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Note: This is a long article containing attached lengthy documents of evidence, but worth every minute you spend reading it. Don't skip any part of it because you will not learn all of the truth.

One of our people (Name and Location not to be revealed) uncovered some documents / information which we had not seen before and which in themselves are very explicit and explosive in nature. You might think "what has this got to do with The International Treasury Control", the answer is everything and all things because of the already known linkages to the CIA, the American Government, specific US Military Generals, the USA Air Force, the USA Navy, the Federal Reserve, and various other persons / parties for the theft and fraud against the Global Debt Facility. Another party is Five Star Trust domiciled in several off shore domiciles known as Nevis, Kentucky, Hong Kong, and Marion Horn head of Five Start Trust.

Lord David James of Blackheath who first revealed the US$ 15 trillion transfer from the Federal Reserve through to J.P.Morgan, through to HSBC London, and then Royal Bank of Scotland, within his inauguration speech in the UK House of Lords.

That US$ 15 trillion USD came from the accounts of Yohannes Riyadi which are accounts holding several Gold Bullion Certificates, amounting to 750,000 MT of Gold Bullion (Unregistered gold) owned by the Global Debt Facility, and thus The International Treasury Controller as Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility.

Following a second speech in the House of Lords on February 6th 2012,  some 2 years after his first speech, Lord David James of Blackheath died 2 weeks later, on February 20th 2012. I won't speculate on how he died or what he died of, only to say that such cases of death happen all the time if one opens their mouths against the cabal who are the very party and persons operating this massively fraudulent and thieving action against the Global Debt Facility and its assets / accounts which are there for the betterment of the Nations and People of the world. However, having said that, rarely have the assets / accounts of the Global Debt Facility been used for the purpose intended since 1945 when the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (USA, France, UK) were appointed as Administrators and Managers. Yet it is all covered up with such comments like, quote "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true".

The most enormous and nefarious crime against humanity, far too big to be believed, but it is absolutely true; orchestrated and operated by Governments, especially from the wealthier countries of the world; CIA, MI6, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, BIS, and many other authorities / agencies of these Governments, plus various Trusts such as Five Star Trust operated by Marion Horn. The Global Debt Facility and its enormous wealth is as true as I am sitting here authoring this article. Named as the "Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven", by Ferdinand Marcos (Former Master Holder and M1), had it been used / utilised for its real purpose, as intended by the Royal Families of the World, there would be no poverty, no austerity, and our world would more than likely be the Paradise we all want to live in.

Instead it has been used / utilised for "Black Ops" by the US Military, "Regime changes around the world", Enhancing  specific corporate entities to build them up into "To big to fail" International Conglomerates, which includes many of the worlds top banks, Colour revolutions around the world including US$650 trillion USD (Leo Wanta) for the destruction of Russia and the former Easter Bloc Communism in the late 1980's and early 1990's in compliance with the Mitterand Protocols executed by Francois Mitterand of France, Margaret Thatcher of the UK, and Ronald Reagan of the USA.

This story starts with a communication from CONTACTZERO,, Eliah P. Priest, Chief and Founder, of Queensland, Australia, which is attached to this article as a .pdf :-

Click "Here" to read this report .pdf ..... A private International Investigation into the Criminal Behavior of the Central Intelligence Agency and Former US President George Bush Senior.

This is closely followed by a report by the FBI for Senator Edward Kennedy dated 7th July 1989.

Click "Here" to read this report .pdf ..... Federal Bureau of Investigation (July 7th 1989) addressed to Senator Edward Kennedy (For his eyes only)

The last paragraph on page 1, which terminates at the top of page 2 states, quote "During the tenure of Richard Helms as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, decisions were made by the Director, which implied approval of the Oval Office, to draft a Blueprint and put into motion a plan by which the CIA could have as much funds as, and when, needed, without knowledge of Congress (Note: said funds were unlawfully provided by the theft from the Global Debt Facility Accounts, which is an operation that still exists to this very day). This would accomplish the dual purpose of carrying out clandestine and covert operations without the "Clearance" of the Congress, as well as having to avoid the necessity of having to request any extra funds, and thus, divulging the workings of any covert operations in progress or planned. Director Helms wrote a letter to the Oval Office (we intercepted) in which he stated, in part, " ......... If Congress or any other uninformed do-gooders ever became aware of this operation, this agency and its Director will invoke the 1949 Central Intelligence Agency Act, which exempts the CIA from all laws requiring the disclosure of "...... Functions", names, official titles, salaries, and numbers of personnel employed by the agency ........ " Using this as the cloak of legality, Director Helms put together a team of five top people.

The Five experts picked were, General Edward Landsdale, who ran the CIA activities in Vietnam, William Colby who was to be put in total command of the Blueprint operation when enacted, George Bush, who asked and received approval to have his top aide, Richard Armitage, be brought aboard, and Lt. Col. Robert Ferrera, a top CIA asset, who was at the time on an assignment in the Congo on the Patrice Lamumba situation (Patrice Lamumba was the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and who was assassinated on the 17th January 1961.This heinous crime was a culmination of two inter-related assassination plots by American and Belgian governments, which used Congolese accomplices and a Belgian execution squad to carry out the deed.)

The assassination of Patrice Lamumba is just one of many around the world, undertaken over decades by America and its Allies where they fervently believe a regime change is necessary because it doesn't suit their purpose, with the costs of same being unlawfully paid for by the illegal and unauthorised use of the Global Debt Facility accounts.

We learn even more about the Eagle II operation with its close cooperation with the Rothschild through the OECD, within the first paragraph on page 6 of the FBI Report, where it states, quote "In 1976, the handpicked new Director of the agency was George Bush, who served until 1977 only. This was no a very peaceful time for the agency, for during the 70's the puppet of Helms, Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, was found with his hands in the cookie jar, making money on the side in the scandal involving Lockheed Aircraft Co. This was too close to all this being made public, so Helms who in the meantime had formed a totally strong relationship with Baron Phillipe du Daphne, who represented the real capital of the world, the Rothschild empire, decided to stop the operation "Eagle II" and start another clandestine money making operation, and leave Japan. (Baron du Daphne, by way of information, later took over complete control of the International Organisation, the "OrganisationDe Cooperation Et De Development Conomiques [Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development], headquartered on Rue Chardon-Lagache in Paris France. This gave Helms and du Daphne complete control over any development operation anywhere in the world, and this a carte-blanche for covert/clandestine CIA operations. With Prime Minister Tanaka being forced to resign, the decision was reached to name George Bush to terminate Eagle II and to wash away any traces. For this, he was named Director of the CIA, so that he would have a clear way of doling away with any evidence. This, by the way had been done. This was accomplished, to a certain degree, prior to Governor Carter assuming the Presidency."

So here we all learn that the OECD is not as independent as it should  be and is strongly linked to the Rothschild's family. Furthermore, we learn that George Bush ear-marked for his position with the CIA as he would undertake whatever his masters at the time wanted him to do, and as such is complicit in all these highly questionable, unlawful, devious operations undertaken by a very few Americans, who, if questioned, or brought to justice for their crimes who have invoked the 1949 Central Intelligence Agency Act granting all of them exemptions under the law.

In the latter part of the first paragraph of page 7, we learn of a Money Laundering operation, whereby it states, quote "To do this Lisuka suddenly found himself in possession of Gold Certificates (These Gold Certificates were Certificates issued following the London Treaty 1920 and are assets of the Global Debt Facility. They were delivered to the Japanese Government acting as Trustees / Custodians on behalf of the Global Debt Facility and in compliance with the 1920 London Treaty. Those Gold Certificates have never been returned to the Japanese Government even though they are the Custodians of same.) from the from the Japanese Treasury. With these, Lisuka was instructed to buy a Certificate of Time Deposit issued by Mitsui Bank Ltd., Home Office, Tokyo, Japan. The plan was for Lisuka to "sell" this Certificate and supposedly invest the monies in various countries, with the eventual story that all investments had proven to be losers. This was to allow the actual cash to be given to Bush's nominee."

In the latter half of the first paragraph on page 8 it states, quote "Helms obtained the word from Ferrera that with his oath, he would never divulge any part of the operation. Ferrera agreed and went so far as to give them the solution to continued control over the Japanese government. The Colonel (Ferrera) suggested that the CIA form a new company that would do all of its business in Japan and have that much success that they would have money to burn. This money would be Used to give individual politicians (In Japan) ..........  not to the party. It was pointed out by the Colonel that by control of the individual, you control the party. Thus the birth of "Recruit ................ and the control, to this day of the individual and the party in Japan by the CIA."

Leopards never change their spots do they. What these people were undertaking then is still being undertaken today against the Global Debt Facility and to the detriment of other countries of the world and the people of the world. The real point of this is that they are all undertaking all of this with total impunity against the law, both National and International.

There are many more highly questionable and revealing statements within this FBI report which would make my article exceptionally long, so please read the FBI article in full to gain more insight into the goings-on and highly questionable activities of a small group of Americans in a position of power, which appears to be even the present day mandate of the CIA. Power certainly leads to abuse and corruption, absolute power leads to abuse and corruption absolutely.

All documents, and more, can be viewed on the following URL :-

What is baffling to me is "Why haven't the American people, or even honest politicians (If there are any at all) done anything about this and many other highly questionable operations of the CIA undertaken with impunity.

When I post articles and state that America, as a country, will be held liable and accountable for all theft and fraud against the Global Debt Facility, there are a few persons who post on the internet blogs stating that they are not liable or responsible for actions undertaken by the Corporate Government of America.

Sorry people of America you are entirely wrong on this point and the reasons for this are as follows:-

i)    .           It is the American people who vote the politicians into power, irrespective of whether you have a corporate or constitutional government, and it is these politicians who allow such issues to happen, either with approval or unknowingly.

ii)           .       It is the American Navy and Air Force, both part of the American Government, who are deeply involved in the movement of stolen assets of the Global Debt Facility.

iii)          .       It is American Citizens / Nationals, mainly former Military personnel, who are involved practically with the theft and fraud of assets / accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

iv)         .       It is the Federal Reserve, although a separate corporate entity, based in America, acting on behalf of America, that is responsible for all the Money Laundering and Wire Fraud being conducted to launder stolen property from the Global Debt Facility.

v)          .       It is the World Bank, IMF, and United Nations, all based in America and holding Immunity and protectorate, that are all part of the Theft and Fraud operations in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, CIA, NSA, and other agencies / authorities of the American government.

vi)         .       It is the American people who do nothing at all about the problem. They just sit back and do nothing, allowing their Politicians and persons from the CIA, NSA, Federal Reserve, etc to do as they please.

vii)        .       The American people are complicit in all this illegal activity, whether through apathy, ignorance, or even by association, and are therefore equally liable and responsible to the ITC, other countries of the World and the people of the world in respect of the massive Theft and Fraud being undertaken.

"The Chickens are coming home to roost". The power and authority of the ITC is far greater than any America President or Government, and that power and authority will be implemented to its fullest extent in due course.

America has built its Nation on Theft and Fraud against the Global Debt Facility. It has lived on the backs of others for too long and it believes it is the greatest Nation on this planet. Let me just remind you all, America is the biggest Debtor Nation in the World and there is no chance that America will ever pay all this back, which is exactly the same situation when America has gone deliberately bankrupt several times previously, but times have changed, laws have changed or been implemented, people are more enlightened and aware of facts more so today than they ever were previously.

If America invokes an assassination attack against the ITC, it will make no difference because there are several others who are qualified and ready to step in the shoes of any assassinated ITC and carry on with all the corrections and remedies needed, deemed necessary, or already planned, which includes several Lawyers around the world who hold all the evidence.

Have a good read of all the documents, learn from them, and you won't regret the time taken.


David P. Crayford.

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