David Crayford and the ITC
Responding to DAVID CRAYFORD ............... RESPONDING TO RON'S RESPONSIVE ARTICLE RE: Political Information ----- May 24, 2019 - After Trillions Printed Under QE, Politicians Now Say Deficits Don't Matter.
By Ron Chapman
May 29, 2019 - 6:44:17 AM

G’day David,

Thank you for your thoughts.

We seem to be at cross purposes in this discussion. I’m talking about our world that is coming, not the world we currently live in. I guess the issue is whether we wish to continue living in the mind set established for us by the organisers of Talmudism or whether we wish to segue into a higher level of consciousness after the draining of the swamp and the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal and stasis, which will rid this planet of negative individuals and energies.


Arguably, continuing to think in terms of governments controlling people and borrowing money (at zero or any other interest rate) instead of each sovereign community (however described) creating it, will cause us to remain in the money meme mental prison diabolically constructed for us over millennia. That meme has resulted in bankster domination of our world causing almost everyone to live in a very real psychological and physical prison in which millions die daily from starvation, inadequate and/or criminal nutrition and health care, warfare and all the rest. I reject that money model world as a viable future for humans on this planet.


Accordingly I have indicated an ideal future in which humans here start taking responsibility for their own lives and the lives of their neighbours. THAT is a communitarian future in which we actively seek to love our neighbour as ourselves for the love of God (ALL).


The model for community is the family, extended family and clan. Viable communities need grass roots governance that is essentially concerned about the welfare and interests of all members. That governance must therefore be concerned about all members of the community not just viable and productive adults but also the young, the old, the sick and the mentally and physically infirm. In genuine communities members do not invoice each other for goods and services provided, or for provision of housing and other desirable or necessary infrastructure. In particular, provision of housing for all, and necessary infrastructure, are community projects which still tend to be typical in Amish communities.


My point about interest free money is that while humanity on this planet is still struggling towards developing a genuine loving (Christ centric) community consciousness, we must shrug off the enslavement created by the money meme by adopting social mechanisms that encourage real personal and communal health, welfare and abundance.


As I understand it, in every sovereign community (however large and however described) people do the work and they use whatever physical materials are available in their locale to do it. Money DOES NOT and CANNOT do the work nor does it create the planet’s God-given physical resources that people use to produce goods, services, housing and infrastructure etc. So money is not essential but just an ‘add on’ created for convenience in the pursuit of human activities.


What is necessary to produce housing and abundance for everyone is not money but honesty and the co-ordinated goodwill and effort of people IN communities. In my view the essential requirement for adequately housing everyone and providing for everyone to be able to live in abundance is NOT money but a co-operative, loving, service to others attitude.


My references to deficits being unnecessary and irrelevant were made in this context. In particular I said:


In a genuine sovereign community, interest free money creation arrangement, THERE IS NO DEFICIT because the community issues its own money and doesn't become indebted to some private bankster cartel as happens in the current fraudulent, usurious, private corporation owned global Central Banking cum commercial banking system...Rhetoric about deficits, inflation, harsh measures and unsustainable debt spiraling into hyper-inflation is bullshit. It is bankster propaganda designed to put the stupid general public to sleep

David, I disagree with your suggestion that ‘… What is really needed is for Governments to be controlled within their expenditure which needs to be within the limits of their revenues,’

Arguably the word ‘Governments’ implies that governments somehow exist in their own right whereas governments are really just appointed representatives of communities and should be required to act in the interests of the community that appoints them and not in their own interests or in obedience to some unspoken corporate entity as, for instance, as you know, is the case of the US Inc. which is a bankster excrescence of the money meme.

Arguably, in the context of this discussion it is more accurate to say that sovereign communities can only implement projects WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THEIR AVAILABLE LABOUR AND PHYSICAL RESOURCES, not their revenues. That limitation would be nearly absolute in a moneyless society. Ordinarily sovereign communities have to rely on the availability of their own community’s labour and resources to satisfy their needs. Where natural disasters or other catastrophic factors make that impossible a sovereign community may have to seek assistance from another sovereign community and in that event a debt of some kind may be incurred at the sovereign community level.

The ideology that insists that debts must be paid by all who borrow money, with or without usury, assumes continuance of the money meme mentality that has caused our global dystopia. It also appears to assume that everyone is equally physically capable and that service to others is not to be considered applicable to our human future on this planet.

I disagree with the suggestion that government can (should?) BORROW MONEY at zero interest. EVERY sovereign community can choose to issue money ITSELF. And that money should be interest free. After all, WHO would the payment of interest be made too, and for WHAT, if the community issues the money? At most, some small costs might be incurred in relation to materials and electronics infrastructure, and subsequent handling and accountancy fees, BUT they would be trivial and at most be in the order of postal charges.

Arguably talking about “Trading Platforms”, the burden of debt and increasing taxes seems to assume continuation of the current bankster ridden, money meme debt system and that sovereign communities do not depend upon their own labour and resources when obviously they do. Any community that cannot rely on its own resources will cease to exist. A sovereign community that issues its own money could issue the money necessary to pay for salaries, wages and equipment etc without having to levy taxes and charges therefor. The money so issued would then circulate through the community in the usual way.

In my view it is time that we started to think about how we intend to raise our thinking beyond our current milieu and thus raise global consciousness once the negative individuals and energies that currently pollute the global genetic mind are gone. I think that understanding the damage done to global consciousness by the money meme is a good place to start.

Peace and Blessings,


PS: I have assumed that after stasis our world will be an entirely different place, physically, spiritually and energetically. For instance the absence of inexperienced souls and negative individuals and energies will mean an enormous reduction in populations everywhere. In that context, the idea that individuals, nations and communities will remain responsible for enormous fiat debt token money debts created by criminal politicians, banksters, corporatists and others is untenable.


The Bankers’ “Power Revolution”: How the Government Got Shackled by Debt -

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DAVID CRAYFORD ............... RESPONDING TO RON'S RESPONSIVE ARTICLE RE: Political Information ----- May 24, 2019 - After Trillions Printed Under QE, Politicians Now Say Deficits Don't Matter. -

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