David Crayford and the ITC
Public Notice from ITC
By David Crayford
Mar 19, 2018 - 9:50:54 PM



i). The person known as EDILBERTO DEL CARMEN, AKA EDILBERTO MARCOS MARCOS, AKA ANGEL FERDINAND MARCOS (FILIPINO), a known felon who was incarcerated in America for Twelve (12) years for fraud in the early 2000’s


iii).The Organisation known as GIDIFA

iv).The Organisation known as TU-E CAPITAL BERHAD, with different named branches / operations in numerous countries, such as TU-E CAPITAL THAILAND CO. LTD.


vi).The person known as UMBERTO VARAGNOLO claiming to be representing the United Nations Global Investment Bank (UNGIB).

vii),The person known as BRIAN GARIOTTE, an American living in CHICAGO, AMERICA, a former US Military man. Chairman of a US Company known as Handlock.

viii).or any other person or party so connected, associated, related, involvement with, the organizations, or associated, connected, related organizations, as hereinbefore referred to above in Sections ii). and iii).

ix).The person known as RICKY NATHANIEL who unlawfully and falsely claims to be a sitting judge with the ICC/ICJ, and who is actually a nobody and certainly not an appointed or legal judge.


I, His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller, am the legally appointed INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER, LEGAL HEIR, OWNER, AND SOLE ARBITER and M1; of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY of which The Heritage International Trust and Foundation Divine together with in excess of 40,000 other Trusts and Foundations from around the world, are all part of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, of which the assets (Certificates, Bonds, Notes) referred to, held by, or possessed by, stolen by, the organizations as hereinbefore referred to in Sections ii). and iii).; are legally the legal property of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY.

I hold the further status of CHAIRMAN of the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL.

The appointment was dated May 2012, following the medical demise of the original International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam (1995 – 2010), which was poisoning by the hands of the CIA and persons who surrounded Dr. Ray C. Dam.

My appointment was executed by those holding the Legal Power and Authority to appoint , being The Royal Families and G7 Nations of the World, chaired by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, whereby I was bestowed with “Sovereign” status and Internationally Protected Person status under United Nations Charter Control No: 10-60847 and the Great American Seal No: 632-258894, together with granted Powers and Authorities of International standing that stand above and beyond the powers and authorities all ‘Sovereign Nations”.

The GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY is a classified operation of “TOP SECRET” status and the files for all senior officers of the International Treasury Control, and I, are SEALED, whereby same is accessible strictly under specific protocols to be utilized by any King, Queen, President, Prime Minister only.

It is possible for any Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Head of any National Intelligence Agency to obtain a brief verification of myself from the UN Screens, what we refer to as, the “Special” UN list of International Diplomats (Not the normal list of Diplomats) which actually contains the names of all Royal Family members, and International Statesmen from around the world who hold the Internationally Protected Person status. However, unless the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Head of National Intelligence Agency hold the applicable access Code to access the full detailed files, they will only achieve the brief but decisive detail.

I now specifically refer to the aforementioned persons / parties above who claim, wrongly, unlawfully, and fraudulently, that they hold the authority to collect / obtain / seize / sequestrate / confiscate, or similar, what they refer to as HERITAGE ASSETS from the existing Custodians of same for the claimed redemption of same and for the claimed purpose of funding projects around the world.

The assets (HERITAGE ASSETS) referred to by ALL the persons / parties stated above, are ALL part of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY of which I am the Legal Heir and Owner under International Treaties from 1945 – 2018, and the Innsbruck / Schweitzer Conventions of 1968 onwards.

The aforementioned persons / parties referred to above are NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE, the Legal Owners, Custodians, Signatories of such assets, nor do they hold any authority or power issued by me for any purpose, or any time, to conduct their illegal activities whatsoever with assets of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY. 

Neither are the assets (some shown with video releases) redeemable. These are Debt Obligation Notes issued by a country, or countries, for securing loans from the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY. These issuances will range from the year of 1850 to the present date and the Certificates, Notes, Bonds will be dated accordingly, all of which are legally charged based upon their continuous usage by the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER. 

The Certificates, Bonds, Notes, are NOT redeemable, as claimed / stated by the persons / parties above; by agreement as defined in International Treaties dated 1935 and 1964.

In reality the countries that have issued these Certificates, Bonds, Notes, DO NOT HOLD THE FINANCIAL CAPACITY to redeem such Certificates, Bonds, Notes, at any time, hence the International Treaties dated 1935 and 1964.

The aforementioned persons / parties referred to above, including persons / parties known as Custodians, have in fact stolen the assets, sometimes by devious and highly questionable actions; of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY and as such are persons / parties IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN ASSETS for use in conducting fraud, or fraudulent activities against others (Unknown).

The latter factor is well known to us whereby Hundreds of Thousands of innocent persons, corporations, Government Officials, Military Personnel, etc, mainly across Asia, have each lost substantial amounts of money on the promise of Project Funding that has never materialized, nor will it ever materialize, because it is a fraudulent operation with fraudulent activities purposely designed to dupe innocent persons into parting with money in support of the operation, for what they believe with be returns many times over combined with project funding.

The aforementioned persons / parties are crooks / criminals of the highest order and will be ultimately arrested by us, in conjunction with National Law Enforcement Agencies and Interpol, and brought to justice under our ITC laws and within the ITC court / judicial system, which is the only court in the World that is authorized to handle cases connected, related, associated with, the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, its operations, the ITC and the ITC staff.

No local court of National standing, International Court, the ICC or the ICJ hold any authority whatsoever to conduct any legal case where it concerns the Assets / Accounts of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, or, any legal actions against myself as INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL / INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER or any Officer of the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL. Legal Jurisdiction rests solely with the INTERNATIONAL COURT of the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL.

I, His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller, as the legally appointed INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER, LEGAL HEIR, OWNER, AND SOLE ARBITER of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, and CHAIRMAN of the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL., hereby make statement, without any reservation or hesitation, that the aforementioned information given by me is legal fact which is legally accurate and verifiable, subject to verification protocols being strictly adhered to.

I further state that the aforementioned persons / parties, again without any hesitation or reservation, are, and have been acting unlawfully / illegally / fraudulently, in respect of their operations, and that they hold no authority, power, legal ownership, or otherwise over the assets / accounts, or any part of the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, or over the INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER / INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL, which they make unlawful claim to hold, and have stolen said Assets for the purpose of conducting the elaborate fraud against numerous members of the public, Corporations, Government / Government Agency or Authority Officials, Military Officials, and other organizations.

Any Statement, verbal or in written form, made by any of the aforementioned persons / parties, or any act or actions, or any document issued by them or held by said persons or parties, are completely fraudulent, falsified, fake for the sole purpose of conducting the fraud against the GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER, and the PUBLIC AT LARGE. Documents issued by, or held by them are legally unenforceable. 

THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL / CONTROLLER is and always has been a legally organized institution, legally registered, recorded, and filed within the Headquarters of the United Nations, accessible only by a King, Queen, President, Prime Minister, with further records being held by the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee of the US House of Congress, The Federal Reserve, The US Treasury, The Swiss Federal Finance Commission, the B.I.S., and several well respected and International reputable Lawyers around the world, of whom the latter (Lawyers) are advised to publicly release all documents should anything untoward happen to me as THE INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROLLER, LEGAL HEIR, OWNER, AND SOLE ARBITER OF THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY

If any Person, Party, Lawyer, Corporation, Government, Law Enforcement Agency, Intelligence Agency, Court, Organisation, or similar requires further information / clarification, I am willing to give same provided it does not require a breach of International Official Secrets. Anyone interested in acquiring more information should write directly to me via secure email to …… …….. or alternatively to ………… ………… my Legal Advisor and Consultant.

His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller,Chairman, The International Treasury Control,(UN Charter Control No: 10-60847)(American Great Seal No: 632-258894)(International Clearing Code: UNRD-ID006197)


The situation is now becoming very serious from various directions, hence why the above “Fraud Warning” has been issued by His Excellency, The International Treasury Controller.

From what we already know together with information coming into us on a daily basis, tens of thousands of people are seriously affected by this fraud and have lost millions of Dollars of their hard earned money to these people and their elaborate scam.
Many are demanding their money back, but unfortunately such monies have long since gone and there is very little or nothing left.

However, having stated that, we were advised in the last 24 hours that there is a figure of approximately $25 million USD in a bank in Labuan, Malaysia, under a name that is completely isolated from the main names that these people have used. We do not know that name, as yet, but hope to be able to identify the account and the bank, but there are no guarantees on this. If we do, in the future, establish the name of the Bank and the account we will advise and publish same because the Malaysian Financial Authorities can assist in the recovery of any monies for those who have previously lost money.

Such Frauds should never happen and should never be allowed by Financial Authorities around the world to gain such traction, for which this particular one has actually destroyed the lives of thousands.


On another issue, reference to the Philippines, we now have information that President Rodrigo Duterte has also been actively involved with another fraud against the Global Debt Facility.

Duterte (I won’t refer to him under his official title as President because he doesn’t deserve it), was given a piece of land by the owner. This was a rough piece of land not even suitable for grazing purposes and worth very little. Buried deep under the land, which the owner was totally unaware of, is a small depository of assets of the Global Debt Facility. Duterte apparently knew this (NOTE: Duterte could only have been informed of this factor by such parties as the CIA and America), and ultimately removed the assets from that depository. Duterte was apparently working in conjunction with the World Bank, who guided Duterte within this operation, and who the assets were given to in exchange for a substantial cheque payable to Duterte.

Also by mutual agreement with the World Bank and the CIA, Duterte has offered to step down early from his Presidency, paving the way for the previous band of crooks (From former President Corrie Aquino, Fidel Ramosd, through to Gloria Arroyo, and Noy Noy Aquino, excluding Joseph Estrada) to regain their “High Office” status and therefore continue operating their plundering from the Global Debt Facility. It is also understood that Leni Robredo, currently Vice President, is also part of this previous band of crooks. She carries the Liberal Flag with her as did all the previous band of crooks.


On yet another issue. Three countries have reported to us that our accounts held in the Central Banks of those countries have had their substantial balances zeroed by unlawful transfer initiated by the World Bank, sanctioned by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; to the very detriment of those countries because the Head of State, Government and the Country (People) are legally liable and responsible for the safety and security of any assets / accounts deposited within the borders of their country, and that is because despite the “Protectors” of our assets / accounts, who are either the CIA or the Head of the National Intelligence Agency, such “Protectors” are under the jurisdiction of the Government of the country(ies) and therefore the Head of State, Government and the Country (People) are legally liable and responsible for any discrepancies in the accounts or assets deposited Such Governments are also under the jurisdiction of International Treaties and International Law where it concerns assets and accounts of the Global Debt facility deposited within the borders of their country.

People tend to be controlled by Money Laundering Laws, Wire Transfer frauds, etc. Banks and Lawyers are forced by laws to notify the applicable National agencies if their clients are involved in such matters. The irony of it all is that those who implement such control (The Law Makers) are the very ones who are conducting such frauds with total impunity.

It is not the people who are the criminals, as they just fall for all these deceptive and misleading ploys by the Authorities around the world.


We have always questioned as to where China has gotten the massive funds from to venture confidently into the world with promises, and indeed large or substantial developments within those countries. In other words 2 + 2 never equaled 4, and it’s all done with the blessing and approval of America.

We now know, thanks to a Trader, stationed in Germany, working for, and registered with the Federal Reserve who recently revealed to us that 3 sealed crates of Chinese Petchilli Bonds, which are the legal property of the Global Debt Facility, were utiised for the Chinese via a substantial Trading Program organized by the Federal Reserve. That, dear readers, is tens of billions of US Dollars in value and all with the blessings of America and its so-called Authorities (CIA, US Treasury, State Department) and of course the Chinese Government. It is mind boggling to say the least.

We have to wonder, and even question, as to what “Secret Agreements” exist between America and the Chinese to allow such issues to operate in a manner that, although “Secret”, operate quite openly and again with total impunity.

Why, oh why is it that the United Nations and other aid agencies literally beg for financial donations from donor countries and the public when there is a Humanitarian catastrophe in the world, whether man made or an act of nature; especially when the systems exist within the “Trading Platforms” of the Federal Reserve and Banks to generate Trillions of US Dollars for such Humanitarian Aid.

Do these organizations really care for people, or do they just show a degree of care with no real or genuine compassion or efforts actually being made. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are suffering because of this excessive stupidity and deliberate misleading propaganda by those who should be setting an example …………….Some example!!!!!!!

I personally wouldn’t give them the crumbs on the floor. Instead I would give a loaf of bread directly to those who really need it, which I have personally done, and would still do if necessary.

What an awful, deceptive, and wicked world we live in. One that drastically needs complete change for the benefit of all the people.

David P. Crayford

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