David Crayford and the ITC
By David Crayford/WB
Jun 13, 2013 - 11:58:26 PM

Dear Candace,
I have just been made aware of the following article, which is posted on:-

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Jean

Having reviewed this article, it is necessary for me to respond to it via Abundanthope, to correct so many inaccuracies, mistruths, and just blatant lies.

I will pre-apologise to readers for the length of this response on the grounds that the Keenan article itself is quite long whereby the best way to respond to it is on a section by section basis to ensure that there is no confusion when answering each part.

QUOTE “Neil speaks about what happened in Chiasso in a comment to reader who suggested that: “A Mr. Dung Anh, Executive Assistant to the President at Dragon Family, states Mr Keenan and Mr Yagamuchi are not members of Dragon Family, they are fake. Something is clearly afoul!”

DC RESPONSE. This statement is absolutely correct, even though Yamaguchi claims the opposite in fake Dragon Family documents that he was not only carrying, but issued to others around the world. We have those documents which are now held safe and secure in a safe because they are now part of a whole package of disclosures and evidence that is classified “Top Secret” (More on this “Top Secret” factor below).

QUOTE My response to the reader’s comment was: “I’m not sure about what you speak. No one ever stated they were members of the Dragon Family, did they? I also haven’t a clue about Mr. Dung Anh . . . never heard the name before . . . I wouldn’t worry about any of it though . . .”
Neil then stated the following, which has been edited a bit for clarity:

DC RESPONSE Sorry Keenan, but you are totally wrong on this point. Yamaguchi stated he was the Signatory for the Dragon Family, whereby if you know how the Dragon Family works you will know that a Signatory is a member of the Dragon Family as a matter of fact. Do you really believe that the Dragon Family would appoint someone as signatory from outside of their own organisation. Your way of thinking is very juvenile to say the least. It appears that when you are faced with the truth you just ignore it or say “I wouldn’t worry about any it” and then to continue your own mistruths and misinformation.

QUOTE Yes you are right, Jean, no one ever really does—only Mr. Anh, but let’s get to what I did not mention yesterday because I was in a hurry. I never leave my friends out there to dry, so here is my response to the Yamaguchi part of Mr. Anh’s blabbing. The first is that the Dragon Family never announces who they are, and they lay low and never expose themselves as he has done. They are more than 3000 years old, and most people have never heard of them and never speak about them. YOU DO!!!! YOU tell anyone who will listen who you are, or what you want them to believe.

DC RESPONSE Yes, they are a very old organisation and very secretive with their existence and their organisation. For anyone to speak of them and say it’s the truth is naïve to say the least because you don’t know unless you are a Dragon Family member. Even then, there are layers that prevent specific information from reaching the lower layers. All I can say here is that “Empty Kettles make the most noise”.

QUOTE Now, on the other hand what I have witnessed myself and know about Mr. Yamaguchi and Watanabee: One thing for certain is they never want anyone to know who they are. They are quiet, discerning people. When we walk into a bank—and we have walked into many—the bankers all know who they are and try to do business with them. One banker in Zurich categorically stated, “I have waited forever to meet you Mr. Yamaguchi and it is my pleasure.” Agencies have told me that for 20 years Yama did not step one foot into Europe; they were amazed I could get him to fly there to work with me. As for Watanabee, he is the ex-VP of a very large corporation in Tokyo, so most people already know who he is, and he is not only brilliant in the banking world, but quiet and calculating as well. He is a wonderful person.

DC RESPONSE I am not surprised at your comments here because Yamaguchi is a member of the Yakusa and a criminal (Jailed in 1984 for fraud, in Japan) and further jailed (in absence) for 3 ½ years in Italy.
Watanabe is a former Senior Officer of Merryl Lynch Bank who was forced to resign by the Board of Directors in respect of illicit activities that brought the name of the bank into dispute. All of this is on official record, of which we have copies of same, and again now part of a whole package of disclosures and evidence that is classified “Top Secret” (More on this “Top Secret” factor below).

QUOTE CHIASSO: Everyone wants to know about Chiasso and there is nothing to know. The Italians stole the bonds. Berlusconi and the Italian Financial Police conspired with the West’s Alan Greenspan to ambush Yamaguchi and Watanabee at the Chiasso border after telephoning him and telling him they were ready to complete the deal now. The police did not look around for anyone at the border, they looked for Yamaguchi and Wata. They were questioned and brought before a Judge who was warned by Mr. Yamaguchi that he, the judge, was making a big mistake. That they better call the Prime Minister or the Chief of the Italian Central Bank before proceeding. When the Judge requested Yama to tell him who he worked for Yama made it clear only the very top could hear this and he was not the top, not near it. Yama also advised the Judge that should they be arrested the Italian Government would be bankrupt soon after, because they owed their family and could not pay them back. This is why Yama and Wata were released. The Italian Judiciary and Government were afraid it would come back to bite them but what they did do was steal the bonds which is another story in itself. It is part of my lawsuit which will be refiled.

DC RESPONSE What a load of BS. They looked suspicious to the Border Guards and Immigration Police and were escorted to an Interview Room at the Border Post. They were questioned and their luggage searched. That is when the Police found the Certificates, Bonds, Notes, hidden in a secret compartment within one of the briefcases which Yamaguchi claimed was his. They were immediately arrested on the grounds that they were attempting to smuggle Financial Instruments across a National border contrary to both National and EU Law.

The Immigration Police then called the Financial Police at Como, whereby the Financial Instruments were confiscated on the grounds that a verification would need to be undertaken to establish whether these were fake or genuine Financial Instruments. Irrespective of whether the Financial Instruments were genuine or not, an attempt to smuggle Financial Instruments (genuine or otherwise) across a National border is illegal both under National and EU Law.

Again, we hold copies of all this documentation, again now part of a whole package of disclosures and evidence that is classified “Top Secret” (More on this “Top Secret” factor below).

Does anyone, honestly and consciously, believe that this whole Yamaguchi scenario in Chaisse was anything but legal when Yamaguchi hide those Financial Instruments in a secret compartment of his briefcase. No one hides documents in that way if the documents are legal and the courier is properly qualified and carries written authority from someone who actually holds authority to appoint such a courier.

Come on Keenan, you are stupid if you believe what Yamaguchi states, and even more stupid to continue your illicit activities based upon what Yamaguchi states.

Re-file your legal action if you wish, it will come to nothing, just like the last one. It means nothing and no court in the world holds jurisdiction over the OITC or any member of the OITC.

QUOTE Well, when we investigated, it did come back to bite them!!!!! We read that they had been sentenced to 3 1/2 years imprisonment in abstentia. Where was this printed? Berlusconi’s family newspaper in Como. When checking this out our lawyers were told by the Library or Clerk in Rome not to return or they would have trouble. We paid no attention, and our lawyers then went to Milan and checked out the files, only to find there were not any. The Clerk said go back to Rome and they have them. Enough chasing!

What eventually happened was we were able through someone we thought was a friend to acquire the telephone number of the head of the Interpol Division in Italy, who worked with the Financial Police. This gentleman worked with our attorney and went through all three data bases, and guess what? No case and no files!
It was all a con to steal the notes.

We later learned that they attempted to sell them back to the Chinese with no luck and then finally worked something out with the Federal Reserve. There are so many twists to this, and most of them are real, and 99 percent of them I may never tell you.

DC RESPONSE What is stated here doesn’t surprise me at all knowing what we know about how the system works.
After the case, in which Yamaguchi and Watanabe were sentenced to 3 ½ years’ incarceration for their crime, the Intelligence people went in and ordered all documents and evidence to be boxed as this case was now classified as “Top Secret”. Furthermore, the Clerks to the Court were ordered to strike all reference of this case from the records and say nothing to anyone.

Quite normal under the circumstances because the whole subject of the Collateral Accounts is classified “Top Secret” and will remain so for infinity. This is because most of the Treaties revolving around this issue are “Private Treaties” of which the public has no legal right to see or review, just as your private information is private to you (that’s if the recent revelations about massive phone and email spying by America is to be believed), on this point. Now that the very large underground base of the Intelligence Services of America, is now completed, this was bound to happen. People were warned about this but did nothing about it, so it is not surprising that a Whistleblower has come out of the cold to reveal just what is going on in our world today.

If you know the whole story of the Collateral Accounts you would understand this point. Instead, you put out so many falsities and misinformation on the subject which gives hope to the most vulnerable, when there is no hope, not via you or the OPPT anyhow because that would be illegal.

As for your last paragraph on this, I can tell you that the Financial Instruments were confiscated and returned to the Collateral Accounts, where they belong.

QUOTE So let me get everything straight from above: Yama never told anyone nor does anyone involved with the DF or any secret Family reveal who they are or what they do. They remain silent as Yama does. As Wata does. As they all do. They never expose themselves and are damned happy that I am fighting for them and always have been. I have all the support I need to move forward with what I do, but does Dung Anh? Does he really represent the DF so loudly and in such a lofty position for a teenager? If he is not a teenager, he should know better. Understandably General Hanh has retired (96 years old—or 97 now), but it does not change over 3000 years of history and privacy.

I sugggest Mr. Anh put up all his papers here on Ms. Haines site so we can really see who he is. I have Mr. Yamaguchi’s.
Now where are your’s Mr. Anh? We know Mr. Yamaguchi’s check out clearly, how about yours?

DC RESPONSE Yes, you are fighting for them, but you are fighting for crooks, not the real Dragon Family. The documents that Yamaguchi issued to you have no legal validity because he is NOT the signatory for the Dragon Family.
Don’t ask Mr Ahn to put up his documents either publicly or to any website, because he won’t and quite rightly so. The same applies to us at the OITC, because that would be a breach of International Official Secrets Laws. Obviously you do not understand the latter, but perhaps you should learn some of it because then you may understand just a little of what you claim to know a lot about. (Candace: I am fairly certain that the stuff of Casper is also of these same crook Dragons.)

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Within the above and herein below, I also respond briefly to an article on the same web site:-

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Jean
May 8, 2013
by Michael Henry Dunn

RESPONSE You may believe what you wish, which is your prerogative. However, be assured that we have all the official documentary evidence to prove everything that I have stated above and in previous posting on RMN and ABUNDANTHOPE, so we do not need to prove anything to you or others on this issue. The Court documents (that is an official certified copy of same) and all depositions of Yamaguchi, Watanabe, and all other witnesses, are safely and securely locked away in our archive safes in a location that will never be revealed.

Like the courts, we are bound by the International Official Secrets Acts, and will not breach such laws just to satisfy a few people’s curiosity.

As for Keenan’s agreement with Daniele Del Bosco, you should be aware that the law clearly states (in 99% of countries of the world) that any agreement that derives from an illegal act, is in itself illegal and holds no legal validity at all. Keenan’s act derived from an illegal act by Yamaguchi and Watanabe and as such any act that followed is also illegal and legally unenforceable in law.

It is for that reason I have used the word “Dumped” because that is what it amounts to in law. There was no legal agreement between Keenan and Del Bosco. Keenan was extremely fearful of being arrested and incarcerated just like Yamaguchi and Watanabe (even though he deserved the same treatment by the Italian Police). Keenan dumped his Financial Instruments on Del Bosco, placing him in an illegal position as being in unlawful possession of Financial Instruments that are legally owned by the Collateral Accounts. Del Bosco did what any other law abiding person would do. He investigated this matter, both with us and his banking contacts in Switzerland, and soon realised he had been placed, by Keenan’s actions, into a precarious and unlawful situation which could have resulted in him being arrested and incarcerated just like the person Alessandro Santi (The Italian man [old man at that] who assisted Yamaguchi and Watanabe) who found himself with an 18 month prison sentence. Del Bosco did everything correctly to put this situation right and get himself out of a predicament created by Keenan. Wouldn’t you have done the same.

You also state that I have not provided any proof. Please allow me to remind you that I have provided far more proof (extracts from Official documents and sometimes whole documents) within my articles on RMN and Abundanthope than Keenan ever has, so I would advise you read ALL of my postings and become enlightened on the subject matter before criticising others based upon your own beliefs of what others, like Keenan and the OPPT, have sated. All of this proof is backed up by official documents / information, held on record and locked safely and securely away, the reason of which is the International Official Secrets Laws and the classification of “Top Secret” that applies to this subject.

I will also advise that only Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers hold and carry the relevant International / UN security level clearance to be able to verify the OITC of which several have already done so both in the past and recently.

Please do not ever believe that we (the OITC) will breach any of these International Official Secrets Laws. We will publish what we can and when we can, no matter how hard we are pushed by people like you. We use utilise the Collateral Accounts in the proper professional manner and in a manner that will benefit the people of this planet as and when the Governments of all individual countries reach agreement (Bi-lateral Treaty) with us. Then and only then will the people benefit. The fact that people are not benefitting (or the majority of them at this time) is the responsibility of their Governments, not ours, and no illegal actions by Keenan or the OPPT is going to change this factor.

Finally, the OITC is not DEAD, nor has it ever been DEAD. It experienced problems after the propagated (CIA generated) demise of H.E. R.C. Dam. We are nearly back to normal operations after 2 ½ years (18 months under Caretaker Chairmanship, and 1 year under a newly appointed Chairman), which is not a bad performance within that time, and there is more to come so don’t ever repeat DEAD because you could not be further from the truth, with Keenan living in fantasy land with his comments on same.

To repeat, The OITC is a Sovereign Entity under its own jurisdiction. No court, anywhere in the world holds jurisdiction over us at any time. We are Chartered under the UN, a fact that only the aforementioned persons can verify. We are not part of the UN, but chartered under it just like every other Sovereign Nation of the World. We are independent and will remain that way so as to ensure the use of the Collateral Accounts to the beneficial interests of the people of the world. We are not part of the cabal, never have been and never will be.

DO NOT at any time propagate information to others which is total misinformation, suppositions, etc, or your own opinions based upon what others (who have little knowledge of the subject matter) have stated or what you read and prefer to believe.

The TRUTH and the people behind the TRUTH can never be destroyed or eliminated by you or others.

David P. Crayford.

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