we advised him to deposit them with his lawyers until he was satisfied that we (the OITC) were the rightful owners.

That is the actual situation to date.

The person (Wheel) then subsequently starts to make public threats against the girlfriend of Mr. Dal Bosco, who is employed by a Private Airplane Hire company in Switzerland.

Not happy about that, and continuing his (Wheel) personal attacks, which in my opinion are based upon his own guilt, he continues his threats and actions by now attacking my Superior Mr David Sale.

The question is, who is he going to attack next. Will it be RMN for posting my response articles, or, Abundanthope, or someone else, in his quest for self satisfaction and destruction of others in his own interests.

This person is in my opinion suffers from a severe mental abnormalities and needs to seek urgent medical assistance before he takes the law into his own hands and causes fatal damage to someone.

I am aware that Mr. David Sale has experienced similar things before when he was party to the conviction of a person for fraud, whereby it was that convicted person who previously had attempted to push Mr Sale out of a 16th floor hotel window. Mr. Sale ended up in hospital from this incident. An incident Mr Sale will never forget.
The point is here that such persons, which are similar to the writer (Wheel) of the above article, because of their mental abnormalities do end up eventually taking serious actions against genuine persons, just to defend themselves, and out of sheer spite / anger.

They carry, what we call "A Big Chip on their Shoulders" and are hell bent on revenge one way or another.

This person (Wheel) is a serious danger to anyone who stands in his way. It is possible and highly likely that the actions of Mr. Dal Bosco, which would be the actions of anyone who is genuine and suspicious of anyone passing them certificates valued in excess of $1 trillion USD; has prevented this person (Wheel) from unlawful and illicit financial gain deriving from the unlawful use of these certificates. Maybe this person (Wheel) is already in a financial predicament and needed the returns from the proposed unlawful use of these certificates to get himself out of immediate financial trouble. Who knows. What we do know is that this person (Wheel) is, by his own writings, determined to see someone suffer for his own misfortunes from becoming involved with unlawful activities.

In one way you have to pity the guy, but in another way one has to admit that he needs sectioning and constrained in a Mental Institution for, not only his own sake, but more so for the sake of others who are obstructions to him.

Is it not understandable why normal / ordinary people do not become, or even want to become involved, even on the fringes of giving evidence against crooks and thieves, when such crooks and thieves are allowed to roam around causing distress to many, and making serious threats, as well as causing, or attempting to cause, serious damage to their person by such unwarranted and defamatory comments.

What on earth is this world coming to, or has come to. Pitiful and abhorrent, but unfortunately reality in this day and age.



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