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David Crayford ------------- Fulford’s latest article is a real bag of Pick and Mix Assortments” ---------------
By David Crayford
Mar 14, 2019 - 7:14:36 AM

David Crayford ------------- Fulford's latest article is a real bag of

Pick and Mix Assortments" ---------------

--------- which to us shows that he really is being deliberately fed with a lot of false information mixed in with a very small amount       of distorted truth to make it plausible.

Fulford's article: Top-level discussion between CIA and MI6 about the tip-top of Western power and what's going on behind the scenes

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Let me commence with the questions and answers at the latter part of his              article.

Question 1).       from Fulford:-           Karen Hudes claims her Power Transition Model (PTM) requires amnesty. If this is granted and accepted, the PTM claims a 90% success rate. Any thoughts on this, and do you think this is an option for the "Committee" (bankers)?

Answer 1). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-    Karen Hudes is a very disruptive person who has caused a great deal of damage to international diplomatic relations. Much of her work is confusing, to be polite.

I was in direct contact with her at one stage but found her extremely rude and out of touch with technology.

It is not her Power Transition Model-it is a collection of very complex critical theory studies gathered from around the world.

DPC Comments:- Section 2 of this reply is right on the nail. She is not only out of touch with technology, she is out of touch with the truth and reality as I have been stating for months.

Question 2). from Fulford:-                  Hudes is trustee for the gold in the Philippines.

Answer 2). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-          Karen Hudes was legally fired from the World Bank but continues to promote herself as acting with legal capacity in that respect. She has no effective powers to sign a dinner check (The spelling of "Check" here, instead of "Cheque", indicates that the responder is CIA) let alone deal with the Global Collateral Accounts.

DPC Comments:-      I have been saying the exact same thing over several months and I even posted the official letter from the World Bank regarding her dismissal. Fulford didn't believe the truth then but now he has it "straight from the hip" by one of his claimed contacts in CIA or MI6. Perhaps he will believe that fact now.

Question 3 from Fulford:-            Keenan is the trustee for the gold in Indonesia.

Answer 3). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-                  We have reason to believe Neil Keenan was assassinated. This has been verified by British military counterintelligence.

DPC Comments:- Keenan was not assasinated, he died from radiatoion poisoning when he and his team in Indonesia opened what they thought was Gold only to find it was fake Gold and badly tarnished. What he didn't realise at the time was that the base of the metal box contains Uranium whereby when they broke into the box by removing all the protective materials, they exposed themselves to high level radiation, all of them eventually dying, painfully, from Cancer.

I suppose British Military Counter-intelligence would have stated something simple like assasination so that they did not have to reveal the truth about the Uraniun loaded Boxes of Gold, whether Fake Gold or otherwise.

I advised, as did American Lawyer, of this months ago but once again Fulford did not believe and indicated that he knew Keenan was still alive and needed to return to Bulgaria on Family matters. Perhaps he will believe it now.

Question 4). from Fulford:-                  Are there any other locations you can tell me about that include other trustees? If so, who are they and where is it?

Answer 4). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-  That is classified. It is a very serious crime at international law to interfere with these wealth reserves.

DPC Comments:- A very good legally applicable answer from whichever person of CIA or MI6.

Who the hell does Fulford believe he is, asking a question like that and more to the point expecting an answer to his question. Well he got his answer ...... THAT IS CLASSIFIED, and Fulford is not qualified or holding any security level clearance to have knowledge of any of this. Again I have been telling him, both directly and indirectly, over a period of time and he didn't believe it. Hopefully Fulford the idiot does now believe it and will keep his nose well and truly out of "Secret" matters that do not concern him. Perhaps Fulford will also inform his friends on this (Keith Francis Scott, Akihiko Yamaguchi, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, and all others, none of whom are qualified or holding any security level clearance to have knowledge of any of this).

It is a question of, "If I told you who I am, what I do, and where I am, I would have to kill you".

Point 5). with comments from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-     There is very significant anger at what has been allowed to happen, because it all amounts to High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity at both the ICC and the ICJ.

Wow, "High Treason and Crimes against Humanity at both the ICC and ICJ."

This guy, whoever he is, is correct from all the evidence we have at hand, and that dear readers brings in the question as to the involvement of the UN as the ICC and ICJ are all part of the UN.

That is not at all surprising considering the actions / decisions they have been making over several years when they do not hold the jurisdiction over any issue concerning The Global Debt Facility (Global Collateral Accounts), or any issue, including staff and operations of The Global Debt Facility.

Question 6). from Fulford:-          what is "The First Federal Republic of the United States of America"?

Answer 6). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:- America is a Republic that was covertly overthrown and became a corporation-the Corporation of the District of Columbia. At international law, it is entirely illegal and is completely bankrupt. It forms a triumvirate of corporations that rule and run the Western world.

DPC Comments:-              I think we all knew that factor but no one ever seems to do anything about it, and it isn't the job of the ITC. That's for the American people to sort out, if they can.

However, let's look at Fulford's question, which is a statement made many times by Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his cohorts, along with GIDIFA, another illegal and fake operation established by the CIA to gain unlawful access to assets of The Global Debt Facility.

Question 7). From Fulford:- Please explain the "World Future Planning Agency."

Answer 7). from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-          A proposed new economic planning agency in peacetime as the Khazarian Mafia control matrix rapidly collapses. Similar to the Marshall Plan, but more like the Asian Economic Planning Agencies.

DPC Comments:- This World Future Planning Agency is something Fulford and his White Dragon Society have been pushing for sometime. It is also something that Angel Ferdinand Marcos and his cohorts, along with GIDIFA, another illegal and fake operation established by the CIA to gain unlawful access to assets of The Global Debt Facility; have also been stating in the Documentation they put out into the public arena which misleads the public into giving money to this illegal and fake operation.

Question 8). from Fulford.     The global currency reset.

Global Currency and Sovereign Debt Re-Calibration

You have been quoted as saying the following: "The Rothschild and the British Crown are pushing for the global financial reset." The way I interpret this is that you were commissioned to develop a hack-proof digital technology that could facilitate a global currency. This would be one step closer into global human slavery in the NWO. Is this truly the plan of the Rothchilds and the Crown?

Answer 8).from one of the people Fulford is talking to:-           As above.

DPC Comments:- We at the ITC know darn well that the Crown (Referring to Royalty) would never deal with the Rothschilds on such matters. However, based upon what is stated in Fulford's question, the Crown is not referring to Royalty at all. It is referring to the "The Crown" meaning the Crown Estates and City of London which is NOT the Crown Royalty. Royalty have nothing to do with The Crown Estates or the City of London. Both of these are separate legal entities and are, or at least the latter, being the City of London is closely connected to the Vatican / Holy See.

This person, or both giving the answers to Fulford's questions, whether CIA or MI6 have no connection whatsoever to Royalty, but, one at least believes he has, and even claims to be a Royalist which is just what the NWO require to make their ideas sound legal and genuine to Mr and Mrs Average.

No one needs another system for which the Rothschilds are involved. A new system with the same controllers just ain't going to work.

Royalty has its own Intelligence department which is part of SIS and is prefixed with MI, but not even I can give you the specific information  as to whether it is anyone of the numbers from 1 to 14, less MI5 which is National Intelligence, or MI6 which is International Intelligence.


All in all, I believe that Fulford is trying to justify his own existance with this latest article. Perhaps he is running short of subscribers?

At the same time he has been trying to verify what he has always believed and supported, despite what we have been stating for a long time; which he hasn't achieved. In fact he has been proven to be one who just gives supposition and speculation based upon questionable information passed to him via his so-called contacts in MI6 and CIA, neither of whom I would trust with the Dust on the floor.

One day the World will come to its senses, but it may be too late by then.


David P. Crayford

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