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Walking along the beach the other day, although relatively cold with strong blustery winds; it is my usual time to think clearly.
I was thinking about what is necessary to inform the readers whilst waiting for our investigations to produce some fruitful information. I will never speculate on the outcome of investigations because as a Lawyer I want provable and verifiable fact, real answers not suppositions, assumptions, conjecture, or conspiracy theories.

Then it came to me. During the last year I have received quite a number of extremely good questions from people, who just by their question, indicate to me that these are people who think deeply enough, have good reason, and constructively enough in their quest to find the correct answers.

a).One of the questions was the last one I posted about the "Real reason for the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that ultimately lead to WW1".

I received multi tens of communications with the respondent's answers. I will say they were all right, but the real reason for Archduke Ferdinand's assassination was actually never mentioned. As I explained within my response article with the actual answer on this issue, when information is classified it is not possible for the general public to obtain the fullest possible correct answer, nor is it possible if the subject is never taught within our education curriculums.

There are critical failures within the general systems we are brought up with and within, so I cannot fault any of the respondents because they maximized the answer within the bounds of their own ability and the information that was available to them.
My thanks go out to all the respondents. You did well to answer a difficult question in the way that you did considering the real facts were not available to you. Please keep up the good questioning / answering., and constructive thinking factor that many showed within their responses.

b). Another question received from several readers is "Why is the ITC not doing enough around the world to assist countries and people who really do need the ITC assistance." There are effectively two main reasons why our operations are limited at this time, both of which are the results of external issues which we have no control over.

i). CORRUPTION. We have yet to come across a country which is clean of corruption, especially Governments. It is a sad day for me to have to say that but it is so true, evident and prominent, that it has to be said.

When we are invited to a country for discussions we do have relatively high hopes that a concluded transaction will be the positive result at the end of it. However, somewhere along the line the question of "Large Pocket Money payments" comes into the picture, usually in a devious manner. Initially it is ignored, but then everything slows down and the question arises again until those responsible for the question receive an answer.

Our answer is always the same, "Sorry, this wealth is meant for the people and the country, not for payouts to a minority of Government Officials". Then we follow it with, "If that is the way you are thinking then sorry we are no longer open to discussions", then we walk away, usually catching the first flight out.

Some months later we read, or are informed, that the IMF or World Bank are providing funds for specific purposes. Obviously the IMF and World Bank do not have the same stringent policies as the ITC in respect of Corruption, a thought well founded based upon years of information, both internally and externally.

Such matters are issues that we can do nothing about because we cannot, and do not, become involved with the internal matters of any country, unless of course it is related to our financial involvement.

The Internal matters of any country are those that must be resolved by the country, or the Government of the country on behalf of their people / citizens. This, in turn means that the people have a responsibility to elect the right people to do the right job, rather than financial predators. It is not our duty or responsibility. That duty and responsibility to the people.

However, our action of walking away does help the people because a few start to realise that a "Better Future" for them, their family, neighbours and friends, with a far better standard of living" has been lost because of Corruption by Government and Government Officials.

Walking away from Corruption, is our policy and will remain our policy for all times. Corruption is killing the world. It is a destructive force that has no end if allowed to continue, yet it still continues vigorously right across the world. It is driving a big wedge between Government / Government Officials and the people / citizens of such countries. It is also increasing the gap between rich and poor. Money Politics is as bad as a purposely structured computer virus, it affects everything, and it is those with little money that are the ones most affected. Governments can spend taxpayers money to correct a computer virus. Businesses can spend profits to do the same, but the real people have to pay out of their own pockets, if they have it to pay out in the first place. Without that payment, you have nothing, can give nothing, and will remain in your current state of affairs, or even worse.

ii). GOVERNMENTS. Most of these are a big blur on the landscape. Unfortunately, we have to deal with them in the first instance. A few readers questioned WHY? A reasonable question most of the time, but one that does show a lack of knowledge. So I will explain:-

For the purpose of protecting what money we put into any country and to protect our people working in that country, we have to have a Bi-lateral Treaty with the Government of that country. 

Considering we are also a "Sovereign" there is nothing, other than the lack of wanting, to prevent such Bi-lateral Treaties at any time. Once the Treaty is executed and the initial factors (An Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission, etc) are in place, then we can move forward by dealing with the people and industry in a commercial manner, just like any other financial organization, without any fear that we will eventually be ostracised, or our own people harassed, or placed in danger to the point of not being able to operate correctly or in the interests of the country and its people, or some form of civil war.

Some might say that our policies are a bit hard, which I find difficult to accommodate because we will not place the lives of our people, and sometimes their families, in jeopardy by not having a Bi-lateral Treaty in place before we commence operations in any country. 

c). A question has been asked by a handful of people as to why the West has developed so fast and places in Africa and Asia have not developed.

The answer to this question goes back about 100 years, or at least 80 years.

After both WW I and WW II, but more so WW II, there were a great many changes within the structures of the world, all in conjunction with the Bretton Woods Treaty of 1945 / 46.

There was so much destruction and devastation around the world that unless someone "Took the Bull by the Horns" it would remain like that for decades to come.

In conjunction with the Bretton Woods Treaty, there were some side Treaties. One was the formation of the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France and the UK.). This Commission was charged by the Royal Families of the World to utilize the wealth contained within the Global Debt Facility, which is Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust; for the supply of funds to rebuild their devastated countries and allow for expansion within their economies.

Not critical of the Policy to assist, but critical of the fact that the policy was not undertaken / implemented as it should have been, leaving many countries with nothing and relying on their own means to rebuild their economies and country.

Countries such as America, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Italy, and others used the funds, in a very devious manner I add; of Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust for their own purposes and to hell with the other countries, hence why we have such a vast gap between developed countries, developing countries and third world countries.

It is that very reason why the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France and the UK.) was closed down in December 1994 and a single person appointed to administer and manage the wealth of Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust, who is known as the International Treasury Controller.

Unfortunately, this was not acceptable to the former commissioners of the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France and the UK.) and their allies, who have done everything, all illegal of course; in their power since 1995 to prevent this wealth from being utilised correctly for the benefit of all Nations and people of the world. The very same thing happened in 1980 when Ferdinand Marcos attempted to ensure that the wealth was correctly and professionally used for the people and countries of the world.

I refer to the fact that even Ferdinand Marcos, who was the Master Holder, attempted to correct the situation in 1980 with the Global Settlements Treaty. Six years later Marcos met his demise, just as Soekarno had done earlier, Kennedy did in 1963 and Dr. Ray Dam (The first International Treasury Controller) did in December 2010.

The USA, France and the UK., plus their allied Nations are "Hell Bent" on preventing the use of this wealth for all Nations and People of the world, whereby other than power and control over the weaker elements of society, I can see no other logical reason for same. 

An absolutely disgraceful state of affairs, but one that leads to many other problems around the world, some of which the world is experiencing right now as a result of this selfish and criminal attitude by The USA, France and the UK., plus their allied Nations.

d). EMIGRATION / IMMIGRATION TO EUROPE AND OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. Most countries in Europe plus America are seeing enormous amounts of refugees / immigrants in what can only be described as a mass exodus from their own countries, some risking their lives and the lives of their families trying to get to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea, or across land through hostile countries or various areas of extreme danger such as Land Mines, etc. So it has to be asked why?

WAR is one good reason. 

People are escaping from the war in their country, as well as the poverty and the desperation that war creates. 

We all have different views on why these wars exist, or have existed, so I will not enlarge on that subject, other than to say that man is a destructive creature. What I will say is that the majority of these wars have been financed by the unlawful use / theft / abuse of funds that belong to the Global Debt Facility by America, the UK, France, and their allies; which in short actually belongs to all the Trusts and Foundations that make up the Global Debt Facility, held under Foundation Divine and The Heritage International Trust.

At the same time the question of Oil, Gas, Pipelines are also part of the reason.

We are all aware that the Iraqi War was started was started on the pretext of two reasons: One being a country run by a Dictator (Saddam Hussein), and Weapons of Mass destruction held by Iraq. 

Both factors have now been discarded by most. Saddam Hussein had built a country with some of the best educational and health services of any country, utilizing the oil wealth that Iraq had accumulated, yet that didn't matter because it was claimed he was a dictator and there is no room for Dictators in the world today, or that is what the destructive, badly organized, and dysfunctional America, the UK, France, and their allies believe and have propagated over many years.

Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

We all are now aware that there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and that this myth was generated from purposely structured lies from the Intelligence community.

There are a number of people who asked as to why these countries and their leaders were not brought to justice for the death and destruction in Iraq. I do not know the real answer to this but when you have such power and control virtually everything, you can dictate to those under you, including the organisations that are subservient to you.

Certainly, in my opinion there are several world leaders who should have been arrested and brought before The Hague Court for War Crimes. That way, The Hague Court would have gained a lot of credibility, rather than be classified as the "White Washers" of justice. Instead it has jeopardized its own credibility and become a big joke in the world, as being a court that administers pre-determined justice dictated to them by their masters.

Lack of Investment, employment, opportunities within their own countries. 

The answer to this lies within my comments above in Sections a), b), and c). and can only be blamed upon America, France, the UK and their Allies.

Had the funds of the Global Debt Facility been utilized correctly and without any selfishness or biases, a substantial amount of this problem would not even exist today or at any time, and therefore the strain, whether mentally, financially, health and educational; upon countries coping with same would not even exist as a reasonable influx of migrants could always comfortably be accommodated.

e). BREXIT. In my opinion this is the best decision the British public could have ever made. Europe is a joke and one that costs the wealthier Nations of Europe, and its Taxpayers, an awful amount of money. It should also be clearly pointed out that the many years of annual accounts since inception of the European Union have never been signed off by the Auditors. The reason for this is that there is so much fraud that the Auditors will not put their signature to the accounts as they would be legally liable if ever the truth came out about the fraud.

It is also one that weaker countries want to join because they get more funds out of Europe than they put in. That is for the purpose of bringing such countries up to a particular standard, at, of course, the expense of the wealthier countries.

Totally unnecessary, had the Global Debt Facility been used correctly in the first place by those Nations who embrace the idea of a United States of Europe.

I have answered this question in my other articles, so I will not enlarge on this subject, other than to say it is an America idea with the basic structure being designed by Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of America. 

The fore-runner to sectionalizing the world into about 12 different groups of countries, and finally into one united World, governed eventually by a One World Government and One World Currency.

As a world with over 206 different countries, we are still very tribal, culturally different, basically independent, and with characteristics and attitudes born into us all over thousands of years, to see a United World being of any success, or even a partially united world being successful. What is needed in the world today is more tolerance, understanding, equality, far less discrimination, less political destruction, and far less interference in the affairs of other Sovereign Nations. 

Furthermore, the Global Debt Facility has to be removed entirely from their grasp to prevent them using same for war, covert operations, black ops, financing corruption within other Governments, building commercial empires, and so on. 
It is easily said but a lot harder to achieve in practice. Those who abuse, misuse, steal, etc from the Global Debt Facility have purposely developed into an almighty big monster, over decades, right across the world. It is not an easy operation to destroy that monster and it does take time.

Just as Donald Trump appears to be "Draining the Swamp", we too are actually attending to the problems surrounding the Global Debt Facility and working hard to incarcerate these thieves and bring the Global Debt Facility into proper order. 

f). Another question, "If The ITC and The Global Debt Facility was completely in order, would there be a need for the IMF and World Bank".

In fact the simple answer to that question is ........ There would be absolutely no need for the IMF or World Bank which are, and have been, arms of the US Government for decades, and probably since inception.

Both these organizations are draining money from taxpayers all over the world, on an annual basis, through the Annual Payments made by the Governments of the countries that are members of these organizations. Most of that money goes on Administrative Costs with very little being attributed to the real requirements of the various countries of the world.

Each organisation have representative officers in many countries across the world, all of which, plus their staff, take tens of millions in funds annually to keep operational.

Totally unnecessary expense for which many taxpayers do not even realise that part of their tax payments to their respective Government, goes to the IMF and World Bank. That is exactly how the cabal (Rothschilds) planned it. In addition to the funds, the Ministers of Finance of the membership countries are all Governors of these organizations, which is a complete "Conflict of Interest" and definitely not in the interests of any country.

Each of these organizations have, over decades since WW II, amended their objectives so it appears that they are becoming more sophisticated and acting in the interest of the demands of the world, which actually costs more and more money each and every year.

If ever there was a situation of "Jobs for the Boys / Girls" these organizations are certainly at the top of the corruption tree as well as being deliberately planned arms of the US Government and its Foreign Policies.

g). Another question, "Why are so many governments involved in so much business activities".

A good question from a gentleman living in a developing country. 

It is quite difficult for Governments to embezzle funds from Taxpayers money, more so in the past than what it is today with relaxed rules and regulations and unrestricted expenses.

Unfortunately, that aspect gives a minimal amount of additional funds from their salaries. It therefore becomes necessary to develop a system that provides sizeable funds to the promoters (Governments). This is where the business community comes in, some quite openly and some in a more complex manner to hide what really goes on. Businesses add on to their quoted price a percentage to cover what they call "Lobbying Fees". They also collude with other businesses quoting for the same Government contracts so that their official quotes are all within a specific parameter.

In some cases businesses leave an "open clause" within their quotations so that they can inflate the quoted price before completion which is usually covered under "Additional Costs of adjustments in specifications, inflation, increased interest rates of loans for the project, unforeseen increases caused by final surveys and land appropriation. All of this is mainly a sophisticated ploy to cover the corruption (Payments to their masters at the end of a contract) they are involved with.

In our opinion Government should not be involved with business / commercial issues at all. They are there to Administer and Manage the economy and country on behalf of the populace. 

There are very practical methods to distance Governments from all / any commercial interests and allow them to focus of their real jobs instead of extorting money from projects they have proposed.

If this anomaly was corrected there would not be so many individuals wanting to go into politics, whether local or national government.

I am aware of two persons (Husband and Wife) both of whom are local political councilors, and they live very well from their council expenses. In fact, far too well, but they will never be questioned on it because they are protected by the respective political party (Liberals). That is life at present, when back in the 1960's and even earlier Local Councilors was a voluntary situation with a very minimal amount for expenses as was budgeted for by the local Treasurer who was independent from the local council. That situation has been diminishing over the years and the former money politics has gained all the strength. Governments are now basically businesses in themselves and they are making a killing from the Taxpayers, and charges for services that never applied previously.

h). Another question, "As a professor in Economics at a university, I am fully aware of the manipulation and corruption within the financial industry. In many cases the financial system lays down the regulations for Governments to follow which is the "Tail wagging the dog. We need changes urgently before the world comes to a grinding financial halt. What are the plans of The International Treasury Controller".

Yes, we have plans, but we now have a policy of not revealing same because the existing system tend to copy these plans, with adjustments, so that they benefit, or their existing system benefits to the detriment of the people.

In our opinion the whole financial system in the world is in such a mess that the manipulation you talk of is absolutely necessary to keep the system afloat and to benefit just a few countries.

The whole system needs a complete restructure. However, such a restructure cannot be undertaken all at once because that would collapse the existing system overnight and cause far more damage to the world. Such a restructure must be undertaken over a period, replacing one part of the existing system and ensuring its correct operation before changing another part of the system. It will be a long process to minimize any possible serious damage to the world's economic and financial structure which would result in economies collapsing and the people suffering to such an extent it would spark civil riots and possibly revolutions.

The existing system is like Cancer. It has been left unabated for decades, resulting in the fact that it is now near terminal. Major surgery has to be carried out to give the patient a few more years to live before the final day of reckoning becomes apparent. A much softer approach to the problem is no longer on the table as the situation has gone well past reasonable and now bordering on critically desperate. 

Our plans have been reviewed and discussed by our Cabinet and our Advisors, all of whom have agreed that the changes will be the way forward and will create stability, eliminating the volatility and instability we all currently experience, together with the manipulation and the corruption. Yes, many, who we would class as ‘Predators" earning hundreds of thousands or even millions, would lose their jobs, but the benefits of that factor would be seen by the masses.

Other than a general overview above, I cannot discuss or reveal anymore on that subject for the time being.

i). Another question, "The World's economy is like a "Rubber Ball", when it goes up it benefits a few. When it comes down it is always the people who suffer. Does the ITC consider this is a reasonable basic assessment of the present situation considering the economic and financial crisis of 2007."

To a degree yes. The economic and financial situations throughout the world are extremely volatile and have been for some time. A minority of people, such as George Soros, take advantage of this volatility and as a result the majority lose.

I refer you to the adage "One man's gain is another man's loss", except for the last 4 decades it has not been just another man, it has been a minority of men.

Since 2003 we have been convinced, based upon the figures we have available to us that an economic and financial disaster was on the horizon. What we couldn't say, or anyone else could say, is when the economic and financial disaster would actually happen. Even Ferdinand Marcos within the Global Settlements Treaty (1980) predicted a forthcoming financial catastrophe. 

The Treaty, which has never been implemented although executed by all the countries of the World, would have softened the blow for all countries, from the catastrophes experienced from the 1980's onwards. Like us, Ferdinand Marcos didn't know exactly when it would happen, but it would happen and it surely did in the 1990's with the Asia Currency crisis and in 2007 with the Global Financial crisis, and we all know what happened after that. 

Ten (10) years have gone by and the core of the problem has not been resolved. The markets have been constantly manipulated, 2007 - 2017, to make it appear that the economic and financial circumstances are improving. On paper that is how it is made to appear. In reality the people will tell you something very different and certainly contrary to the official information.

Let's just take one particular instance. MP Davis of the UK who is the Chief Negotiator for the UK on the Terms of the Brexit. MP Davis stated publicly that no assessment had ever been undertaken as to the effects of Brexit. The people voted for Brexit. Then, based upon the vote and then what MP Davis had stated the Pound Sterling plummeted to one of its lowest levels ever.

Currency Traders started to buy the Pound Sterling when it nosedived, knowing that it would eventually rebound. They were not wrong and a minority of people in the currency markets made a killing. However, the British public suffered because foreign goods were costing more and more each week. Foreign holidays already booked immediately cost a great deal more. The British public were the losers, and some in a substantial way.

No one actually knew what was going to happen after the Brexit vote, but the doom and gloom took over, unnecessarily in our opinion.

Another instance was when, again George Soros, hit the Pound Sterling in an almighty manner in the 1980's. Within seconds interest rates went up astronomically. People's mortgage payments went through the roof, inflation took hold, goods, especially foreign goods cost a lot more. The money in peoples pockets was strained beyond belief and people suffered for it. George Soros made a killing playing the markets and made a fortune.

Then there was the Asian Currency crisis in the 1990's. A minority made a lot of money, but the masses lost a lot of money. In fact that whole situation went out of control and hit many countries around the world, so millions of people lost a lot, their homes, businesses, and some their families.

Such volatility, of which most is purposely generated, leads to instability in the lives of the majority, and that is not how things should be. For a minority to make fortunes and the majority lose in an enormous financial manner, as they did within all the examples above, is criminal and immoral, but it does show that the manipulation is far greater than people are aware of, and how easy it is to manipulated the people / markets / stability, without any responsibility at all by those who undertook the manipulation and gained enormously from their actions.

Just like the "Rubber Ball" ........... What goes up must come down, and when the "Down" happens, people suffer, which is happening all too often in these volatile times we live in.

To put it very bluntly, the world is in an enormous mess, and will continue, probably becoming worse, until someone "Takes the Bull by the Horns" and sorts it all out.


I won't go on and on, as I usually do, but at a later date I will probably write more about the questions from various readers.
When one looks at all the above and understands all of it, one has to ask the more serious question as to what our Politicians are doing to create such a mess of the world. It is doubtful that the politicians can actually answer that question because most just would not know, and would be on the unemployment list if they weren't politicians. They are in fact political Yes Men / Women, in favour of their respective political parties, that only segregate society, dangerously I might add, characterizing and categorizing into the us and them parts of society.

We are all Human Beings irrespective of Race, Creed, or Colour. We are not politicians creating wars and friction right across the world. As Humans, we are creating and building friendships, developing relationships, respecting others no matter who they are, treating others with dignity, we see, and sometimes feel, the sorrow in people who are suffering. We yearn for many of our fellow Humans yet we understand that, like an over crowded boast on the high seas, no country can survive over crowding or any form of imbalance, but politicians just don't see it as humans do. To them it is a game, a building of empires, control and power over the masses.

I, for one, am fed up and appalled at the increasingly volatile situation in the world that we all face. In my younger days and after WW II everyone pulled together to get things done. There were no visible political hatreds, there was unity. Most people respected the President / Prime Minister, and even the local member of Congress / House of Commons, etc. because they got things done. The police held a degree of compassion whereby if you did something wrong (Not Murder, Manslaughter, Serious crimes) you got a good telling off and told that if you got caught again the policeman would tell your parents and they would administer the justice. 

Nowadays, it is a criminal offence in many countries for parents to even smack their children. Today the police are not even qualified (Note: There is no police training in the UK anymore), they are just legalized thugs, many being involved in the corruption and secret societies. 

Today there are so many different factions within society as a whole that to gain a consensus on any issue is almost impossible. Real criminals get away with light sentences and are back on the streets doing the same criminal activities after just a few years, or they pay their way out, or they are members of secret societies and get away with suspended sentences. People's rights have almost disappeared. Surveillance is everywhere, and imbalances within society are visible and publicly destructive.

We live with threats and arrogance every day of our lives. We also live with high level crime every day of our lives, and things get worse and worse. 

Oh, how the world has changed for the worse, and it doesn't look as if it will get any better for the populace.

That's all for now.

David P. Crayford.

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