David Crayford and the ITC
By David Crayford
Apr 18, 2018 - 11:04:11 PM




All I can say is if you believe this fantasy land story, sewn from an intelligence lie, then I have some news for you, in, where is it…………  Ah yes, home of several CIA operations, New Jersey, USA. !!


One of our people sent me an informative Report regarding videos he had been studying relative to what he believed was an American cover for continued theft from The Global Debt Facility.  The Report was titled, quote "I see we made the Jeremy Hanson show", including several links, one of the links being from the one Web site stolen from Raye Allan …………..Rumor Mill News, which contained more links inside regarding "THE AMERICAN DOLLAR GOING BACK TO A GOLD STANDARD."

I almost smiled to cover my Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, when I read the title. "THE AMERICAN DOLLAR GOING BACK TO A GOLD STANDARD."


Not possible, or even in the realms of possibility, Americans, because America does not have an awful lot of Gold other than what they have stolen from The GDF and they sure as hell are not going to be allowed to use that because they have no legal right or title to it.

Having opened and read the link, the Title was ………….."HR 5404 is getting the dollar gold backed.  Trumps Executive order at work.  Wanta met with Trump team.  Getting America in the economic lead in the world again.  Clintons stole American gold, Obama set up for our wealth to be stolen.  Deep State screaming!!"

NOW, WHERE THE HELL IS AMERICA GOING TO GET THE GOLD FROM TO DO THIS????  since they didn't have any gold, unless they were going to steal it, yet again from the GDF, which they have been doing, as the TTTGC (1945 – 1995), since 1945. AMERICA ………….. ALWAYS LIVING OFF THE BACKS OF OTHERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE, AND NEVER HAVE HAD, NOR EVER WILL. THEY NEED TO CONTINUOUSLY LIE TO JUSTIFY THEIR EXISTANCE.

Having read the report and listened to the videos I conclude with our man that "This is a newer version of the same old soggy story." It's  so similar to the Neil Keenan / Keith Scott / Hudes / Struck / Pentagon and others, storylines.

Jeremy Hanson is the latest stooge to tell the new version distorted of why America owns the gold and accounts, and why Americans should get behind the plan to reclaim America's stolen, hidden wealth. Hanson is also linking Trump's Executive Order last December to seize assets of corrupt politicians and foreigners to use to get at the gold overseas, The GDF Gold, which, it appears  is the justification to Americans to believe all that gold is really America's, therefore, back Trump to steal more of it." I do not know how many more times I have to reiterate the truth, but the only person / party with enough gold to back an international currency is The Global Debt Facility, which is legally owned by The International Treasury Controller, as Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter and he, as sure as hell is hell, ain’t going to allow America to have anymore gold for their demented ideas / ideology.

None of this surprises me at all. The more of these stooges we knock down the more they throw at us because they have to, somehow, maintain their power and status over the world, which I have to say is totally detrimental to the majority of countries and people of the world.

Our man, who is good at the job he is doing, classifies Jeremy Hanson as being a "total fraud", which doesn't surprise me either.  The Report says:  "My beginning research indicates he doesn't even appear on the scene with a big platform publicly until he begins promoting this propaganda to support Trump's Executive Action last December. Can't find anything else about the guy.  Here's one link, apparently published in December 2017:-

Intell says this page was published last December (2017) to make readers believe Jeremy Hanson, and what he says, is real.  It's a character support piece, with a quote by an unnamed source, who explains Hanson's platform.

I have, several times in the past, fully explained the details of the criminal Leo Wanta story, and then Hanson comes along with his little story of how “he became curious about these things, did a lot of research and found there IS truth to the Leo Wanta story and the “deep state” stole many trillions of dollars from the American people then bought property and other things with it to keep it", and Yes, Wanta was largely responsible for destroying Russia and the Eastern Block and harming millions of people in Russia and the Eastern European Block with his so-called “Wanta Plan.”

I really don’t know where Hanson went in his research, but he certainly hasn’t got the capability / status to access “Top Secret” files. I can only surmise that he was, as all others have been, fed the information from his handlers, and it is all B.S. again, and again, and again.

What some people will do to gain a name for them selves and for money. Hanson is no different.

Please refer to my article which explains about Wanta and Cotteril

In the article from February 6, 2014, I wrote, quote:-

"Leo Wanta's claim against enormous sums of money that remained from the Black Ops that brought down communism in Russia and the former Eastern Block.  The money gained to finance said Black Ops was gained from the illicit trading and unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts.  The amount in total amounted to several hundred trillion dollars with approximately $42 trillion USD remained.  In reality it was in excess of $60 trillion that remained.  That money which remained has been credited to the Collateral Accounts and will never be released to ... Leo Wanta because they have no legal right to it.  The reason they have no legal right to it is because it was generated from the unlawful use of assets of the Collateral Accounts and therefore in law it is the property of the Collateral Accounts.  The initial action (unlawful use) was illegal whereby no matter what follows an illegal activity it can not be legalised with subsequent contracts / agreements or otherwise."

Our man further reports that evidently Hanson did not read my above-stated article about Leo Wanta's theft of GDF Assets, and Hanson's YouTube recordings appear to be part of greater intelligence efforts informing the world re the projected status of the GCR, and the order of American financial events that surround it, including Hanson's version, and HR 5404, and why Leo Wanta is so important.  It is, once again, all B.S. to lay confusion in people’s minds, which in itself is the so-called American financial strategy.

Then, in another link, Hanson states, quote “Trump is not seizing millions of dollars worth of property. He is taking back the money stolen from the Global Security Fund. He will make America Wealthy again.” That’s it Hanson, fully turn the taps of misinformation on, so that some will believe your garbage.

I'll hazard a guess and bet, and I am not a gambling man, that many U.S. Congressmen might just vote to enact HR 5404 get this Patriotic version of made up events on the basis that they believe that America actually owns sufficient gold, which will actually show how naïve and gullible US Congress persons are.

Hanson's video, refer the above link, starts off with a "BIG PSYOP CON JOB", where he talks about how one of the Rothschilds is personally worth $120 trillion.  "I wonder if he's going to invest the entire $120 trillion in Bitcoin?" the Report asks sarcastically.

Hanson has now deliberately planted a seed in the reader's mind as to who the bad guys in this story are, and what American minds should be focused on.  Then Hanson goes straight into Donald Trump's executive order on December 21st, 2017, blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.  The CIA con then stresses Trump targeting outside the United States and the tie in to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.  Then Hanson reports that a Mr. Soundboard sends him some information.

The information is about the Global Security Fund.  Not to be confused with Obama's Global Security Contingency Fund. What he really means is that America will continue to steal The GDF assets and use them as they so wish so that they maintain their totally false status and power.


Hanson is another one with nothing between the ears.

The same old saga with the scenes and actors being moved around a little to make it all appear to be different, but with the same story line. I can’t help but laugh a little because it is as if Keith Scott has returned to active duty.

Obama's "Global Security Contingency Fund" was started in 2011, to "secure the borders of sovereign nations." It is obvious to me that he's talking about GDF funds, but which Hanson actually says that it came out of the Global Security Fund.

Hanson said over $140 billion has been spent on Global Security Contingency Fund.  Its pretense is about U.S. protecting other people's borders, WHAT!!!!!!! Protecting other people’s borders. America cannot even protect its own borders, so what a joke.

It appears Jeremy Hanson is telling an absolute lie, and misleading the public so far down the road to nowhere, it is unbelievable. He states, totally wrongly of course, “that America owned the gold to help protect the sovereignty of other countries.” What absolute B.S.  If anything, America used any gold they found, that wasn't theirs, and stole it to pay off foreign politicians, so they could move in to those countries, and steal their gold and natural resources.

What is the Global Security Fund? Other than a mechanism for utilizing stolen Assets and accounts from the GDF.

Hanson then answers his own question by asking if we know the "Marshall Plan." He explains the Marshall Plan as being a fund created to help European nations recover from WWII. Yes, and all that money came from The GDF in the first place. America, with its Allies were only the Administrators and Managers, under the auspices of the TTTGC, and subject to the full approval of the then Master Account Holder, Ferdinand Marcos, which they totally ignored and did just as they pleased.

Hanson says it was a bunch of money put there because they thought there would be war.  America chipped into it. U.S. gave over $13 billion at that time to the Marshall Plan.  What a load of B.S. I have never heard so much garbage from one person, other than Keith Scott.

America gave nothing. It all came from the GDF on the instructions of the Royal Families of the World. Then he states, quote “So this has been in America's blood a long time.  We never got paid back for that.  We never wanted to be paid back for that." Oh Dear, now he wants us all to feel sorry for America. Not bloody likely when America abused the funds from The GDF for its Allies and Friendly countries and to hell with any other country.

As for the “Marshall Plan”. It’s a long, long time since the “Marshall Plan” was actually closed down, as being completed even though only a few countries benefited, which includes Germany who is still benefiting from the so-called “Marshall Plan” and the Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Lest we forget, on 31st December 1994, America, France, and the UK were removed in disgrace from any connection with the GDF because of their continuous fraud and theft from the GDF during their term in office. They were replaced by the Royal Families of the World with a single individual as The International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam, who was bestowed with powers above and beyond all “Sovereign Nations” to ensure that the GDF and the ITC were not interfered with, impeded, influenced, or any other form of trickery, to enable it to perform its mandate to the world. On 31st December 1994, anything agreed to, perform by, implemented by, undertaken by, proposed by, etc, America and its Allies, which included the “Marshall Plan” became history, legally unenforceable, legally void, etc, BUT as we all know, America and its Allies discarded all the applicable International Treaties / Agreements immediately after they had executed same, whereby it was back to “business as usual” exercised with total arrogance, continued Theft and Fraud, vicious victimisation, lies, deception, and a complete disregard for the rest of the world, by those very Allied Nations.

This guy doesn’t know one little bit of history before he opens his mouth. He says “because of what happened in the past with the Marshall Plan, the U.S. created a fund for future devastating war. How do we rebuild America if that happens in the future? was the idea.”  "A little bit was put in here, a little bit was put in there, by private businesses, private businessmen, bureaucrats.  They were put into this fund."

What total B.S. straight from Jeremy Hanson's orifice where the “Sun doesn’t shine”. WHAT KIND OF ARROGANCE WOULD BE BEHIND SUCH A SELF-SERVING STATEMENT????

Jeremy Hanson is saying that America created a fund that would rebuild America, and its Allies, after war.  Then America goes to war, bombs the hell out of some poor, defenseless country, takes their wealth, and adds the stolen wealth to America's fund to rebuild America.  HOW DESTRUCTIVELY SELF SERVING ARE THESE PEOPLE????  Don't they realize that there are millions of people who get destroyed in the countries that America bombs, and then goes in and steals the wealth, and adds it to this Fund to rebuild the pocket books of American politicians and world central bankers?

I explained about the “Marshall Plan” in my article, refer the link below, Hanson obviously didn't bother reading my article, or research it, otherwise he would certainly not be stating what he has stated.

This is what I stated within that article, quote "The "MARSHALL PLAN" which was established after WW II as one of the methods utilized to fund the devastated countries after WW II, but primarily the methodology was utilized to fund other Allied Nations and friendly countries, over and above other countries around the world that were not within the circle of influence of the Allied Nations.”

"The funds that financed the "Marshall Plan" were funds from The Global Debt Facility", without any shadow of doubt.

To me there is far more B.S. and Fake news coming out of America via the MSM and the Alternative Media, than from any other country, and Americans lap it all up like a cat licking up milk from its saucer.

Hanson, a real CIA spoof, is misrepresenting the true ownership of the wealth that made this happen, and the true historical facts and context in which is should be considered. It is all thanks from The Global Debt Facility and the Royal Families of the World, NOT America  who has Debt, and a lot of it even at that time, up to its eyeballs and has no financial discipline whatsoever.

JEREMY HANSON IS A TOTAL SPOOF FOR THE LEO WANTA PLAN.  He’s tying former United States President Reagan into the Global Security Fund, which at that time was in the trillions of dollars.  Hanson supports Wanta as a secret agent to the Federal Reserve, which worked for the CIA.  He says Wanta was appointed to be a Somalian, Swiss, and Canadian ambassador, along with Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Wonder Dog.  I bet his Swiss and Canadian ambassadorship would help with GDF theft and manipulation.

Again this is why I had to respond to all the BS.  First, what gives FORMER AMERICAN PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN THE AUTHORITY TO WAGE WAR AGAINST THE WORLD THROUGH FOREIGN CORPORATIONS?????  That's what Executive Order 123333 allowed him to do.  We had to face this in the beginning in the form of Keith Francis Scott, who along with his CIA cohorts took over the original OITC from the first International Treasury Controller, Dr. Ray C. Dam, by creating mirror corporations, using the OITC name, and then character assassinating Dr. Dam after they were done with him.  The Americans are still doing damage all over the world through Reagan's Executive Order, and these foreign run CIA businesses, that are fronts for international intelligence operatives who work for the Central Banks and global intelligence interests, stealing money and supporting terrorism everywhere.

He continues by stating, quote "In explaining how America helps to rescue the world Hanson says that after Wanta manipulated the Russian ruble back in the 90's the Soviet Union fell, and there was gold taken everywhere.  There was gold stolen.  There was over 2,000 tons of gold taken by these CIA companies, these secret factions of our government, and taken for the American People.  Reagan entrusted that the money be given to the American people at the right time."




All this Gold and other assets had all been secreted away in certain countries, under International Treaties. Those countries acted as Custodians of the Gold, like Soekarno in Indonesia, who was a legal Holder of The GDF assets, holding for former M1, Ferdinand Marcos, to be used for other 3rd world countries, per international treaty, in an effort to rebuild Asia after World War II.  But then America and her Allies, Great Britain and France, decided to forget about the Treaties they had just signed, as they continued to loot The Global Debt Facility, which they had signed treaties to protect and account for, all the time ignoring the M1's mandates and involvement, which they were legally bound to follow.

The real owner of all this wealth was The Global Debt Facility who was assigned all this wealth by the Royal Families of the World for the beneficial use towards all countries and people of the world. FACT, MR. HANSON, FACT, REAL FACT.

Jeremy Hanson would have known this if he did the research. Instead, he is just an unintelligence person reading from a CIA guidebook.

Hanson also goes on to explain what America's and the CIA's true purpose is:  "Hanson says between 2015 and 2016 the Global Security Fund had grown to between $68 and $70 trillion, of Americans' money.  American taxpayer money that went to defeat a foe, and the spoils of war were given to America.  Hanson said the Federal Reserve had a gag order that kept anyone from talking about it.  He said Leo Wanta (Whoever stated that Wanta was dead?) is still alive and that gag order is still in place.”

Hanson’s orifice, where the sun doesn’t shine, must be bloody sore from all this diarrhea garbage he is spewing out. He's referencing a secret $70 trillion dollar fund that nobody ever heard of until he came on the air with this fancy lie about the Global Security Fund. If there ever were such a fund, it certainly wouldn't have been smart to keep it with the Federal Reserve, who are a bunch of crooked criminals, that have been living off of accounts of The Global Debt Facility, going all the way back to the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission.  The fund he is talking about is the money I referenced above that remained from Leo Wanto taking down the "Communist Curtain!"  IT IS MONEY THE AMERICANS ARE TRYING TO STEAL FROM THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY, AS IF THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY STOLEN ENOUGH FROM THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY.

The Report says:  "The December 21st Executive Order by Donald Trump is to not only go after our politicians but the big prize is the Global Security Fund …. He really means the Global Debt Facility …………… that the Deep State has used, abused, and stripped away; apparently stolen from the American people.".

Question …. How can anyone steal anything from someone who hasn’t got a bean to their name, namely America who is deep in debt.

If there are documents then show me that the fund is real!!!  Prove to me that it is real.  Then show me same as well as any agreements, international treaties, don't just say it's secret and not reveal its source, but show me where you, America, legally decided to take the wealth as "spoils of war", and keep it for yourself, to decide who and where it should be used, and for what. Then, and only then will I show you documents, and our own “Sovereign” laws that dispel your documents and agreements to the garbage bin as being illegal and unenforceable in law.

Hanson further states that CIA operative Hillary Clinton controlled the Global Security Contingency Fund.  The Report says both Hillary Clinton and Daddy Bush were at one time signatories to the Global Security Fund. Hanson says they're still trying to free up the Global Security Fund, and all that was stolen from it.  And here is really the point Hanson is making. "Hanson says $27.5 trillion is all that is left in the Global Security Fund, down from $68 to $70 Trillion," the Report says.


In my opinion, this all ties into supporting Wanta to free up the accounts he was in control of, to refill the Global Security Fund, the rainy day blanket saved for Americans.  They want Wanta's $27.5 million and the rest that was stolen from it, that Trump is going after with his Executive Order. SO DO WE, BECAUSE MOST, IF NOT ALL OF IT, IS DERIVED FROM THE GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, AND IS LEGALLY THE PROPERTY OF THE GDF.

I have to say ……  "Rainy day blanket for America?"  What a joke. America!  Read what I wrote above about Leo Wanta.  He will not get The GDF funds!!!  No more!!!!!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!! In the meantime, we will search to find the trail of funds Hanson is referencing.  We have agents everywhere, in all countries America's in, and that pace continues to accelerate, as people all over the world continue to respond to my articles, and send me very informative intelligence.  I want to thank all of you for doing so. I read everything you send me.

We act on everything that is relevant to what we do, that involves The Global Debt Facility and The International Treasury Control, and it takes time to sort through everything, and complete our investigations.  But we are doing just that.  And thus far, we have seen nothing that proves the Global Security Fund or the Global Security Contingency Fund in fact existed, and if they ever did exist, it was in the minds of American intelligence agencies, in helping to steal from assets and accounts of The Global Debt Facility, TO FUND THE ETERNAL WAR MACHINE THAT IS AMERICA, financed by the global banking cartel.

“Where did the gold go?” Asks Hanson. Then he goes on to say
“A little known fact is that in America we store a lot of our gold in the Philippines, and during the Barack Obama Administration a lot of our gold was stolen from the Philippines.  Where did that go?".

I have some news for you Hanson. It was stolen by Americans, from Americans who had stolen it from The Global Debt facility.

I have to say that AMERICA DOESN'T HAVE ANY GOLD IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!!  Who are you trying to kid Hanson?????  It belongs to The Global Debt Facility of which Ferdinand Marcos was the Master Holder and M1, until he legally passed same to QE II on the 20th December 1988, and who eventually legally passed same to Dr. Ray C. Dam upon appointment on January 20th 1995 as International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter, until he met his demise at the hands of the CIA and those persons around him, following which the position of International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir, Owner, and sole Arbiter was legally passed in May 2012, to the existing International Treasury Controller, with increased powers and authorities.

America is still stealing the gold from the Philippines, and using it to finance terrorism all over the world, including what they're doing illegally in Syria, by coordinating bombing efforts with Israel, and sending destroyers, aircraft carriers, and battle groups into the region, with Chinese warships quickly approaching, all the while the U.S. government having prepared and planned for a first strike nuclear attack against Russia, which has brought the world closer to nuclear annihilation than its ever been.  But that's how America operates, isn't it!!!!!?????

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE GOLD WENT, JEREMY HANSON?????  I'll tell you.  The stolen gold that you reference went to American sponsored war, starvation, domination, control, terrorism, murder, and the exploitation of every man, woman, and child in every country America ever stuck their hands and arms on.

Is there such a thing as the Global Security Fund?  Hanson is cited as defining the Global Security Fund as:-

"The Global Security Fund, consisting of off balance sheet U.S. government funds, originally worth 27.5 Trillion, raised from 200 plus international banks, is a fund which was set up to finance the management of the post Cold War environment.  The accumulated value of these funds held offshore in bank accounts linked to Title 18, Section 6, U.S. government intelligence corporations established under President Reagan's Executive Order 123333 is now believed to exceed $70 trillion."


Having listened intensely to Hanson’s video reports and read his articles, all I can say is that this guy hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about whereby it is plainly obvious that he is reading from a script produced for him.


Then he mentions NESARA, and then “The Federal Reserve is stealing from its own people”, and the Report says “it is war between the Democrats and the Republicans over their ill-gotten gains."

Unfortunately, I have to read and listen to all this B.S. so that I know what others are not only talking about, but misleading others into believing. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t even waste my time because it is the same old thing, sometimes juggled around a bit, or slightly different wording to make it all appear different to the public at large, and whichever way one looks at it, it is a direct attack against The Global Debt Facility and The International Treasury Controller, using total misinformation on a continuous basis.

Hanson, you and all other Americans who are part of this continuous attacking of The Global Debt Facility and The International Treasury Controller, can go and take a very long walk from the Space Station without any tethers, and you won’t be coming back. You see Hanson, we tell the truth which cannot be dispelled by all your lies, and the lies of others like you.

You see Hanson we have the real truth and one hell of a lot of experience and knowledge, and we will use it.  We will win.  The International Treasury Control will make damned sure of it.

The sooner America starts to realise that they can no longer live in their fantasy world and on the backs of others, the better, but that might be a long way off, in which case your grandchildren will be criticizing and scolding the likes of you and others for getting America in such a bloody mess by not facing the truth at the time, whereby your grandchildren will have the task of cleaning up all your lies and mistakes.

Two final issues.

1). America and its Allies, which includes, in addition to the various countries, the World Bank, the IMF, the US Treasury, The Federal reserve, the BIS, etc have over many decades conducted some of the most serious, insidious, abhorrent, immoral, destructive, vindictive, callous, crimes against humanity, in absolute and unquestionable violation of International Treaties and International Law, all of which, in their quest for selfish and unrestricted power, have been highly detrimental to countries and humanity right across the world. In fact almost anything they do is a “Declaration of War” against the rest of the world and its people. The only thing missing is an actual written “Declaration of War”. Our Legal / Judicial system will initially tackle one particular aspect, being the financial factor, of these crimes, following which our Legal / Judicial system will be open and available to the countries and people of the world as an alternative to the ICC and ICJ, the latter of which provides for a mandatory registration / membership of “Sovereign” countries to be eligible for access to these courts.

2). Mr. Hanson, all / part of the content of my articles that you have stolen for your own utilisation, is copyright in favour of myself and Abundanthope, so perhaps you would like to voluntarily agree to a £50,000 Pound Sterling payment for breach of copyright laws. Otherwise face our legal system on same in which case it will cost you a lot more. Think about it because the proof is in your videos which we now have copies of on file.


David Crayford

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