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Apr 16, 2019 - 2:17:46 AM



I held a 1 hour conference call with a person on Friday 12th April which was a complete and utter waste of my time. I won't name that person at this juncture unless that person attempts in any way to be derogatory in any way to the ITC, or, starts to be publicly negative, to a point whereby it constitutes an attack on the ITC and GDF, and confuses people even more than they are confused now.

This person claims that he has been working on the subject of these massive funds / assets claims for 6 years, which is about the same time that Lord David James of Blackheath made his speech in the House of Lords about a $15 trillion USD bank transfer from J.P.Morgan through to HSBC, London and then onwards to the Royal Bank of Scotland, which according to Lord David James more recent statement, has now turned into $50 trillion USD.

What he didn't know, and I didn't inform him, was the fact that I had, through our intell people; already undertaken a serious check on this person, which didn't make for pleasant reading at all but I thought "What the hell, I have to try because there are too many Jokers out there in the wide world spreading the wrong narrative. I admit I wasted my valuable time.

The person I was speaking to was polite to start, and then turned very arrogant when he was told the truth which he could not accept. He was "Blinkered to the point of blindness". He also believes he knows everything and he can resolve everything.

One thing I have informed him of is the fact that Lord David James does have some verified documents, BUT, BUT, BUT, he is running with the wrong story, believing what he was informed by a group of people (Believed to be in the UK, but maybe some foreigners involved) that they have the funds into quintillion of US Dollars and can fund many projects for the British Government, as they owned Foundation Divine.

I will say it again for the sake of reiterating myself. Foundation Divine is one of two Master Trusts / Foundations that are the major part of The Global Debt Facility. These two Trusts / Foundations are the legal owners of tens of thousands of other Trusts / Foundations domiciled around the world. The Legal Heir, Owner, Arbiter of The Global Debt Facility (Foundation Divine and Heritage International Trust, is the legally appointed International Treasury Controller, appointed by the Royal Families and G7 Nations of the World, being those empowered to appoint.

The person I was speaking to blatantly stated, that if the ITC was real, and have all this wealth, then we should immediately place $1.5 Million Dollars in his account (which the person gave me the account details at Commonwealth Bank, Australia) which he would use for Humanitarian purposes. My answer to that was a strong definite NO, because we do not operate in that manner. After all, why should we give him $1.5 million Dollars to do with as he claimed ...... Humanitarian purposes ................ Yes, he must think we are stupid. We have heard it all before and the Humanitarian purposes usually start with personal pockets.

It can be strongly stated by me that the US $ 1.5 million USD (as referred to above) would end up servicing the persons travel, accommodation, meetings, possible pocket money to a few politicians, with very little, if anything, being used for Humanitarian purposes. Does this person believe the world is full of fools and that we are placed firmly within that category. There is none so blind as those who cannot see. I also think sometimes who is the bigger fool, the fool attempting to con you, or the person who eventually gets conned.

We have a mandate to follow and we are following that mandate. The Global Settlements Treaty is being implemented but in a different manner to that which was envisaged back in 1980. That is because we will not, at any time, place funds into the hands of corrupt Governments, Politicians (which most are these days), or even other people no matter what they claim they are or the good they claim they can do.

We do check everyone out thoroughly before they work for us and we never put anyone in charge of money without serious oversight, and I do mean very serious oversight.

Having come across very similar situations over the years I can say with absolute confidence and without any reservation, the following ..................... "Been there, Seen it, not done it, but have collected quite a number of T.Shirts". It quite amusing really to see how people operate in their own interests and the excuses they give for same.

Oh, how bloody naive most people are. They know nothing, and in 6 years that persons knowledge would be extremely limited; or, that person has been told some very plausible stories which he fervently believes and further believes he can come riding in on his White Stallions and save the world with the legal property belonging to someone else, namely The International Treasury Controller, as Legal Heir, Owner, of The Global Debt Facility.

I will also reiterate the fact that anyone, and I do mean anyone, attempting to handle, or handling property of The Global Debt Facility, defaming or discreditory / derogatory towards The International Treasury Controller / The Global Debt Facility, will face legal charges, both criminal and civil, in our courts for Fraud, attempted Fraud, Fraudulent Conversion, possible Treason against a "Sovereign", along with other related charges.

As for Lord David James, (Formerly of DANAIR which went belly up some years ago and was taken over by British Airways) he has been given the information as to how to verify us officially. Whether he will bother is another matter. Personally I don't think he will. He is stuck with a False Narrative and getting nowhere fast, except for successful verification of some documents he has in his possession, regarding the $US 15 trillion Dollars, and that is about as far as he will go. No one is going to pull him to one side and tell him the truth and the danger he has put himself in, because it is, unfortunately, TOP SECRET and ABOVE TOP SECRET, and that dear Readers is not of our making. Those factors were in position decades ago and it is not going to be easy, even though we are trying, to declassify any information regarding The International Treasury Control / The Global Debt Facility.

That being stated, anyone, and I do mean anyone, who does not possess the highest possible International Security Clearance, does not have any chance of gaining official information of a TOP SECRET or ABOVE TOP SECRET category, at any time. They all end up making up the stories they have put together from snippets of information they have been given or have heard. Then they go about the world in a very brazen and bold fashion implying they are the real ones and they should be believed.

The conference call ended quite abruptly when the person just cut the call, without even saying politely....... Let's finish this call because we are apparently on a completely different level, Bye.

That, to me shows the arrogance and bad manners of the person on the other end of the call, which is very similar to that shown in the past by Neil Francis Keenan when he was alive, but as I stated above, we have met them all before and we are not the fools that people think we are. In fact it is they that are the fools, firstly for believing that they are something that they are not, and secondly for believing other fools who inform them that the information they have is real, thirdly for even thinking that we would just give them $1.5 million Dollars.

Minutes after the call ended I received an email from the person of which the content is stated below in BLUE type with my comments in BLACK type:-

57 zero's and too full of shit to help some disabled kids in an orphanage in Congo.. (DC's comments after the event .......... Little does this person know or understand anything. Two of our people went to the Congo some years ago and were told, by CIA operatives there, to leave and not come back, because if they did come back they would not leave again, only in a box.)

You can tell your ITC that I've taken this information and if anything you have just said has a shred of truth - When all things good come to pay, I'll personally lock a GPS Collar around his ankle and have him in a work camp on a stipends for the rest of his days. (DC's comments after the event .............. and we have a Ball and Chain waiting for you. Regarding the ITC's GPS collar, that will never happen because he, as a "Sovereign" is protected by law, you sir are not.)

This is not your money - this is humanities inheritance (DC's comments after the event ................ 100% Bullshit and shows that this person doesn't know anything.)- and you weak beta cucks rabbit fucking the UN and Queen will pay dearly for crossing us.(DC's comments after the event .................... How absolutely insulting and just shows how low grade a Human Being and mentally incapacitated this person is. Note however how he uses the word "Us" instead of "He", so who is "Us" I ask ?????????)

Please tell the Queen from me, that I hope her death is both long & painful. (DC's comments after the event .................. How absolutely sickening which just shows his totally low mental capacity / ability. Madness does come in different ways / forms.)

Congratulations, you have just made yourselves my public enemy. (DC's comments after the event ................. and we are supposed to be scared at such comments ............ We are not shaking in fear you idiot, nor are we running for cover. You are a very sick person, get some help from a psychiatrist.)  Even the CIA & Five Eyes can't handle that - what hope do a couple of nerds like you have ? (DC's comments after the event ................. If you really think the CIA and Five Eyes are scared of you, you really do need help from a psychiatrist. One order from the CIA to an assassin and you are dead meat.)

End of Copy Over:

You can see his arrogance. He didn't get what he wanted from me so he reacted negatively, abruptly, and arrogantly just as a mentally unstable person would, but he doesn't scare us, and we are not, and never will, run for cover. Eventually that person will end up with a Ball and Chain.

What he doesn't realise is that he is now listed for prosecution in our courts for attending to and attempting to handle matters relating to The Global Debt Facility without authority, plus defamation and libel,  which will be issued against him when we have cleared some of the massive backlog.

We can see through people of such characteristics, so we will not become involved at all, and this is a person that wants us to deposit $1.5 million Dollars in this personal bank account at Commonwealth Bank in Australia for this persons claimed humanitarian projects. Not a hope in hell at any time. This person could be the King / Queen of the country he is living in and it would not make any difference to us, the answer would still be NO.

I remember very well, people like Neil Keenan, Karen Hudes, Wolfgang Struck, Babkowski, Poof, Casper, Fulford, and many others such as Yamaguchi, Watanabe, who also claimed that the certificates they illegally held which were in their possession, were to be lodged in a Swiss Bank and a credit line obtained which would them go into trade with the Federal Reserve, and the proceeds used for Humanitarian purposes. Then I / we got a copy of Yamaguchi's payments schedule breakdown showing 90% of proceeds go personally to Yamaguchi, Watanabe, Keenan, and three others, with 10% only to undisclosed humanitarian projects. What a big SCAM and they didn't publicly reveal any of that within the various website blogs and videos put out by Keenan.

No doubt the infamous Keith Francis Scott is in there somewhere, possibly he is the person talking to Lord David James, giving LDJ the spiel just like any other conman does, but its all conjecture, false narratives, because they want to line their own pockets first. In fact, there is a good possibility that Keith Scott was involved because we are aware that he was in London at the time and prior to Lord David James's speech in the House of Lords, and we are also aware that he was talking to persons within the Queen of England's circles. Once again he failed because most of those persons investigated him before they jumped into the abyss with Scott. They walked away knowing the truth and knowing who was the real legal heir and owner of The Global Debt Facility.

Scott never did a thing, nor did he ever achieve anything when he was Special Global Envoy / Chief of the Cabinet with Dr. Ray C. Dam, and everyone actually held a strong hatred for him, even his own nephew, Matthew, because of his dictatorial attitude. He left the then OITC and Dr. Ray Dam in March 2008 claiming he was going to take a position with a Securities Company in Australia. He never did take up such a position with a Securities company in Australia, as there was no position ever offered to him. We know he was given a task to destroy Dr. Ray Dam, and to focus on getting the assets / accounts of The Global Debt Facility under his belt. He couldn't even achieve that even though, like many others, he claimed he knew everything there was to know. Another Joker who has actually conned many others so much so that many have lost everything because of Scott. This is a man with no scruples whatsoever.

Having stated all of that, the person I was speaking to will go on our list and we will not be speaking to him ever again.

As for Lord David James of Blackheath (Formerly of DANAIR which went Belly Up and was taken over by British Airways), he might have some verified information, but he never sought verification of the persons who approached him because he does not hold or carry the relevant International Security Level Clearance to gain access to TOP SECRET or ABOVE TOP SECRET files. Pity the man because he has made a fool of himself and will continue to make a fool of himself unless he wakes up and starts to realise the real truth which will never happen while he associates with the person I was speaking to on Friday 12th. Yes, there is an association and I hold a recording of a conversation between them. Doesn't give Lord David James much credibility does it.

The world is in a complete mess and it is people like those named above that have helped sow confusion, with their false narratives and claims of knowing everything; in the minds of the public that has helped make that mess.

When you have been involve for 20+ years you will know a substantial amount, but you will never know everything because that is limited to a handful of people who carry the highest International Security Clearance, and are sworn to TOTAL SECRECY.

We will now be watching this person very closely. Another one to possibly bite the dust at a future date.

Where do all these people come from, possibly another planet in another galaxy, because they certainly aren't human?????????


David P. Crayford

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